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If you are looking for a sample campground business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a campsite and free feasibility study example you can download.


If you love the outdoors then you may have at one time or the other used camping materials. A campground business basically is a provider of outdoor shelters, parking spaces for caravans and RV for would be adventurers and vacationers.

In 2008 according to a report, there were over 40 million vacationers in the U.S. And with the economy looking better now is the time to start a campground business.

In this article is contained a business plan to help you start out your business.

Business Name: Exodus Camp

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary
Exodus Camp limited is a campground business specialised in providing out of door shelters for vacationers. It has the backing of the Colorado state government and also all the permits from the necessary agency.

This is a family business run own and run by Kim Koo and Tim Koo. It was started about 10 years ago when Tim got tired of the long hours of work and travel, and wanted to spend some time with this family. So he and his wife pulled funds together and bought this for land for campers and as a parking lot for Caravans and RVs (Recreational Vehicles).

Now however Exodus camp is looking for funds to expand. Prior the camping business they run has been the temporary camping method. With only temporary tents, wash houses and parking spaces for RVs. The plan now is to build cabins, 15 luxury cabins, and also add recreational facilities like pools and other entertainment centres.

Mr and Mrs Koo already have provided $5 million for the expansion project. $10 million will be sourced from investors and the bank.

Products and Services
We provide camping services for those who love the outdoors.  We provide temporary tents and parking spaces for camping trucks. We also ensure the security of everyone on the property.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to always provide comfort away from home for the outdoor lover. While doing this at a very affordable price and paying cognisance to the security our customers.

Mission Statement
We want to be the one stop luxury camping place in the Colorado region. We believe camping shouldn’t be any less comfortable than clients home. So our job is to provide that level of comfort with a touch of luxury for all those who visit us.

Business Structure
This is majorly a family business, owned and run by the Koo’s. With the coming expansion, more staff will be needed. So apart from the CEO, Mr Koo, Kim and two of the grown up children will be running different parts of the camp. So as to help instil the vision of customer satisfaction that is paramount in Exodus camp.

Market Analysis
Market Trend
Americans love the outdoors. However during the 2012 economic crash vacationers either postponed their journeys or cancelled it all together. However the economy is beginning to look better. Therefore there’s a huge spike in people wanting to vacate, because people can now afford to go on vacations.

Camping is also a cheaper option for those looking to go on vacation as hotel bills can be expensive. So looking at these trends there’s no better time to start a camping business. Colorado is a place of natural beauty which attracts tourists, so there’ll be no lack of customers.

Target Markets
There are no age brackets for those seeking for some adventure, or a vacation. So basically our market is from teenagers up to the elderly. We actually have something for everyone. So first we look out for people who love adventure and would just want to leave civilization for a while. That’s our first market as our current facility can handle those people.

Then the next people are high school students and the management of high schools, as this place will serve as a summer camp for high school students.

Sales and Marketing Strategy
We tip tour guides to mention the name of our camping grounds to tourists as them take them around the Colorado rocks.

We intend to advertise on TV and radio stations.

We will be championing a course on the importance of the environment; this will also serve as advert.

We will take out space in news paper, and on yellow pages.

Last but not the least, is the internet. We’ll use our blog and the internet as a marketing and advert tool.

Financial Plan
Source of startup Capital

We are looking at an additional investment of $15 million being put into this business. This is for the expansion of the property into a luxury camp site. While Exodus Camp will be providing $5 million, the bank will be providing the remaining $10milllion.

Competitive Advantage
Exodus camp has been in the business for a while, and we have garnered a reputation for providing world class services. So our reputation already speaks for us. And some of our staff serves as tour guide around the Colorado Rocks, this alone brings in customers.

So, here you have it. This is a business plan for starting a campground business. Exodus camp is owned and run by Mr and Mrs Koo.

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