Best 10 Home Based Business Ideas And Investment Opportunities For Mums

There are many business ideas for stay at home moms. Apart from the capital needed to start these small scale businesses, most of the work ideas for stay at home moms require skills and some form of training. For example you don’t expect a mum that cannot tack buttons to start a sewing/fashion design business. The fact is even mothers who are knowledgeable in that field need additional training and creativity in order to distinguish their enterprise considering the level of competition out there.

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For a stay-at-home mom start a business, she must be ready to multitask and absorb lot of pressure. She must change her outlook, remain positive and not import that negative spirit of frustration or hardship that might have inspire her to start the business.

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

Due to the number of emails I receive from mothers who are interested in businesses they can start from home, I will be sharing with you on this post some good home based businesses for stay at home moms that you can invest in. I tag them ‘at home business opportunities for stay at home moms.’

Determination coupled with careful business planning and execution would turn that financial stress into history soon.

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Here is my list of stay at home business ideas that bring money for mums and parents:

 List Of 10 Small Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

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1. ==> Travel Agency And Student Loan Services
This involves setting up an agency that assist travelers in visa application and processing, hotel bookings, airport pick ups etc. Another idea is to assist students looking for loans and grants and getting paid for the service in return.

2. ==> Recycling Business
Start this business by opening a store where you can buy and sell used and old cars, clothes, furniture and other household items and equipment. Paper, scrap iron and plastic items are some of the items that can gathered for recycling.

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3. ==> Write And Publish
Make money by exchanging your writing skills for cash through freelance writing, publishing novels, children stories books, poems etc.

4. ==> Sell Flowers
If you have a garden, start cultivating flowers that are in great demand in your locality. Become a successful florist is more of passion than the necessity to make money.  Expect to make more sales during celebrations, festivals and holiday seasons.

5. ==> Make Hats, Baskets And Chairs
With a short training you can start your own business at own using raffia, cane and other materials to make different forms of handiwork and crafts. You can sell your works to people around you or put them for sale online at Etsy.

6. ==> Child And Aged Home Care
Providing on-call services to assist old people is one way to make money even at home. Many parents have very busy schedule and won’t mind paying you to watch over their kids when they are not available.

7. ==> House Cleaning Business
If you are energetic and can move around fairly easily, you can help with cleaning out stores, pantry, garages and get paid handsomely doing this business. Not everyone can go through the stress of cleaning out during moving in and out of a new house or property expansion. Ensure you follow safety precautions while carry out your tasks.

8. ==> Graphic Design And Online Businesses
There are lots of e-book and video tutorials available on the internet about how to make money online. Download and empower yourself at no cost. Asides being a graphic designer, some ways of making money online include becoming a social media consultant, blog design and customization guru, SEO professional, web designer and developer, affiliate marketer and so on.

9. ==> Produce Beauty Products For Sale
You can go into the production of soap, cream, hand wash, body lotions, perfumes which you make and package for sale on a small scale and increase as the demand rise.

10. ==> Catering, Bridal And Event Planning

Are you good at cooking, baking, planning events, interior decorations etc? Launch a business outfit which focuses on providing these services to people during naming, marriage, birthday, burial and house warming ceremonies. Trust me, by the time you showcase what you can do, you would be surprised at the degree of referrals that your business stands to benefit from your previous jobs.

The best business for stay at home moms is an idea she is passionate about and which would also thrive well considering her finance, expertise and locality.