Are you looking for a coffee shop business plan template? Here is a sample business plan for a coffee business and free feasibility report. This article provides a sample coffee shop business plan to aid those who would want to open a coffee shop but do not know how to go about writing a coffee business plan.

Coffee shops have grown to become indispensable to the lives of many and also, there are those who have become addicts and who cannot start their day without having a cup or cups of coffee, and those who take coffee for recreational purposes.

Business plans are usually a prerequisite for acquiring loans or for attracting investors to commit their resources to any business.

This sample will cover all the important sections a good coffee shop business plan should have.

– Executive Summary
– Our Objectives
– Products and Services
– Our Keys to Success
– Financial Forecast
Startup Funding
– Company Ownership
– Market Analysis Summary
– Source of Income
– Payment Options
– Publicity and Advert Strategy

Set to become a refuge from the daily stress and grind of the corporate and business world Coffee Star LLC is a hideout for people needing a cosy atmosphere for either coffee meetings or catching up with acquaintances or for those who want to enjoy our premium coffee services.

With its operational base in New Jersey, Coffee Star is set to provide unparalleled services to our diverse client base with our utmost goal being the full satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

Our objective at Coffee Star LLC is to be a top-notch brand in the coffee business market. To have a reputation among our client base for excellent coffee and the best service delivery, and to build customer trust in our ability to provide unbeatable services, thereby leading to customer loyalty.

At Coffee star LLC, our services include using the very best of ingredients to prepare the best coffee.

Also on offer in our coffee shop will be Cappuccinos, beverages, Espresso, tea, among other assorted type of drinks and beverages. We will also be making available coffee bean itself for clients who might not want to take their coffee in public. Also on offer at our coffee shop is the option of having caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee depending on the choice of the client.

We intend to ensure provide our staff with the very best of training available to the coffee shop industry. This knowledge will always be updated to meet up with industry best practices.

Also, because we know the role good advertising plays to the success of any business venture, this will be a tool we would exploit in spreading the news about the services we offer.

At Coffee Star, we have an annual financial growth forecast of 30% translating to over $40,000 in profits in our first year of operations. From commencement of business operations, to the next 5 years, we have a projected growth forecast of $1,500,000.

Funding for Coffee Star LLC will come from two main sources which include equity investments sourced through savings. This will amount to about 40% of the total amount required for the startup funding.

The other 60% of funding will be sourced through the debt financing option. This loan will be sourced from a bank of good repute and one the founders of Coffee Star are clients to.

Coffee Star is registered and licensed as a Limited Liability Company, with Mr. Chappell Williams having the largest shareholding of over 62%, his associate Mr. Gary Wilkes with 26% and his Sister Michelle Gardner having a 12% stake.

It has been observed that coffee shops near offices or business establishments (mostly in dense neighbourhoods) have the most patronage. During the brief break period, coffee shops in these locations are packed full with clients needing fast service. In the light of this, Coffee Star LLC will be situated in a dense location having all the characteristics of these successful coffee shops and even providing superior service delivery to its clients.

Our income source at Coffee Star LLC is through the sale of coffee and other coffee related beverages such as Cappuccinos, Espresso, tea, among other beverages including other signature drinks we will be providing. The sale of these products will form a bulk of where our primary source of income is generated.

At Coffee Star, we will be making available to our esteemed clients multiple payment channels to eliminate the difficulty of having to go through a lot of procedure for payments to be made. These payment options are created in a bid to ease client’s worries and enable them relax to the world class service we provide them.

Among the payments options available to clients are payments through cheques, mobile money, POS, online bank transfer which are currently the available options but with the possibility of expanding to other areas as the need may arise.

Coffee Star LLC plans on deploying all means publicity and advertisement to attract new clients to its services. Such include the use of the internet; we will be building a website which will have all the products and services on offer at our coffee shop.

There will also be links connected to several social media sites to create awareness. A click on any of these links will immediately redirect the person to our website.

Also, we will be placing adverts at the local TV and radio stations, and also the use of fliers and banners placed at strategic locations such as offices to advertise our service. Furthermore, billboards bearing our products and services will be placed at strategic locationswhich are very visible to enable our services to be seen by a wide segment of society.

This is a coffee shop business plan sample containing the most basic information that must be included in any worthwhile coffee shop business plan.