30 Profitable Christmas Business Ideas and Opportunities that Earn Well


Do you need profitable business ideas to kick start during this Christmas season? Do you know that Christmas time is a good time to start up some particular kind of business and make good money?

Most people take Christmas periods as a time for rest while others see it as a time to start up a business immediately.

Are you interested in joining the league?


If YES, it is advice you read this article to the last word as I will be explaining some proven ways to earn additional money for Christmas.


Here are some ideas to start a profitable business during Christmas.

Sell Goodies and Sweets
You can make money selling goodies and sweets items during the Christmas period. Almost everyone loves good treats, you will definitely be on the limelight by making and selling goodies and sweet food products such as the cookies, cupcakes etc.

This is a retail Christmas business idea that wouldn’t end you up in a state of financial crunch. It sells fast and reliable.

Beauty, Hair Dressing And Barbing Saloons
Most people want to look good during holiday season. Barbing salons, hair dressing saloons and make overs shops are often packed with people who want to give themselves a better look as they travel to meet loved during the celebration seasons.

Often times we hear people telling one another, ‘I’m going to make my Christmas hair, ‘What hairstyle do you want to barb for the New Year?

There is increased in sales of beauty items such as braids, weave-on, wigs and attachments, make ups, hair extensions, pedicure and manicure items etc.

Relaxation Spots And Tourist Centers
During holiday season, many busy individuals take leave off work and business in order to relax and hang out with family, friends and colleagues.

Tourist centers like game parks, amusement parks, zoos, botanical gardens serves as relaxation spots where people can enjoy their time appreciating nature when having Christmas picnics.

Farming: Food Crops, Poultry And Livestock
Because of the increased in household purchase of food stuff items, meat, chicken, turkey, many farmers make cool money of this season. Poultry farmers sell spent layers, eggs and produce broiler chicken, livestock farmers supply goat, sheep and cows while fish farmers produce catfish.

Most homes have doubled in number and so demand for food items like rice, beans and yam is greatly increased during christmas and new year festival. Buying Christmas fowls is a must in many homes.

Transportation Business
Both intra and inter-state commercial drivers, transport lines, ferries, railways, airlines, flight reservations and ticket business and websites make a lot of money from the increased traveling activities during holiday season.

Many people travel long distances just to celebrate Christmas and new year with their loved ones. Between the 22th of December to the 5th of January is when these businesses record most sales. Here is a guide to start a transportation business with one van.

Sell Gift-Wraps
Selling amazing gift-wraps is a small scale Christmas business idea that people can’t help but to patronize as this is the case with some other festive seasons. Often, during Christmas time people do exchange gift items with their family, friends, colleagues, customers and others during Christmas.

But to make the gift look more adorable, people tends to wrapped it up with beautiful Christmas- branded wraps. Therefore, selling gift-wrap to people to package their gift up before extending it out to other during Christmas season is a profitable and comfortable business idea you can’t afford to miss.

Christmas Light Installer
Christmas time is one of the season that create numerous booming business ideas and opportunities for investors and sharp entrepreneurs who are always ready to grab them.

Christmas lights installer is such a nice way to make money at Christmas period, especially if you are the type that is skillful with your hands, happy with decorating and don’t mind to climb up to certain heights; you are without doubt going to earn massively with that unique business idea because it is not a business or activity that much people look forward to.

Christmas Cards Business
The Christmas season is usually a period where people share, exchange love and give out greeting cards. So, the Christmas card business is usually boom during this period.

Christmas card business however have niches, whatever the niche you feel would be okay for you in the business; be it selling witty Christmas card, romantic Christmas card, wishes Christmas card or mixture, you should just go with it, it’s a lucrative Christmas business idea.

Organize Musical Shows
The Christmas season is usually that time when people often love to attend different musical shows that are related to carols and the like of other musicals. In case you are blessed with making good music, then Christmas period is exactly the time you can make additional money into your pocket. You can perform a solo act, better still, team up with a band and perform amazing shows and this will fetch you some cool cash.

Selling Cloth, Shoes, Bags And Jewellery
Some years back, I was of the opinion that only children desperately crave for Christmas clothes but I was wrong.

Adults too purchase cloth for xmas and new year festivities in order to look good and admirable. Many shops that sell watches, ready made dresses, earrings, new and used bags and shoes etc are often jam-package throughout this season.

Gourmet Bakery
This is another lucrative Christmas business idea that you can reliably count on. During Christmas season people often love to eat delicious hot cookies directly from the oven to ward off the snowballs plus the cold weather.

If you are having trouble with what business you can try out during Christmas, then this is the time you start making extra money out of your baking skills. Since it is not everyone can or will be able to bake some hot cookies for themselves, so starting this lucrative Christmas business idea will mean you are out earning some dollar during Christmas.

Towing Services
Obviously, it rains snow during Christmas season in some areas, and this means it inconvenient those that own movable items like cars and as such they often stuck up whenever it snows.

