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Business Plan Vs Strategic Plan – Major Differences & Similarities

Are there differences and similarities between business plan and strategic plan? Here is what you need to know To start any business, chances are that you’ve heard a lot about business plans and strategic plans. But what do these mean? At least you know that that a plan refers to systematic preparation to achieve a […]

Sample Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business Plan Template

NON-EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Do you have plans on starting a nonemergency medical transportation business? If your answer is yes, this article will provide a guide to this sample business plan to enable you to write a sound and compelling business plan. Non-emergency medical transportation is a necessity as it enables people […]

Sample Cake Making Shop Business Plan Template

CAKE BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE If you love making beautiful cakes, why not consider generating some income with your skills? We are interested in helping you achieve this. It is unlikely that you have stumbled onto this article. Do you love cake baking and would love to start a cake baking business? Do you know […]

Sample Led Screen Advertising Business Plan Template

LED SCREEN ADVERTISING BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Over the years, technology has played a huge role in advertising. The trend continues to this day with tremendous progress made in improved technology. If you plan on setting up a led screen advertising business, you may find this led screen advertising business plan useful. We have tried […]

Sample Telemarketing Company Business Plan Template

TELEMARKETING COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Are you making plans to start a telemarketing business? What are some ways to start a telemarketing small business? There are some things to learn before you jump into the business. Starting a telemarketing business is not that much different from starting any other type of business. The telemarketing […]

Sample Dog Breeding Kennel Business Plan Template

DOG BREEDING BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Whether you are in United States, U.K, Canada, Kenya, India or Nigeria, if you are interested in making money from raising dogs or just keeping them as pets, passion for dogs is one of the keys to success. Dog business is a lucrative investment you can indulge in if […]

Sample Bristo Restaurant Business Plan Template

BRISTO RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE According to statistics 60% of restaurants don’t survive the first year, why? There are a host of reasons for this. To avoid failure though you have to be well informed on all that you need to start a Bristo restaurant.  A lot of research will have to be carried […]

Sample Greenhouse Farming Business Plan Template

GREENHOUSE FARMING BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Are you an entrepreneur having interests in investing the in the greenhouse agricultural sector? Have you wondered how you could write a comprehensive and detailed business plan for this business venture? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are at the right place. This article will […]

Sample Food Kiosk Business Plan Template

FOOD KIOSK BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE If you love cooking, you may want to turn your hobby into an income generator by starting a food kiosk business. Patronage is central to its success. Therefore, you will need to site such a business in an area with a lot of foot traffic. To achieve your goals, […]

Sample Bulk SMS Business Plan Template

BULK SMS BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Bulk messaging are easier ways to reach a large group of people conveniently. The needs for this form of messaging are numerous and present a lot of business opportunities for entrepreneurs. If you would want to exploit this opportunity to establish a business, then you may find this bulk […]