HandMade Silver Jewellery – Is This Wholesale Business Really For You?

Buying Handmade Silver Jewelry – Silver Jewelry Business Ideas

A lot of people love wearing handmade silver jewellery. This is most likely because, it would be very rare to see other people wearing an exact jewelry piece.

Of all the various kinds of jewellery, there is one that is very popular among lots of people; it is the silver jewellery. Regardless of whether you know how to make silver jewellery or not, as long as you have love for making crafts with your hands, you can start the silver jewellery business from the comfort of your home.

This article will guide you on how you can start a homemade silver jewellery business without much difficulty.

Learn to Make Jewellery

First and foremost, if you are very interested in starting a homemade silver jewellery business, you will have to acquire the knowledge about silver jewellery making. This is quite important if you do not already have any set of skills or knowledge about silver jewellery making.

You will need to go take a few classes on silver jewellery making. This should not require a lot of your time. Getting as much skill to get started is all what you need to start your homemade silver jewellery business.

Also, you will have to know a lot about different silver jewellery making sizing, picking and attaching of closures. If you cannot afford to take live workshop classes on silver jewellery making, you could use the internet to your advantage. You could download loads of tutorials online, and learn a lot from them.

You could even buy some jewellery making books and study, if reading is your thing. Whatever you have to do, you should do as long as you acquire enough knowledge and skills to get started.

Purchase Jewellery Making Kit

To get started with your silver jewellery making business, you will have to get the needed tool kit for silver jewellery making. Often times, you would get these silver jewellery making tool kits in a crafts supply shop.

These kits would contain all the materials and tools you would need for making silver jewellery. Aside that, you may also want to buy a supply of clasps, wires, beads and several other silver jewellery making components that you could use as supplement to your silver jewellery.

You could check out several crafts website to see if you could get some of the tool kits you need to get started. If it is too difficult for you to locate crafts supply shops around, you could Google up several crafts supply shops to get the closest around your location.

Enquire Whether you will Need a Business License

Having gotten all the necessary tools and materials, together with the several components you will need to start you silver jewellery making business; it is time to get all the information about the legal aspect of your silver jewellery making business. Make enquiries as to which licenses and permits you will need for your homemade silver jewellery business.

In many areas, you will be required to own a business license before you can start your home made silver jewellery making business even though you will be operating from the comforts of your home.

Go ahead and choose a unique and catchy name for your silver jewellery business. The name you should choose should be easy to pronounce. After which, you should go ahead and register your silver jewellery business with the relevant authorities.

It is important that you be careful when choosing a name for your silver jewellery business. You do not want to make the mistake of choosing a name that your business would outgrow in a couple of years.

Source for Customers

An important aspect of starting your homemade silver jewellery business is sourcing for customers. This may at first not be very easy since you will be operating from your home. One thing you should do is to create a sample of some of your very best silver jewellery work and display at some crafts shops, local boutiques, and consignment shops.

Another very helpful place you could source for customers is at crafts fair. It is one of the traditional ways of selling handmade crafts. Usually, you will have to pay some sort of fee to the organisers of the crafts fair for them to let you have a stall where you could sell out all your silver jewellery or any other products. You should make sure you go to a crafts fair that is well advertised and attended by lots of people.

You could also organise jewellery parties to start building your own customers. The internet is also another platform where people sell off their wares. You could display your handmade silver jewellery on auction sites such as eBay, www.etsy.com, etc.

Promote your Crafts

You should create more awareness about your silver jewellery business. There are a lot of ways you could that. You could first start by introducing your silver jewellery to your friends and family, and let them in on your homemade business. Ask them to reach out to their other friends too to help you promote your business.

You could also get fliers, business brochure, and a business card too. Now, I actually think this is very important; you should get a business card that says much about your homemade silver jewellery business, together with some pictures of some of your best silver jewellery products embedded on it.

Create your own website too for people to log onto. Go quickly get yourself a domain name. Your website should carry lots of pictures so people can actually take a look at the gallery of your silver jewellery.


Silver Jewellery Business
The wholesale silver business was not known to most people until some few years back. Centuries ago different cultures make use of silver for crafting. Silver is a special jewellery that is cheaper than other precious metals. It can be easily produced because it is the easiest material to work with and perfect for the jewelry business.

There are a wide variety of handmade silver jewellery made by different craftsmen if you want to go into the business. 

==> For you to produce the best results you need to have a wide range of designs
==> Let your check and balance methods be consistent,
==> Test each batch for any flaws to ensure that you only sell those of high quality (this will earn you a very good reputation and more customers)
==> You should also provide retailers with a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from.
==> As a wholesaler you should make the popular or trending silver jewellery designs available to craftsmen and to do that you have to get feedback from the retailers.
==> The cost of the wholesale silver jewelry depends greatly on the supply and demand.

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