Chipotle Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

CHIPOTLE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

Chipotle Definition And History
Chipotle Franchise is restaurant is a specialist in Mexican food that provides a safer option for many fast-food out there. The unpredictable nature of fast-food customers has made going into this industry very difficult and unreliable. The good news is that many of them are now going for healthy alternatives.


Chipotle Mexican Grill offers this healthy meal in their restaurant which special focus on good quality food and comfortable environment. Chipotle provides healthy tasty meal from meat that are bred naturally. The urrito bowls, crispy and soft tacos, salads and sides of chips and guacamole are prepared from fresh natural ingredients making the company products which is a mixture of Mexican culture and American flavour tagged with ‘Food With Integrity.’

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Chipotle Franchise Canada Information
When considering Chipotle franchise options, you need to understand the company’s background. This will enable you know the kind of business people you will be dealing with. Chipotle Franchise owner, Steve Ells opened the first Chipotle Mexican Grill in 1993 and a second branch two years later in Colorado, USA. Chipotle franchise owners started expanding the business in 1998.

Chipotle Franchise Locations
All over the world, there are currently over 1250 locations in 45 sates in the USA not counting franchises located in Canada, England and India. The company made a net income of over 200 million dollars between 2011 and 2012. Chipotle franchise ‘mcdonalds’ has always been an advocate for organic products and processing especially the need to eliminate antibiotics and other chemicals in food products offered for public consumption.

How much is a chipotle franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open a chipotle?
  • Is chipotle a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average chipotle franchise price and fee?

Chipotle Mexican Grill Franchise Cost Price
All Chipotle restaurant locations are owned by the company itself apart from a few ones. The success of this business has made them scrap franchising and replacing it with corporate ownership. So if you are given the license to run the business as a franchisee, Chipotle franchise cost is borne by the company as it is just an expansion cost. So what’s chipotle franchise fee or better put chipotle franchise application fee?

Chipotle Franchise Cost To Open
Because you will need funds for other things, your net worth will determine if you have the capacity to set up a Chipotle franchise. Subtract your liabilities from your assets so you can have a true picture of your worth. A balance sheet will show you what you can afford and if you have the means to fund a Chipotle franchise business. You also need to prepare for Chipotle order online system which is credited to be very efficient.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant Franchise Business And Investment Opportunities + Business Plan

If you discover that you don’t have sufficient capital to start up this franchise, start looking for alternative means of getting money. Acquiring loans from the bank and seeking for active financial partnership are some of the practical ways of getting money for starting a Chipotle franchise. Before you go borrowing, collect only what you have means of paying back within a reasonable time so that your business is not affected.

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Do you know how much franchising a Chipotle cost? A lot of entrepreneurs are so much interested in how to buy a Chipotle Franchise. You may ask why the so much interest in such a Mexican Food Grill Restaurant? It will interest you to know that Chipotle is one of the fast growing restaurant chains across the United States. They get a lot of traffic that sometimes you wonder if they offer free food in their restaurants. Not only that, they also provide menus that are always on high demand. It’s no wonder, you also seek information on how much is a Chipotle Franchise?


The Chipotle Mexican Grill was established in the year 1993 by Steve Ells. The 1st restaurant was opened in Denver, Colorado, not a far distance from the University of Denver. It was a big success then due to the location and 2 years later, in 1995 he was able to open a second restaurant.

Then in the year 1998, after the restaurant chain boomed and began to gain so much popularity, it got an investment boost from McDonald’s. As at this present day, Chipotle Mexican Grill has more than 1200 restaurant locations in more than 40 states of the United States of America. They have stores in Canada as well as in England.


The company boasts of a management team that has full understanding on how to build and market a restaurant chain successfully utilizing 21st Century marketing strategies. They do not rely on the old conventional style of marketing just as other restaurants do, such as expensive TV advertisements and mails. What Chipotle does is to focus on Social Media Marketing, word-of-mouth brand marketing and the use of web videos.

This is one of the reasons why they are in top demand by most business owners. They have proven that success in the restaurant chain can be achieved with great ease and application of new innovations to drive up sales. But now the question is does Chipotle sell Franchise? We will get to know about in the consequent article sections.


Chipotle Mexican Grill takes pride in offering fresh food produced from raw ingredients that are directly sourced from the farm and they are the first restaurant to switch to non-GMO in the year 2015.

For those entrepreneurs that might want to know how to buy a Chipotle Franchise?  It is quite unfortunate that the company does not sell any franchise opportunity at the moment. They have strictly tried to avoid the operation of a standard franchise model.

McDonald’s investment in the company in 1998 could have been the medium for Chipotle to start selling Franchise  since McDonald’s had so much influence on their corporate operations during the eight year period it was involved financially with the company.

But Ells being at the top of company’s affair saw that the company maintained its stand of not using the franchise model.  Although he does not rule out selling Chipotle Franchise  in the future, his interest in keeping activities as they are circle round the passion to influence more control over the entire Chipotle’s work operation and also giving his employees the opportunity to move to the position of general managers anytime a new chipotle location is opened. This style of promote-from within culture keeps Chipotle strong.


