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Are you a kid looking for business ideas that you can venture into to make extra cash for yourself aside the few cash your parent is gives to you? Maybe you are a caring parent who is looking for business ideas to share with your kids because you want them to have entrepreneurial spirit?

Nevertheless, if you have noticed and discovered that your kids have what it takes to run a small, large, skillful, ideal and exceptional business, all you need to do is to promote their zeal and passion to run any of the business.

Basically, a great and outstanding society is the one that possess young minds that can erase the poverty from the family as well as the society.


There are hundreds of growing businesses outside the base. But the big and challenging question is; which one can best serve a kid?

Are you the concern parent that want a good turn around for your kid with an enterprise spirit? Have you asked them if they’d love to start a business as their ability could permit?

Profitable Small Business Opportunities for Kids and Teenagers

Have you keep nosing around for ideas? I urge you to sit comfortably and calm as you enjoy the multi-helpful content for your kids’ startup. Beneath are cool business ideas you can forward to them if they would start it tomorrow.

Graphic Design Business
One business idea any kid can learn easily these days is graphic designing. I’ve met kids from the crannies of the world and the number one trending business some of them keep saying is design business. You don’t need to panic as the aspiring kid of how you will do it or where to start from. All you need to do is to have the constant ability and prerequisite passion that would open the pace for you.

This business entails the ability to create meaningful and transformational portraits with the instrumentality of computer or manual designs on walls, clothes, paper, cards and many unmentioned others.

Services Delivery
This is another business idea for kids since they are still strong to run around. This is a business idea which many aren’t conscious of.

Some of the tasks includes; cleaning homes, offices, tools, garage and other co-related cleaning works, home baby sittings, errand jobs and many more. The motivation that kept you whole is just the same that will make you different. Let your kids attempt this business, it is a cool source of income.

Art and Crafts
Many young dude are born with in depth talent of creativity. They could be good at drawings, bead making and wire works, paper designs, caps and bags weaving, sowing cloths and the likes are example of business they can do.

This business has been one of the most lucrative business right from existence. Kids can make lots of money from this business idea selling their art work for $10 or more.

Baking Business
Baking business is an enterprise endowed with creativity and productivity with the use of flour. Things that keep marveling me is the fact that most baked goods are produce from the hub of flours. Kids could specialize in any aspect of this business.

Breads, snacks and many more could be their liberally own business. The best time to start is now!

Car Wash
Erase the concept of capitalizing car wash business to be for adults only. Your kids could be smart and distinct in car cleaning. This could be their best trials, let them do it, you shall marvel at the outcome.

Web Development
This is an online business idea that always distinct a good website from an unqualified and unorganized one. As a parent, if you discover your kids have the passion and proficiency in online design and development. All you need to do is to let them have more knowledge by going to a professional to learn more about it.

Web design and development has features of creating and hosting a reliable website and blog for any company or individual on monetary value. Your kids could make thousands of dollars from this lucrative online business idea.


Are you surprise that blogging is on the list? You think blogging is only for adult? Haven’t you heard about kids that are making millions from their passion blogs?

This is an online business like no other. If you are the parent that had visualized your kids to have passion for writing in a clear and concise manner, just fathom their niches- what they can write best like creative writing, articles, essays and lots more.

Enroll them for blogging tutorials and seminars and you will surely be amazed of the result.

Don’t let your kids play away their time, let them be occupied with creative and income base ideas. Don’t forget- the devil makes use of the idle hand. Be real in choosing the best business for your kids.

Do you know the best small business ideas for kids to start? 

What are the steps to starting a business for kids to make money at home and in school? Kids are very sensitive to their environment, such that whatever they are exposed to in their early age, they tend to grow with, if you expose your children to business in their tender age and teach them about business, they tend to become entrepreneurs in their teenage age.

This in turn makes you as a parent free from little expenses in school such as money for pens. If you want your children to learn how kids can start a business, here is a list of the top kid related business ideas you can expose them to:

10+ List of the Best Small Business Ideas for Kids to Start

Selling Books, Pencils and Pen.
This is a business kids can start in school and can be very lucrative and comfortable for you kid of he/she is a brilliant fellow, he or she would excel well in selling books, pens and pencils in his or her school, even while the school is on session, he or she would make money from it. And the fact is if he or she makes money from it, he/she would get more interested in it.

Rendering Services
Tendering of services whether indoor or outdoor can be a great idea for your kid. Services such as buying things for your neighbor from the market, delivering mails, rendering petty services such as, cleaning homes, watering plant, home sitting, cleaning the garage, taking in the mail, shoveling weeds, raking snow, and cleaning pools.

Fine art and Creativity:
If your kid is talented in making crafts with his hand, encourage him or her, make him or her produce more of his/her products and then help him/her sell them, he/she would be happy he/she is getting paid doing what they like doing.

Also, if your kid enjoys taking pictures, he or she can start by taking pictures of different scenes in nature and then produce post cards from those photographs. Kids can create art works like greeting cards that they can sell and make some money.

Online Retailing
Your kid may open an online store and retail other peoples product, that is with your assistance of course and make a fortune from it, if he or she is hard working in reposting links from his/her store to social networks such as Facebook.

The best part is that he/she doesn’t need to have a product of his own, he/she just need to become affiliate to other companies and promote their product in his online store.

Yes! Your kid can make money from blogging on any niche of his interest, i.e. he/she may decide to blog on different textbooks which he/she uses in his school and if he generates much traffic, he would enroll to become an affiliate with any text book selling company and promote their textbook on his/her blog or With Google AdSense as an advertising medium, your kid can also make money from online business with blogging.

But it is worthy to state that this is not a get rich quick scheme, blogging requires time and energy to grow.

You kid may decide to grow a farmland and cultivate any crop of his choice, it might be a farmland or a minigarden, he can harvest his produce and sell them, he can make money from that too. This is a viable kid related home based business any day anytime.

Web Development:
Here is one profitable great online business ideas for kids. If your child is has passion for internet, he or she may decide to go to web development, he can develop himself and build website for people in your locality and make good money from this unique kids related business opportunities.

Note: Web development requires skills and time to learn but pays more than any of the means mentioned above.

Pet Sitting
If your child loves pets, why not introduce him/her to pet sitting for others and getting paid doing one of the most creative ideas for a business for kids .

Computer Repair
If your child loves computers, why not make him do the things he love doing with his computers, they are adults that can’t boot their computers, talk more of updating their antivirus, your child might do that and get paid doing this cool business from school, literary playing around with computers.

Party assistance
This is one of the best easy kids party business ideas. Your kid might help in organizing a birthday party, says a birthday party and get paid, they are some kids that are so wonderful in organizing things, and he or she might also help out after the party is finished. This is one fun business ideas for kids under 12 that they don’t want to miss.

Car Wash
If your kid loves washing your car, let him start this summer business idea targeting children. Let him wash for others for money, maybe during holidays, you create a little space in your backyard ensure there is easy entrance and exit for the cars.

Baking is another small business ideas for kids to start. If your kid loves baking, help him/her advertise to neighbours and friends of what he can do, he can make birthday cakes and earn money.

It is important to understand that many of the good business ideas for kids suggested for children to start in this post need investment such as lot of time and resources, please try to ensure any of such business opportunity doesn’t interfere with the education of your child.

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