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Starting a business is a great endeavor. The challenge, however, is making the business a success. Especially when considered against the numbers of businesses that fail against those that succeed. This is where putting together a good business plan comes in.

A business plan is made to provide a guide for your business. A business plan also provides direction for your business to enable the attainment of your business goals and objectives.

It is a template of action for your business and employees. Your business plan is a very important tool for the attainment of your business dreams.

Having said this, the look and design of your business plan are very important. The design of your business plan should be able to speak the language that investors, banks and your backers will understand.

Basic Elements of your Business Plan

For every business plan, certain elements are constant. The beginning of a well-designed business plan should include this basic outline;

  1. The Introduction or The Industry Overview

The introduction and industry overview element of your business plan should be able to talk about your understanding and knowledge of the industry in which your business would be operating in.

  1. The Executive Summary

The executive summary element of your business plan is where you provide information on the vision and mission statement of your business.

  1. Risk and Strength Analysis

The risk and strength analysis element of your business plan is designed to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

  1. The Market Analysis

The market analysis element of the plan is made to discuss the overall market situation of your market and your understanding of your target market.

  1. The Competition

The competition element of your business plan will provide information on the state and level of competition in the market in which your business will be operating in.

  1. The Sales and Marketing Strategy

This part of the business plan will provide information on the sales and marketing strategy which you will be using to push your product and services in the market.

  1. Financial Analysis and Forecast

The financial analysis and forecast part of the business plan provides information on the company’s financial situation, which includes information on the company’s sources of funding and expected future income and expense, including the cost of capital.

  1. Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

This element of the business plan provides information on the growth and expansion strategy of the company.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion part of the business plan provides a summary of the key contents of the business plan.

Putting your Design Together

Having understood these basic elements of the business plan, the design and presentation are also important. In designing the business plan, there should be some elements of creativity.

The design of the business plan should be distinctive and engaging. These elements are what make the business plan a great document.

Using a Template

There are a number of design templates which you can use to design your business plan. Each design template has its own unique features and characteristics.

However, the business plan design template you use should have a unique and comprehensive creation tool. Some business plan templates are not free. Some templates offer more enhanced features for the additional cost.

Working on your Business Plan Design

  • Infographics are Important

The market analysis information and statistics should be presented in a highly engaging and infographic format.

  • Page Numbering

Ensure to number your pages and provide a table of contents.

  • Use a Single Feature Colour

You should not use color rampantly on your business plan. The ideal color to use would be your brand color.

  • Charts are Great

Make use of charts for better and clearer presentation of ideas. Bar charts and pie charts will be most appealing. You can also make use of histograms and bubble charts.

  • Financial Analysis Presentation

When preparing your financial analysis and forecast, use summary tables and flow charts. For a better presentation of the financial information, tables provide more specific values.

  • Use Matrix Quadrant

While preparing the competition element of the business plan, make use of matrix quadrant. A matrix quadrant provides a better image for comparing you to your competitors.

  • Use Hierarchy

Using hierarchy gives more visual effect to your document. Making use of bold headings makes it possible to scan through the document easily.


As important as the business plan document is, the design of the business plan is also important. In preparing your business plan, you should ensure that you use the right design tools to achieve maximum impact and to make the right visual impression on your investors.

You should also ensure that your business plan design meets and caters to the needs and expectations of your investors. The document should be attractive and able to capture the attention of bankers and investors.

The business plan design template which you use for designing your business plan should also be able to present your business thoughts and the various elements of your business plan clearly. This will ensure that the goal of the document is not defeated.

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