Of all the 1200 Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants spread across the world, there are only few of them that are Chipotle’s Franchises. These franchises were only fortunate to have been granted licenses in the early days of the company. Aside that, there is no Chipotle’s Franchise. Since the company has been able to achieve great success in the running of their activities, the franchising plan was shelved to favour outright company ownership and full control. So the Chipotle’s Franchise Cost is just basically an expansion cost and this is the responsibility of the company without any external interference.

Additionally, Chipotle’s decision not to sell franchise has granted the company control over their employee culture that you might not be able to get with most franchises. They influence everything from the company structure to employees’ wage.

Despite the fact that Chipotle has refused to sell franchise there are a lot of people willing to try the company out with the opportunity to tap into their success story. Franchise cost stands at $0 at the moment.


Yes the company might seem huge at the moment, but they still have a lot of expansion to do if they truly have the goal to compete with the big-shots in the restaurant chain business. At the moment, they have just 1,680 restaurant location, this is simply a meagre unit compared to what giants like McDonald’s have. McDonald’s can boast of more than 34,000 restaurants at different parts of the world.

Chipotle only has 17 restaurants outside of the United States, although the company has plans to open more restaurants overseas in the coming year. If they actually want to compete successfully on the international scene, maybe it’s time Chipotle considers the franchise option. This will give them more leverage for expansion.



Chipotle Mexican Grill is popularly known to offer fresh foods that are made from raw ingredients gotten directly from the farms. The company is the first restaurant chain to switch to non GMO in the year 2015. Chipotle has about 1900 location spread across the United States. Their popularity among consumers is just one of the reasons why a lot of people want to know how much is a Chipotle Mexican Grill franchise?


The company was launched  in the 1993 by Steve ells. The first restaurant opened in Denver, Colorado, not too far from the University of Denver. After the successful launch of the company in Denver, Steve opened a second restaurant in 1995 and thereafter continued to grow the chain.

In 1998, McDonalds invested in Chipotle Mexican Grill and this gave the company a boost. Presently they have more than 1900 locations in about 41 states in the country, with an average revenue of about $215 million yearly.

The company utilises more natural meats than any restaurant and the use of natural ingredients is what has adhered most health conscious consumers to them. The company also try as much as possible to hold a good relationship with their host communities; they are involved in all sorts of charity projects that benefit the members of the communities around them.

With the popularity of the company and the uniqueness of the service they render to the public, a lot of business entrepreneurs have sought information on whether Chipotle Mexican Grill is a franchise. It is quite unfortunate that Chipotle does not offer franchise opportunity presently.

With just some few exceptions, all the 1900 Chipotle Mexican Grill locations are owned by the company. The few franchises available were sold when the company newly launched. The Chipotle Mexican Grill franchise cost can then be considered as the expansion cost that the company incurs and this is borne directly by the company.

If you have the dream to open a Chipotle Mexican Grill store and this just got crushed by the realisation that the company does not sell franchise, well there is another opening available: you can surely get franchises of restaurants similar to what Chipotle offers. So you don’t have to let your money lie idle in the bank.

When a new prospect is given the opportunity to buy into any company’s franchise, they are made to pay an initial franchise fee. This fee gives them the license to operate with the franchisor’s brand name. Since Chipotle does not sell franchise opportunities, there isn’t any franchise fee payment to the company.

Almost every popular restaurant sells franchises, so one will wonder why Chipotle takes an exception. With more than 1900 restaurants and lots of prospective franchisees that are willing to get on board, why hasn’t the restaurant started selling franchise? Well the answer to that might be: The Company has no need to sell.

A statement attributed to the company’s communication director, Chris Arnold goes thus “We want to have a believe that most companies sell franchise opportunities for two reasons, It is either they have the need for more money to expand or they need more hands to operate their restaurants, at Chipotle, we don’t need either”

Despite the fact that the company has close to 200 location spread across the United States, they still take expansion as one of the goals of the company. The total locations that company has are just a meagre sum compared to other competitors in the industry. So there is a vast work ongoing to get more locations in most parts of the United States.

There are no Chipotle Franchise owners, so it will be quite difficult to ascertain the average income a franchisee with the company makes. However, an average Chipotle restaurant makes about $200,000 in revenue on a yearly basis.

Since the company does not sell franchises, the accept recommendations for locations. So if you have any suggestion based on this, you can contact them via the company’s website. The public should also be aware that Chipotle Mexican Grill is a member of the NYSE, so if you have the zeal to do business with the company, you can invest in their shares.

Well the information in this article has talked about the Chipotle Franchise as not being existent and also the alternative that the company offers. There are no information on how to open a Chipotle Franchise, however the only option available is to take up a career opportunity with the company.

There are always openings in every Chipotle Store. You can forward your application to the nearest one to you. As a staff of the company, you can be so fortunate to work your way to the top. This will give you so much exposure about the Chipotle Restaurant Concept and you can then proceed from there to establish your own business.

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