How to Start a Chinese Fast Food Restaurant Business

Interested in small Chinese restaurant business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a Chinese fast food with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

Starting a Chinese Restaurant Business

Planning on starting a Chinese fast food restaurant? If you have been having interest in starting a Chinese fast food restaurant then, here’s is a few tips on how to start and run a Chinese fast food restaurant which might be very helpful to you and your generation as the world present recession is gradually making everyone an entrepreneur.

Before you venture into starting that Chinese fast food restaurant, here are some vital steps to consider to avoid failure of any kind.



Like the saying goes, “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.” Every business needs adequate planning and a Chinese fast food restaurant is not excluded. Before setting up a Chinese fast food restaurant, you should have a proper business plan at hand, and this business plans should include the description of your restaurant’s concept and operation.

Also, when making the business plan for your Chinese restaurant, include the type of Chinese cuisine that will be on the menu and price range. Decide what you want, either customers who prefer take out, a buffet menu or table service. Remember “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.


After making a proper business plan, you should start thinking of raising enough capital for your business, like the saying goes, “before building a house you should count the cost”, You should be able to write a detailed financial section in your business to prepare to loan institutions so that your loan application can be consider.

You should also list out the cost of startup capital, then map out how much long term income you expect from the business, and expense forecasts.

Try to figure out how many employees you will need and how much it will cost to hire them. Don’t borrow excessively to start up your business.


In every business, especially this type of fast food business, location is a very crucial factor to consider before setting up your business, because it determines how many customers you will be getting daily.

If your company is located at a place with little traffic and visibility, your business will most likely not be successful. It’s advisable to get it situated at highways, business street, shopping malls or colleges.


When establishing a Chinese fast food restaurant, you must consider the health of your customers and staff, gather information about all federal and state regulations on health you must meet before opening a fast-food restaurant. Each states or country has its own laid down rules and regulation which guilds the body, as well as license and permits you must obtain.

Verify with your states department of licensing and regulations, or the department responsible in your state, which license and permits you need to open your business.


In this kind of business, part of the success lies in the hands of your workers. This is because they are the ones that are dealing directly with the customers. You need to employ and have a good team, without a good team there is no way you can succeed in a Chinese fast food business.

A good chef with years of experience in Chinese’s recipes will make a fabulous restaurant because he or she must have undergo training on how to prepare different cuisines, you also need staff such as service attendant, waiter, cleaners, security etc.

To succeed with a Chinese fast food restaurant, you need to be very careful when employing your team to achieve optimal success.


Starting a Chinese fast food restaurant? You should be ready for constant promotion until you reach the point where you are popularly known. This does not mean you will not run any promotion again; you will only reduce money spent on advertising.

If top brands like Coca Cola and Nike can still be spending millions running advertisement everywhere, who are you not to.

You need to create awareness and reach out to customers to get you started, this method includes social media, online platform, flyers, television advertisement, words of mouth, banners and radio. Although, you may not necessarily need to advertise for a long period of time but you need it for a start.



To get started, you must have done all the necessary requirement to get started, make the launch day known, invite friends and family and others to launch. Make available gifts if possible, give discount, at most one to two weeks after launch, you also need to be innovative in your service by including home delivery and give discount on huge purchase.

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