4 Reasons Businesses Have to Be Careful on Twitter

Why Small Businesses Have to Be Careful on Social Media: Ways Twitter Mistakes Can Destroy Your Business

Twitter is a social media platform that you can leverage on to grow your business and build your brand. This is because twitter has about 500 million users, so you can use it to reach a large number of audiences and introduce your business to them free of charge.

It is also a very great medium to make personal connections with customers; for example, a lot of people may not open and read the emails you send to them, but they can easily see and respond to your tweets especially when you mention them in your tweets.

Through twitter you can get to know many things that can help you improve on your business like: what people are saying about your business, what the customers are in need of and you can also learn about your competitors.

So, it is very expedient that your business should be on twitter. However, as good as twitter is for your business, it can also have negative effects if care is not taken. So, business needs to be careful on twitter.

Be careful About who You Reach out To

In a bid to have huge followership on your twitter account, don’t follow people blindly. There is no point having a huge follower who has nothing to do with your business. After all, the reason you brought your business over to twitter in the first place is because you want to get more customers that will lead to more sales and profits.

You will not reach this goal if you are building your followership list blindly by following and allowing any tom, dick and harry to follow you. Make sure the people you are following and the people that are following you are related to your business one way or the other.

Make sure your followers comprise a great deal of your target audience.

Be Careful How You Relate with your Followers

Remember that your followers are either your customers or your prospective customers and their comments about your business can make or mar your business reputation. Though it is not possible to satisfy everybody especially on a social media platform like twitter, but try as much as you can to build a good relationship with your twitter followers.

Make sure that you reply when they mention you in their tweets. If you are too busy to do this, you can like the tweet by clicking the favorite button. You should also mention your followers in your tweets either to acknowledge them or appreciate them. When a follower sends you a direct message (DM), try to reply as soon as you can.

Also, be careful not to tweet anything offensive that might turn your followers off. And if anyone tweet anything negative about you or your business, don’t try to be defensive by replying back. It can lead to an ugly trend that you didn’t bargain for. So, just ignore it.

Be Careful About the Contents You Share

If you are using your twitter account for business purposes, then you should be careful about what you share and tweet about on twitter. Share tweets that are not related to your business or that will not in any way be of benefit to your followers. Make sure you share valuable contents that focus on how your customers can benefits from your products or services. This will draw prospects to you and also leads to building loyal tribe for your business.

Also, be careful about the grammatical composition of your twitter contents and your use of words. Using abbreviations or shortening words for brevity sake can make it look unprofessional and this can affect the credibility of your business.

Be careful About the Use of Hashtags

Using hashtags in your twitter post is good because it allows people to easily find and follow topics they are interested in. Also, it can help your tweets to go viral; people that are not even your followers can access your tweets when they click on a hashtag you used in the tweets.

So, using hashtags in your tweets can be very helpful. However, make sure you are careful with the use of hashtags.

Don’t flood your tweet with too many hashtags. Ideally, between two and three hashtags are enough for a tweet. Anything more than this will not be help for you tweets. Consider this example; I love #eating #healthy #food because it is #good for my #body. Too many hashtags like this can distract the readers from getting the point you are trying to pass across.

Also, be careful before using any hashtag in your tweet. Make sure you research any hashtag that you want to use before using it. This is because the hashtag might have been previously used in a way that is unethical for your business or it might be inappropriate for your business or brand.

Twitter like every other thing that has its good sides and its bad sides. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use twitter for your business because of its bad sides. Your business will lose out a great deal if you do so.

Rather than doing this, you should be careful how you relate your business on twitter and learn how to avoid the pitfalls that the bad side brings and also leverage on the good things your business can benefits from twitter

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