Therefore, taking up towing service business may be capital intensive during Christmas. Though the truck and gears are not cheap to own but immediately people get to know you and your towing business, you have a cause to rejoice; you would definitely recoup your startup capital in due time.

Mobile Coffee Business
Christmas is usually heralded by cold weather and this often results to people-even those at work -consume more coffee compare to before which is found helpful in keeping their productivity rate as well as taking off their mind from the weather.

Why don’t you start your own little mobile coffee and drive around target business centers; with this you have a big chance to making extra money for yourself during Christmas time.

Wreath Maker
During Christmas, countless number of doors do have a well-designed wreath on it. The reason is that; a wreath is often seen as a tradition when celebrating Christmas. Nevertheless, a wreath might look so easy and simple, but not everybody can make them and since it is affordable, most people enjoy buying it rather than to make it themselves.

This is such a laudable business idea for Christmas time that could bring you some dollars as a smart and innovative entrepreneur.

Musicians, DJs, Music Promoters, CD Sellers, Music Shows
Many artistes prefer to drop their albums during the end of the year season because they understand the need for track popularity as their music would be played more frequently during the holidays.

Most people have more time for radio and televisions and people are more inclined to buy music CDs and DVD films during this season. Music adds flavour to the celebration.

Without music the whole area would be dull. As people have more funds at their disposal, they are more likely to visit cinemas and attend film and music shows.

Sales of Electronics

Because people have savings at the end of the year, many people use this holiday season to buy their desired electronics like blackberry phones, latest android phones, flat screen LCD televisions, washing machines, toasters and microwave, sound systems, woofers and home theatres, digital cameras, laptops and video games. For teens that acquire latest gadgets to prove they are cool and classy, they buy these products to impress others when they travel for the holidays.

Event Planning
The end of the year season is usually filled with events from weddings, annual general meetings, reunions, end of the year parties and carol nights. Businesses that involve the planning and execution of events usually witness increased patronage during the end of the year season. Examples of the business ideas are event centres, catering, interior decoration, photographers, rentals of plastic chair, tables and tents, MCs and DJs.

Sales Of Food Stuff
Sellers of food items also make great profit during holiday periods. Items like live and frozen chicken, turkey, rice, vegetable oil, condiments and food flavours, drinks and wines move very fast during Xmas and new year celebrations.

Tailoring And Fashion Designing
The increased in patronage of tailors, seamstresses and fashion designers is due to the desire to have new clothes for the celebrations. Many people buy yards of ‘cut and sow’ lace, guinea brocade and ankara cloth that are then sewed into traditional styles.

Even people that buy ready made clothes may still need to go to the tailor for slight adjustments. Many tailors have a lot of jobs during this period that they work overnight. This is why if you don’t book with them on time, your clothes may not be ready when you need them.

Jewelry Maker
The Christmas time is usually that period when mothers will love to get some beautiful jewelries for their lovely daughters or friends, and to some extent, husbands for their wives, mother, daughters or friend.

The jewelry business is a wider one making it easier for you to decide whether to venture into making simple jewelries or the larger ones that are too complicated and expensive. Take up this business and thank me later.

In the long run, why don’t you make a bold step and pick up any of the thriving Christmas business ideas and kick start it to make extra buck into your pocket while the Christmas holiday last.

From sweet and goodies to jewelry business, as a reputable entrepreneur, you can earn enough money off the hook of Christmas seasons by exploring some of the low cost business ideas and opportunities that come along with it.


If you are determined to make money from the buzz of this season of celebration and need ideas or business to start making money, I will recommend that you go through this list which contains proven secrets to make money during Christmas.

Christmas is a holiday season that creates a wealth of investment opportunities for people who are ready to grab them while the celebration lasts. Asides the business of Christmas cards, Christmas gift items and Christmas wears, many other items and ideas sell very well during and after the 25th of December.

Here are some products and ideas to start business as we count down to this Christmas season:

==> Production of broiler birds for Christmas
==> Sell customized Christmas cards For business
==> Ice block making business
==> Make money from selling Christmas gift baskets
==> Design and sell Christmas souvenirs
==> Hotel And Guest House/Lodging business
==> Market sweets, goodies and other Christmas gift items
==> Sales of children’s toys, balloons and other decoration items
==> Food catering services
==> Event planning and christmas decoration
==> Sales of natural and artificial flowers, beads etc
==> Re-sell Christmas gift wrapping papers and foils
==> Plan events such as carols and music shows
==> Make money from transport and travel services
==> Sell Christmas items and personalized cards online online
==> Market shoes, bags, clothes and watches to your colleagues at work
==> Sales of jewelries
==> Make money from sales of recharge cards
==> Start photography business
==> Sales of food stuff, vegetable oil, condiments etc

Making money on sales commission from affiliate marketing is one of the numerous ways you can make cool cash online as a blogger during this Christmas.

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