Captain D’s Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

CAPTAIN D’S Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

When it comes to the delivery of `high quality services through dishing of the best sea foods, perfect hospitality and the commitment to new innovations, you can count on Captain D’s Seafood. The company has been able to grow from inception to about 600 restaurant units in various states across the United States. That can be the reason why so many business owners want to know how much is a Captain D’s Seafood franchise?


Captain D’s opened their first store in Donelson, Tennessee in the year 1969. It started with the name Mr D’s Sea foods and Hamburgers with the concept of serving high quality and fast-serve Sea foods. The company had a name change in the year 1977 and since then they have featured great menus such as chicken, fish, desserts, shrimps, sides and sweet tea.

At Captain D’s guest are also offered premium quality foods such as grilled fish, green beans, okra, coleslaw, hushpuppies, corn, broiled and baked fish and a wide range of delicious desserts.


A prospective franchisee might want to ask if Captain D’s is a franchise. Yes the company can be considered a franchise since it sells franchise opportunity and have been doing this since the year of establishment, which has given them so many years of franchising experience and a workable franchise model.


When you buy into a Captain D’s franchise opportunity, you will be offered the right to develop a franchise unit operating under the company’s brand name as disclosed in the Captain D’s franchise agreement.

Buying into a Captain D’s franchise is considered a very great opportunity for a business person and it offers the chance for you to make quick returns on your investments as designed by a tested and proven franchise model that is very simple to work with.


Investing in a Captain D’s franchise can be so lucrative, but it definitely comes with its own financial implications. The Captain D’s franchise cost will be considered as all the investments required establishing a franchise unit.

The total investments needed to startup a Captain D’s franchise unit will range between $780,000 and $1,100,000. A prospective franchisee will also need to have a net-worth of $1,000,000 and then a liquid cash requirement of funds that are non-borrowed of about $350,000.


The Captain D’s franchise fee is that payment that the franchisee will make to the company to get the licence to operate with the company’s brand name. The initial franchise fee is $35,000 with an additional on-going royalty fee of 4.5% and an ad royalty fee of 1.1% payable to the company on a monthly basis.


Captain D’s franchise does not offer financing in any form, either directly or indirectly. Neither does the company guarantee any form of franchisee’s notes, obligation or lease. However the franchisee can get funding from 3rd party lenders that have working relationships with most franchises. Funding can be gotten to cover for the initial franchise fee, cost of equipment, inventory, staffing, rent and lease.


Every franchisee with the company is mandated to attend a comprehensive training before the opening of the franchise unit. The Captain D’s franchise training is divided into four different programs.

All trainings will hold at any Captain D’s franchise unit that has gotten the certification to be used as a training centre. Captain D’s will support the franchisee with a team that will assist them in the opening of their restaurant and also training of the employees at the new restaurant.


As a new franchisee with the company, the period at which the licence will be held is 20 years. This can be renewed at the expiration of the initial term if the franchisee is able to meet with the company’s terms and conditions. An additional 20-year period will be granted.


Franchisees will not be entitled to an exclusive territory as stated in the franchise Agreement. Franchisees should be ready to face competitions with other channels that disburse Captain D’s products.


After reading through this article, the next step is how to open a Captain D’s Sea food franchise? Once you have been able to meet with all the financial requirements to start a franchise unit. You will be expected to present your financial bank statement for the past 6 months and also proof of your net worth and liquid cash. The next step to then take is to forward your application to the website of the company and then wait for feedbacks.

The company’s Franchise Management Team will get back to you and if your application is approved, you will be granted the due support by the Franchise manager and his team to set up your franchise unit.



Captain D’s Franchise established year 1986, is a company that provides best-selling sea food in the country. The company’s menu featured fried fish alongside quality grilled fish. Shrimps, and chicken are also features of their menu list. Other home- styled meals such as hush-puppies, tossed salads, green beans, okra, baked potatoes and many more dishes owns their first-class list.

