5 Good Businesses To Start Under $10,000

What Businesses Can I Start With $10,000 and Below?

Do you want to start a business and all you have is nothing more than $10,000? If yes, then you can become a business owner. There are so many businesses anyone with cash of less than $10,000 can start today.

Most of the big business opportunities you hear of today actually started small with little capital. This tells you that you don’t have to rub a bank to become an entrepreneur.

Here are various businesses you can start under $10,000 and make good money from;


1. Agricultural Business
Agricultural business will ever remain a lucrative business. This is because most of what is manufactured uses agricultural products as raw materials.  There are many agricultural businesses you can easily start under $10,000 and make a whooping profit. Here are the lists of some of them:

Snail Farming
With less than $10,000, you can start a snail farming business on a small scale. If you are new into this business, you will first need research extensively on the nitty-gritty of the business. So that you can know the basis of the business like how to care for snails, how to feed them, the species of snail profitable to rear and where to get them, the best kind of food to feed them with, how to find market for the business, the risk involved in the business and how to avoid it and so on.

After which you now get a space that you will be using for rearing the snails and if you don’t mind, you can use a part of your house for this. You then buy some snail and start rearing them using the knowledge you’ve learned from your research.

• Poultry Business
This is another lucrative agricultural business to start under $10,000. The first thing you will need to start this business is the skill. You first need to know how to operate this business and you can do this by learning from people who are already into it.

You can volunteer to work in a poultry farm free of charge just to learn how it is operated. You can also research about it online. Whatever means you are choosing just make sure you get the necessary knowledge needed to start out.

After doing this, you can then get a land, if you can afford to buy at the moment, you can rent it. You should also get other necessary tools you need.

• Farming
There are some small scales farming businesses that are under $10,000 that you can do. Agricultural food produce like vegetables, corns, and fruits will always be in high demand. And the good news is, unlike cash crops like cocoa, some food crops don’t really require a very long period of time to grow.

So, it is a good business to consider as long as you the passion and the time it requires.

2. Tutorial Agency
If you are savvy and you have passion for teaching, then, this is a profitable business for you to consider. The desire of people to get educated is on the increase like never before. But most school especially the public schools are not really doing a good job to meet this desire.

You can fill this void by starting a tutorial agency where you tutor students who are not getting much from their schools to excel academically. If you plan your budget well, you should be able to start this business opportunity with less than $10,000. And when you begin to produce good results; business will not be dull for you because people always gravitate to the place where results are evident.

3. Restaurant Business 
Food is one of the fundamental things needed for man’s survival. However, a lot of people don’t have time to cook because of their busy schedules but they must eat. This is why having a restaurant business is something you should consider.

Apart from the market demand for it, the startup capital is not really much. With less than $10,000 you can start a restaurant business and then grow it big.

4. Cleaning Services
In this world where there are so much to achieve and there is a little time to achieve them, many people only focus on the essentials and outsource the other things they don’t have time to handle.

You can hardly find any human being who doesn’t like cleanliness; it is just that some people don’t have time to clean their homes, offices and even clothes. And you can offer solution to this problem by starting a cleaning business.

If you have less than $10,000, you can use it to get all the necessary equipment that you will need in starting out.

5. Production of Baked Goods
This is a business under $10,000 that you can start if you have passion for baking. People love baked foods like cakes, cookies, bread, biscuits, and snacks so getting a market for this business cannot be a challenge. Just make sure you are creative about it.

Figure out how to create yummy recipes that are unique to your products. If they are irresistible enough, people will always prefer yours to the other ones in the market.

Others business ideas you can start for under $10,000 includes, real estate business, web design and web development, photography and video production, catering services, event planning, importation business, rental service, interior decoration,  and many more.

The thing is, you don’t have to wait till you have a lot of money, start with the little you have. Out of the business listed above, choose the one you are passionate about, master it and get started with it.

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