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How much does it cost to have a car towed 10 miles? Every year, millions of vehicles require the towing service across the United States. Almost every car owner has used the service at one point in their life time.

Cost of towing a car can be so high, especially if you do not have any emergency fund in place or any road side assistance. And many people do not even realise that towing a vehicle is simply more than moving it from one location to another.

How Much Does a Tow Truck Cost? The fee charged by these towing companies will differ depending on the location, the situation and the company. So how much does it cost to tow a car?

How much does it cost to be towed by AAA? Towing companies will offer a lot of services apart from jut assisting you in towing your vehicle when it breaks down. You may need them for the following services.

You can call on towing companies to assist you to change your tire if you don’t have any experience in getting this done.

In a situation whereby your car is not picking up, towing companies can come in handy as they may be of service to assist you to jump start your car. You can also call on them to help you unlock the door of your car in the case that you mistakenly lock in the key of the car.

A towing vehicle will also be of assistance if your car gets stuck in the mud
And you might even the service of a towing company if you need to transport your car from one location to another. It doesn’t have to be a faulty vehicle all the time.

How much does it cost to get your car back from a towing company? If you find yourself in a situation whereby you will need the service of a towing vehicle. Be ready to part with various payments.

Firstly the towing company will charge you for what they call the hook-up fee, which is somewhere around $30 to $100 or $2.50 to $5 for every mile: you may be expected to make payment as well for the first five to seven mile.

And you will also need to understand that this fee is an average price: in some areas where there are no regulations on the rate charged by these towing companies, you may be expected to pay more for their services.

The towing fee will also depend on the size of the vehicle. Some companies will charge you 20 to 25% more if you need to tow a truck or any other heavy duty vehicle. For instance, Harri Towing Centre in Delaware will charge a basic rate of $60 for towing within the locality. If you are towing to a long distance, you will be charged a hook-up fee of $75 and then $4 per mile.

In the situation whereby the vehicle to be towed is stuck in the mud, you will definitely be charged a higher fee. This is simply because it will take a longer time for the vehicle to be wheeled out of the mud. The cost of towing a car that is stuck in the mud can be as high as $200 per hour.

How much does it cost to tow a car 2, 5, 15, 20, 25, 40, 50, 60, 100, 150, 200, 300 miles or to another state?

The cost of towing a car with insurance may be minimal as some insurance companies will offer you a free towing service as part of the packages. This may however be limited to some certain brand of cars or to the driver on the wheel at the time the service is needed.

In a situation whereby you car needs to be towed on weekends, off duty hours, nights or holidays, the company may charge you for over time. A company in California charges between $80 to $100 even as far as seven mile, but you will be charged a minimum of $135 between 10pm and 7am if you request for their service.

Don’t be surprised to know that you can get a free towing for your car. All you need is to be rightly informed. In fact some driver qualify for this in one way or the other, but since they are not informed about this, they go on to spend extra to get their car towed in emergencies.

These are how you can get free towing for your car:

AUTOMOBILE COMPANIES: Some car makers and dealers offer free towing for cars purchased under them for a certain period of time.

CREDIT CARD COMPANIES: What a lot of people don’t understand is that Bank of America offers free roadside assistance. Although there is a limit on the number of mile you can use, but it is always advisable to call and enquire about this additional service.

INSURANCE COMPANIES: It is possible for you to add roadside assistance to your collision and comprehensive auto insurance.

INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS: It is not a rare thing to find wireless service providers give their customers this additional value added service to enhance patronage. Although distance limits are always set.

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