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If you are interested in starting a business in the construction industry, here is a good post for you to read and decide upon the best small business ideas in the construction industry that is good for you.

The construction industry is a multi-billion dollar industry to invest in, in this present economy. The industry is one major contribution to the infrastructural development in the world at large.

What is the most profitable type of construction business? Is this the best business for a civil engineer alone? Do you need residential construction business ideas to invest in? Read on.


Nevertheless, if you are thinking of starting a business in the construction industry so you can build wealth for yourself, here are a list of 13 unique business ideas in the construction industry that any entrepreneur with little or big capital can venture into.

  1. Construction Company

This is one of the most popular business in the construction industry. The work of a construction companies goes beyond just building houses, it entails a wide spectrum of activities. Any entrepreneur wishing to start this business must have knowledge in not just delivering standard projects, but in networking and maintaining strong relationship with key people that matters.

  1. Project Management

Project management is yet another business idea in the construction industry. If you are a graduate of project management, you can work with private or government construction companies. Project managers help to manage and monitor construction projects to ensure that the job is delivered as expected.

  1. Construction Site Cleaning

Any entrepreneur interested in starting a business in the construction industry can set up a construction site cleaning business and help construction companies clean their site after they have finish work.

Starting a construction cleanup business does not require much capital and technical knowledge. It is quite easy to start and you can get much clients if you work hand in hand with estate agents and construction companies that outsource their cleaning.

  1. Start a Cement Manufacturing Plant

If you really have big capital, you can start a cement manufacturing plant in your city. This is a lucrative business because people must surely build house, government must embark on construction projects, private companies also are not left out.

There is no construction that is carried out without the use of cement. Cement must be bought for construction work. This is a very profitable business in places like Africa.

  1. Bricks Manufacturing

This is one other business ideas in the construction industry that require low capital to start. This is a very lucrative business in the construction industry for entrepreneurs who are planning to make money in the niche.

Entrepreneurs should ensure that they keep a strong network with construction industries that work with bricks.

  1. Cement Retailing Business

This is another striving business idea that does not still require huge capital and technical knowledge. All you need to do with get a good location that you know the business will strive well and partner with a reliable cement company that you will be getting from.

A location that is open for development is suitable for siting this kind of business.

  1. Wallpaper Business

This is one low cost business ideas in the construction industry that is of high demand these days as every house owner want to use wallpaper in the home for beautification. It is one of the easiest business to start in the industry.

  1. Selling of Construction Materials

If you cannot start a construction company that needs technical skill, huge capital and workers, you can start selling construction materials. You can start selling cement, gravel, nails, ceramic tiles, woods, roofing sheets and any materials that are used in the construction industry.

  1. Marbles and Tiles Production

Manufacturing and selling marbles and tiles is another highly lucrative business opportunity aspiring entrepreneurs may consider starting in their areas as there is a huge market that is still highly untapped.

  1. Architectural Design

This is a professional niche in the construction industry. It involves helps to analyze and determine structural plans of buildings to ensure that the building is safe and comfortable for users. If you are a civil engineer with lots of experience, you can start up a business where you give architectural design services to construction companies.

  1. Aluminum Doors and Windows

People are gradually moving from using wooden doors in their houses and offices into aluminum windows and doors because they last longer and their beauty nature. The manufacture and installation of aluminum windows and doors is another profitable business in the construction industry.

  1. Supply of Gravel and Sharp Sands

The supply of gravel and sharp sand is another business entrepreneurs wishing to start a business in the construction industry need to look into. There is hardly any construction work that can be done without sands.

This tells you that the business needs consideration if you are really serious to start a business in the construction industry. The business does not require any training and technical knowledge to start.

  1. POP Fixing Business

Offering of POP fixing services is yet another means to make money in the construction industry. This business needs that you must have been trained in the fixing of POP before you can start this business.

Just like other construction business ideas, you must know how to network with stakeholders in the construction business. The fact is, if you are good with the delivery of the business to customers’ satisfaction, you will always get referrals.

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