Starting a Campground Business – Sample Business Plan Template PDF

Interested in small campground business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a summer campground business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Campground Business

A campground business is an exciting recreational activity that has a lot of potential for investments. This is in focus as we look into the requirements to start one. A camp ground business by nature is capital intensive and the potential financial rewards high. There are a lot of things to put in place, including the building of lodgings, and other administrative offices as well to make the running of the campground business easy.

Before starting a campground business, it will do well to consider the following points seriously, as they measure the level of preparedness, as well as offer tips on the requirements of starting a campground business.

Choosing a Location
There are times when finding a suitable location for a campground business can be daunting. However, putting in the required effort is worth it, as getting a right location for your camp ground business can make the difference between profitability and increased patronage, and low patronage. There are locations which are best suited for starting acamp ground business.

The locations best suited for starting a campground business are those not too far away from the city and having a serene atmosphere where people are able to wind down/rest from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Campground business locations should bring people closer to nature, allowing for adventure, hiking, fishing and several other activities not readily available in urban centers.

Writing the Business Plan
No serious business can commence operations without a business plan. To start anything of worth, a considerable amount of time should be spent in planning. A business plan documents this planning down to the minutest detail of the business. Nothing is left to chance as it may hurt the business in future. A WELL WRITTEN campground business plan has the potential to attract funding for the business.

“Well written” is stressed here because any campground business plan not properly written can derail the business and will fail to attract the attention of investors and financial institutions that may have the required financial resources to support the business.

Choosing the Most Suitable Campground Business
One may ask; choosing the most suitable? Yes, this is because there are several types of campgrounds each tailored to meet the needs of a specific market. These include seasonal campground businesses, tent-only campgrounds, and fishing campgrounds. Others include mobile camping campgrounds among several others. It is therefore imperative to select the best campground business for investments.  

Obtaining the Necessary Campground Permits
To start a campground business, you will have to get the required permits from the state before commencement of business. However, the types and cost of permits to start a campground business vary from state to state within the United States. Therefore, knowing the permit requirements for your state is very necessary. There may be other additional requirements across different states before starting a campground business. Whatever the case, it is important to find out all these requirements and meet them.

Maintenance and Servicing
A campground business will always need periodic maintenance. Therefore, putting together a campground maintenance and servicing department will ensure that the campground is well maintained. Campgrounds which are well patronized due to the increased pressure on the available facilities will require constant maintenance. Anything short of this may result in deplorable conditions of facilities in the campground which may eventually affect patronage.

Online Presence
Any serious campground business will have an online presence. This is an efficient marketing tool which highlights all the services offered at the campground business. A majority of campers usually go online to make inquiries on available campground businesses. Therefore, building a website containing all the services provided in the campground business will go a long way in boosting patronage. Also, it is important to also register with online campground directories which can easily direct clients to patronize the services of the campground business.

Publicity and Advertisement
It is not enough to start a campground business. Some vital elements of the business such as an effective publicity and advert strategy should be adopted. Making use of international tourist journals as well as the use of both electronic and print media has the potential of increasing patronage. The experience at the campground should be such that visitors have a lasting positive impression. This is important as they are likely to tell friends and families about the business. This in a nutshell is known as word of mouth marketing.

Setting the Campground Fees
Although the main purpose of starting campground business, as with any other business is for profits, a pricing strategy that also considers the client will most likely result in a balanced business, creating a win-win situation for both the client and the business. Setting the fees for the campground should be reflective of the services provided at the campground. In addition to the fees set, there should be real value for money spent by the clients/campers. Clients who get real value for money are likely to be impressed by the services and likely spend more.

By the above, we can see that starting a campground business requires a lot of things to be put in place. There are regulatory guidelines to abide by as well as the requirements needed for the smooth running of the business.



You might have wondered what business opportunities could be derived from the tourism industry that grows large each year. And maybe your thought flashes on starting a campground business?

