Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs:  Top 8 Business Opportunities for Women

Are you interested in small business ideas for women at home? There is no limit to what a woman can accomplish. We’ve seen it over the past decades, as more and more women venture into the world of business and take on key leadership roles in many different organizations. Last year was a great year for women entrepreneurs. This trend continues this 2018.

Advantages of Women in Business
Having women take leadership roles in an organization has major benefits. One is that they promote diversity in workforce, which fuels innovation and creativity. Women also excel in soft skills, such as effective communication, empathy, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness which are all essential in effective leadership. Furthermore, women account for 85% of all consumer purchases which make them a great fit to handle key positions in the field of advertising.

Top Business Opportunities for Women

Wedding Planning

In such a woman-centric industry, there’s always a brilliant woman at every step of the wedding planning process. From the logistics to the reception decoration, food and cakes, gown selection, and so much more – a lot of women thrive in this field. There’s a lot of creativity required in wedding planning. It allows women to break with tradition and make unconventional choices that result to an event of a lifetime for every couple. This is one of the most lucrative business ideas for housewives today.

Child or Elder Care Businesses

Women provide the majority of informal care to their spouses, children, parents, relatives and neighbors, which is equivalent to $148 billion to $188 billion annually. Their innate skills in caregiving make them successful in the child/elder care business. 66% of caregivers are female. The mental health consequence of caregiving is real. And even though women tend to be more emotional than men, they are better at regulating their emotions, which is a great skill to thrive in this business. If you need a small business for ladies with low investment, this is one.

Fitness Center

There’s no doubt – women are dominating the fitness world. They’re everywhere – from marathons to basketball, community leagues, and international athletic competitions. They are also driving many of the fitness trends we see today. According to the American Fitness Institute, 62% of personal trainers are women. They also found that among the top reasons why many women choose this job because of flexibility, freedom, money, passion, and helping others.

Franchise Opportunities

Franchising has become one of the most popular ways for women to realize their dream of having their own business. In fact, the number of female franchise owners has doubled in the past decade. The great thing about franchising is that it takes away the tough work of developing a product or business model, finding customers, and advertising. Everything is already in the package, even the supplies. Franchising spans across most industries, from food to beauty, technology, retail, and so much more. Examples are the Apricot Lane Boutique – the leading women’s fashion boutique franchise and Image Studios 360 – a mini-mall of salons.


Do you need a creative business for ladies sitting at home? From just a side activity done from home, the fashion design profession has become a full-pledge business for many women. Many boutiques, clothing and accessory stores, and even textile shops are owned by female entrepreneurs. The exciting and extremely fast-paced world of fashion definitely makes a great place for brilliant, creative women to succeed. Fashion generate ideas on simple business for ladies.

Medical Tourism

The rigorous academic background along with long strenuous hours of work made it seem like the medical profession is only for men. But time has changed. These days, majority of students entering medical schools are women, according to a report by the Association of American Medical Colleges. This just shows that women are just as talented and capable as men.

Pet Shop

The pet care industry is booming. Pet are ‘kids’ to many people these days. They are part of the family. Opening a pet shop promises a profitable business opportunity for men and women alike. And with the aid of technology, it’s easier to transact with customers. While having a physical store is a huge plus, women who have less capital can start with an online shop. This is a good small business for women at home.

Travel Agency

Another great business opportunity especially for stay-at-home women is in the travel industry. Using the internet, one can design a trip package, book accommodations and flights in behalf of their clients, and arrange fun tours. This is a lucrative business that every woman can do right in front of their computers.


Women often find themselves balancing their need for additional income against their roles as a wife, mother, and child. Many women find self-employment more profitable and more satisfying than most 8-5 jobs. Even better, owning a business is easier these days. Even those who don’t have enough capital can find a way, in the form of a cash advance, personal loan, or even grants. If none of these ideas suit you, make a list of your skills, interests and talents. You should be able to find the best business opportunity that will bring you to success.