Captain D’s Franchise company have exceptional, quality and clean well maintained food that customers will always crave for. Their primary focus is sea food.

Seafood is what those who are conscious of the health demands for in many home-styled restaurants. Interestingly, cost of their service is not extremely high as it is affordable and will always be within customers’ price range.

About Captain D’s Franchise

Captain D’s Franchise company is a United State based company. Captain D’s was first opened in Donelson, Tennesse in the year 1969. The same year was when the franchising opportunities began.

In the year 2012, the company came about a new logo design giving the company a modern 21st century beach-themed design. Amazingly, in 2015, another new turn of design phased out which is tied on speeding a healthier menus and expanding the franchising opportunities.

Sun partners bought Captain D’s Franchise company in the year 2010 which was later sold to Center partners in 2013. However, Captain D’s Franchise company is still waxing stronger.

Captain D’s Franchise company reached a global scale of $544,428,000 and in the US, the company is owning over 515units at present, with one international unit. Captain D’s franchise company also offer franchising opportunity and currently, they have 44% franchised. In the US alone, there are 226 franchised units. Also the company has its sales growth to be 2.1% and the unit growth is 0.6%.

Captain D’s Franchise company is indeed experiencing well-grounded growth stage both at the eastern and southern United States with laying its emphasis on Texas. In the year 2004, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s Winning Workforce award was won by Captain D’s Franchise which is the only QSR chain to win this outstanding award.

Captain D’s Franchise company is ever ready to extend his business to franchisee who are goal oriented and are ready to dedicate more time and energy into expanding the business mode of operation in order to keep building Captain D’s brand and expanding of the restaurant’s presence nationally. A willingness to become part of this company will require you to embrace the system on which the company operates on. Also a Franchisee should not worry if minimal experience is all that is owned. Captain D’s Franchising opportunity will have your back here.

How Much Does a Captain D’s Franchise Company Cost?
Captain D’s Franchise company will cost a minimum liquid capital amounting to $1,050,000 coupled with other financial requirements.

Captain D’s Franchise Fee
The Initial franchise fee require by anyone who is willing to partner will require an initial fee of $35,000-$45,000.

Captain D’s Franchise Company Startup Cost
An estimated startup cost required to start a Captain D’s Franchise Company will be between $780,000-$1,120,000. You will also require to have at your disposal a net worth of $1,000,000.

Captain D’s Franchise Company Training and Support
The backbone of a Franchise opportunity with Captain D’s Franchise is the training and support program. In fact, according to captain D’s Franchise Company, training is mandatory for any new franchise. This training and support program is scheduled into different categories. All training takes place at any certified restaurant of the Captain D’s Franchise Company.

  • Computer based training will be done before the Franchisee initially open a franchise restaurant. This initial training will cover the bases.
  • Hands-on training Preps employees. This involved the training during the setting up of the business.
  • The on-going support training. Captain D’s Franchise company assures an on-going training that will keep on throughout the year of the franchise opportunity. A move to assure that the Franchisee is successful.

Captain D’s Franchise Company Application and Terms of Agreement
The length of the Captain D’s Franchise Company will span a considerable length of 20 years. Although, there is an opportunity to for a new renewal after the expiration of the initial 20 years, but the opportunity is based on good standing.

How Much Does a Captain D’s Franchise Make?
The question as to how much a franchisee can make is based on several factors. For example, location locally selected will influence the income to be gained throughout the years of operation. The size of the restaurant opened and how dedicated a franchisee is, are areas which can affect general income. If you are interested in knowing extensively how much a Captain D’s franchisee will make, you will have to read the Franchise Disclosure Document for full details regarding the precise income.

How to Open a Captain D’s Franchise?
After having a thorough overview on Captain D’s Franchise Company, the next thing is having a solid information on how to start the franchise business. Due to inaccurate information that might be all around, the best bet is to contact captain D’s franchise themselves for a first-hand information on how to start. Visit the website HERE or get to contact them via this line 877-635-6502. Doing so can assure you a straightforward and stress free registration process.

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