As an entrepreneur, you did not want to just jump into a business without knowing the rubrics, you are wise to know fully what a campground business is before you start a campground business.

Admittedly, starting a campground business is not easy. However, by putting the right tools into the right spot, you can start a campground business and run it efficiently and smoothly.

The help this article is targeted at providing is to show you why the service needs more entrepreneurs to invest, it will explain in details what a campground business is and mention the types that is available. It will also discuss what materials will be needed for the operation and how to start a campground business.
Campground Business Overview
Although camping always mean the act of setting up tents. It is also interesting to know that the understanding of a campground goes beyond that, it also includes recreational vehicle parks (RV) and any other camp sites.

An entrepreneur’s focus on a particular type of campground business might be attributed to the location and types of activities common in the territory where he lives. Thus, regardless of your choice of campground business, your income is guaranteed.

Starting a campground business does not require you investing your whole lifesaving. The availability and the type you need will determine how successful one would be.

Since the types of campgrounds is not limited to just one, an entrepreneur would have to choose the most considered to be appropriate or the service he best could deliver. The location often affect the type of campground erected, the types of facilities used and the staffs to be employed.

There are different reasons why the campground business is gaining limelight. As presented on the onset of this article, tourist and those who loves recreation are ever onward and thus the demand for campground facilities must be met. The business is a lucrative one.

For example, in North America, a whole lot of money are being spent on camping facilities. These shows how the service will keep growing, so it is not a waste to invest money into this form of business.
What Tools Are Needed in Starting a Campground Business?
You will be expected to provide materials for a lovely camping experience. There are so many tools, but I will be mentioning the best and first 10 tools you cannot just do away with regardless of whatever type of camping facilities you are running.

  • Cabins
  • Lodge Facilities
  • Picnic Tables
  • Website
  • Bath House
  • Hookups
  • Portable Water
  • Marketing Materials.
  • Dump Station
  • Sporting activities

Starting a Campground Business
Let us face it, if you are not creative enough, it will be difficult for you to start a campground business that is profitable. It is essential you develop creative skills and get involved fully.

If your business model is not unique, potential clients would not have to stake their hard earned money and their time to demand or your service, but if your products and services are very much unique. Your customer base system will enjoy more rapid growth.

Enjoy the guides on how to start a campground business!
1.     Find an Approved Befitting Location
Not all areas will be allowed for entrepreneur to start a campground business. States laws and regulations vary from country to country. Therefore, it is very important that an entrepreneur speaks with local authorities so as to identify the empty space where you can install your campground facilities.

The land to be approved must be a level ground. Your location should be near where you are likely to attract large number of customers. E.g. tourist centers like, waterfalls, natural attractions and hiking areas. Making available swimming and horse riding would be a perfect arrangement.
2.     Choose The Type of Camp You Want
Ask yourself questions that will bring out the reason why you want to start a campground business?

Are your primary target students? Children? Families? Less privileged? Whatever type of camp you are interested in will determine the facilities you have to stock in for campers.
3.     Proper Networking
After choosing the type of camp you are interested in, and you’ve gotten the best location. The next step is getting clients to demand for your services. Also you need to network so as to be helped.
4.     Hire Staff for Your Campground
Although, staffs from one camp to another camp may vary due to the types of facilities that has been set up. Yet, you will need to make regular cleaning a matter of consideration each time your campground is being used by visitors.
5.     Build The Campground
Here, it is not only the campground facilities that needs to be built. Even the roads that leads to your campground must be tarred so as to allow easy driving into your camp. Experts advice that if a better sales and a good customer experiences is to be reached. One would need to build nice bathrooms and a general store.
6.     Advertise
It is interesting that you get your products into the world. Use signboards, apply for local advertisers, create a blog or website for proper marketing.

Although, this article is not a means to all about how to start a campground business, yet it centers on the important aspects that will lead you to the right part on how to start a campground business.

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