Business on Val Day: Profitable Valentine Small Businesses To Prepare For (Before and On Feb 14th)

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and do you know one essential thing about love? Love is all about sharing. Since love is about sharing then Valentine’s Day is a time of sharing, most especially gifts.

So, you see, this is a good time to make good money as there will be a lot of demands from people who wants to share special gifts with their loved ones. Business is all about demand and supply, if you can know the market demand, and you are able to meet that demand then, you are sure to make money.

If you are contemplating of doing a business on Valentine’s Day, you got to know what will be of high demand so that you can supply it and make money. And the good news is, you don’t need to go through the stress of figuring out what kind of business to do, we’ve done that for you. Below are some small business ideas you can do on Valentine’s Day.

1. Sales of Gift Items
Valentine’s Day is a time of sharing and one common thing that people share with their loved ones on valentine day is gift items. So, if you love to sell or you are good at persuading people to buy, then you can consider this business idea which is sales of gifts items on Valentine’s Day.

• Clothes and Accessories
Everybody loves to dress nice and look good. That is why people will always appreciate it when they are presented with nice clothes and accessories. So, if you want to make good money on Valentine’s Day, you should consider selling gorgeous clothes and accessories.

For ladies you can sell beautiful dresses like gowns, tops, trousers, and even lingerie. You can also sell accessories like, bags, shoes, and jewelries.

For gents, nice clothes like, shirts, trousers, polo, and boxer are sure to sell. You can also add accessories like, wristwatches, sun shades, shoes, pam slippers, and hand bands.

• Customized Cards
One of the things that is sure to sell on Valentine’s Day are Valentine’s cards. Ready-made cards are very common and you can use this to your advantage by selling customize valentine’s card. People will prefer to buy cards that are customized specially for just their loved ones as this will be more appreciated than the common ones that are available everywhere.

So, if you are good at graphic design or you are skilled at making customized cards, then try this and make some cool cash.

• Flowers
Flowers are ideal gifts on Valentine’s Day because it one of the ways people express their love. And rose flowers are always in high demand especially the red ones as it symbolizes love and romance. So, selling of flowers is a good business to consider doing on valentine day.

• Baked Goods
Baked food like cakes, cookie, and pastries are usually in high demand on Valentine’s Day. So, if you are very good at baking delicious cakes, you should think of exploiting this gold mine.

• Others
Others gifts items that will sell well on Valentine’s Day includes, teddy bear, candy, perfumes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, scented candles, make up kits and many more.

You can also make valentine’s hampers and stuff them with the gift items listed above.

2. Offer Services
If you are not good at selling or you don’t have the money to buy goods to sell on Valentine’s Day, there are businesses you can still do to make money. You can make money by offering services and these are some of the services you can render and make cool cash.

Delivery Service
Gifts items are always in high demand during Valentine’s Day because of this, business owners are always in need of people to deliver goods ordered by their customers. So, you can write a proposal to gifts stores, supermarkets, cake bakeries, eateries, and flower stores and offer to work for them by helping them to deliver ordered goods to their customers.

• Singing
Yes, you can make money through singing. If you have a melodious voice and a phone with a very good recorder, you can contact people and offer to record a love song specially customized for their loved ones.

Believe me, you can make money from this; people love unique concept. So, if you are creative about it and make it irresistible, then I assure you that you will make money from it.

• Gift Wrapping
This is another service you can render for money. If you are not so skilled at wrapping gifts, just go online learn about how to wrap gifts in a unique way. You can learn this by watching YouTube videos. Then get some of your stuff, wrap them beautifully and take their pictures.

Then, go to gifts stores or a supermarket, look out for people buying gifts and approach them that you wrap gifts for a token amount and show them sample pictures on your phones. If the sample pictures are captivating enough, people will gladly jump at your offer.

As you see, Valentine’s Day is a good day to make a lot of money, and now you are armed with various business ideas that you can do on Valentine’s Day. Just choose the ones that you think is suitable for you and start working on it right away.

Start your marketing campaign both offline and online through social media or blog. Make sure to get customers and pre-orders before the day. If you are intending to sell goods, look for where you can get your goods at cheaper rates.