Interested in small childcare business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a childcare center with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

Starting a Childcare Center

Are you passionate about kids? Do you love spending time with children? Would you like to make profit out of your passion for kids? If yes, then starting a childcare business is what you should do. If you are so passionate about kids, starting a childcare business from home is a clever business choice.

Running a childcare business is a good way to make profit and earn a living if you see working with children as fun. You know times are changing and the economy is no longer helping matters so, a childcare business can be lucrative if done right.


Here are some guidelines that can help in launching a successful childcare business.


Before starting a childcare business that will eventually become profitable, you need to do a research on the kind of services you will be rendering. You should determine who your potential competitors might be, if there is a number of business in the community that are offering same type of childcare.

You should find information on the census of your community including the numbers of working families with children of a certain age, numbers of recent marriage, gather your information and build a strong plan that will help the growth and development of your business.


This is very important when starting a childcare business in any country in any city. Licensing typically involves registration, paperwork on each children and visiting the site to check for safety though it may vary from state to state.

It is very necessary to check for rules and regulations specify for minimum space and staffing, the maximum number of children that can be admitted which may depend on the space, facilities, and the types of toys.

Most of these laws has become mandatory to discourage and punish any form of child abuse, so it is important that you check with local government authorities to understand what will be required in operating a childcare business because getting shutdown by authorities after you most have opened your childcare business will cost you a lot of money and may also cost you your reputation.


There is no business without a name so starting a childcare business involves that you give it a name. You need to choose a name that will represent your service to the outside world, the name you will chose should be easy to remember and catchy, you need to check with secretary of state office to ensure that your name does not conflict with any other name currently on record.


When looking for a location, look for a place that has maximum space for children to play, the location should be safe, clean, adequate kitchen/bathroom fixtures, convenient for parents, accessible and should be in a community that can afford your service.

You should also consider available funding if it will be enough to rent or buy this space, if you are starting a large childcare business, the building should have separate rooms so that you can divide the children according to their age and it should be appealing to the parent and make the children comfortable and happy which will enable parent recommend it to others.


When thinking of starting a childcare business, you should be aware that you are going to be running it alone. In a childcare business, hiring staff to take care of the children is mandatory, the staff you will hire must have experience working with children and should be passionate about children.

Hire staff that has child development or educational training, be careful when selecting your staff because they will be in close contact with the children in your care because apart from having a great location and good facilities, the kind of staff that you employ will be the key to your success in the business, middle aged nurses are some of the possible candidate who have what it takes to run a childcare business.


Keeping accurate record is very fatal and important, you need to have the complete record of all the children, client, transactions and events that may take place from time to time. You need to take into account all your finance, take daily note on the behavior of your children which will include their eating habit, allergies, medical history and diet restriction.

These records will help you detect problem early and serve as an evidence should in case of dispute.


Advertising your childcare business should begin four months before you open, advertising does not comes cheap mostly when it has to do with newspapers, radio and television which will give you a very good exposure but you can afford more convenient advert with words of mouth, distributing brochures in libraries/church meetings, printing of fliers and on social media.