Business Opportunities Analysis Example – Assessing Businesses and Prospects Template

What are some components to analyzing business opportunities? Have you got a business in mind? Are you wondering how to conduct that business opportunity analysis? Do you need a guide to know if that business you have decided to invest in is feasible enough?

With the advent of everyone wanting to dive in and invest in a business opportunity, everyone wanting to be their own boss, and lots of people finally recognizing how important entrepreneurship really is, one thing that comes to mind is how can one analyze business opportunities?

Business Opportunity Analysis in Entrepreneurship
There are so many business opportunities that are readily available to entrepreneurs. Ranging from those that are capital intensive to little startups and even franchises, one thing is certain, you have to be absolutely sure about a business opportunity before investing in it.

So how do you conduct a business opportunity analysis? How do you ensure that business opportunity is feasible enough to invest your time, energy and resources in?

Well, you are in luck as this article gives you a guide on business opportunity analysis.

There are five steps in business opportunity analysis outlined in this article and here they are;


Business opportunity analysis starts with the entrepreneur. You have to have a desire to succeed in that business as well as an interest in that business. Hence this can be achieved only when you do a self-assessment on your interest in the business opportunity.

You need to decide if you are going into the business just for the gains you would get or for other interests. This is because if you are only interested in making profits, you might just up and quit at the slightest hiccup.

On the other hand, if you have a passion for the business venture you are going into, then you would find every means possible to make it succeed. This is definitely the first step of business opportunity analysis.

Identify an Aspect that Gives you an Edge

The next step to doing a complete business opportunity analysis is identifying any aspect of that business that makes you stand out from the competition.

This key competency is what would give you an edge as you start out that new business of yours. This could be a different but better way of delivering services, a unique skill, new technology or diverse knowledge.

If you are able to identify such an edge, you can be sure your business opportunity is on its road to success. It is important to note that the key aspect that gives you an edge should be one that is valuable, can definitely make your business stand out and would be difficult to be emulated by your competitors out there.

Do a Market Survey

A market survey is an important aspect of business opportunity analysis. It involves doing a proper research on the business opportunity you are about to embark on, acquiring as much information as possible on that business opportunity.

The market survey also involves analyzing your competition, the market trends, your target location, demographics, the cost required for your business to be up and running and every aspect involved in the business opportunity you are about to embark on.

Test it Out

Another way to analyze a business opportunity is to do a complete trial on how your business will fare in the real world. This involves conducting the business on a small scale in order to determine how it would be accepted when you officially launch your business.

If you’re the business opportunity you are interested involves sale of a product, you could sell to different range of people and get their opinions and also record their interest and response to the business. The same method can be applied if the business opportunity involves services to be rendered.

A positive feedback tells you your business will give you a clear idea that your business would do well when started. However, a negative response gives you direction on the changes you need to make in order to ensure your business opportunity runs smoothly.

Analyze your Team

Another very important aspect of business opportunity is getting your team all set up. Now every entrepreneur has business goals, mission and vision for their business. One way to ensure you meeting such goals is having the right team with you.

Hence when doing business opportunity analysis as a leader, it is important for entrepreneurs to determine their management team, stating clearly the requirements and attributes they want them to portray in order to ensure their business succeeds.

This also involves stating the different responsibilities they would each have when employed. It is important to note that the whole process of analyzing your team does not necessarily have to be done after you have employed them. It could be done with no particular employee in mind.

Getting this in place directs you on picking the right people to starting your business and sets you on a good path to success.

In conclusion, venturing into a viable business opportunity is not an easy venture and is one that proper business opportunity analysis has to be done before eventually getting the wheels rolling. The above points are definitely a good place to start your business opportunity analysis.