Starting a Brake Repair Shop – Sample Business Plan Template PDF

Interested in small brake repair business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a brake repair workshop with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Brake Repair Service Business

The automobile repair industry has been in existence from the time the first automobile was rolled out from the manufacturing plan. From that time to this present day, the growth experienced in this industry has been astronomical.

A lot of vehicle models have since emerged each with different designs, but working on the same principle. Since then, a lot of improvements and innovations have been made resulting in hybrid automobiles.

The auto repair industry has witnessed a huge transformation, resulting in the emergence of different specializations within it. It is no longer as it used to be before, where a single automobile technician/mechanic handled every aspect of automobile repair. Today, there are many areas of specialisation in the auto repair industry.

Some of these specialisations include car engine repair, vulcanizing, brake repair, wheel alignment, and auto electrical repair among others.

This article focuses on how to start a brake repair shop business. Being an area of specialization in the automobile repair industry, it is necessary that the right knowledge on starting this business is made available to interested individuals who possess the right skills on brake repair. This is a guide to help entrepreneurs successfully start their own brake repair shops. These are the necessary steps to take;

Obtain Certification

Obtaining an ASE professional certification is necessary if you want to be taken serious by new clients. An ASE certification stands for the certification given by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This professional body is tasked with the responsibility of certifying professionals and all forms of auto repair shops in both the United States and some parts of Canada.

This certification speaks volumes about your ability, and gives an added confidence to your clients. Another importance of obtaining this certification is the opportunity for applying for financing. Without an ASE certification, it will be difficult to obtain financing for your brake repair shop business.

Have a Good Knowledge of the Cost Implications

It is very important that the startup costs are taken into account by the entrepreneur. Without a good knowledge of the startup costs and proper financial planning, the entrepreneur is bound to have financial difficulties which are inimical to the growth of the brake repair shop.

Factors to take into account under the cost implications should include the purchase of the right equipment and the money to be expended on rent. These among several others should be well planned to avoid future problems.

Seek Legal Guidance

The importance of legal guidance cannot be overemphasized. To avoid any costly mistakes that may occur in future, the services of a lawyer should be strongly considered. Legal advice guides the entrepreneur by ensuring that the business is patterned around existing legal framework, without violating any. The whole process of registering the business, organizing the business, and employment plus the payroll system needs to be vetted by a lawyer.

The Business Plan

The success of a brake repair shop business largely depends on a business plan. The business plan should not be hurriedly written, but must be involve the input of experts such as the services of professionals like accountants, a lawyer among others. These check the reliability of the brake repair business plan, and easily identify where there are red flags.

Producing a well written business plan greatly impacts on the success of the business. The business plan is the working document of the business, and includes all the things to be done and the timeframe they should be carried out. The good news about this is that there are professionals whose business is to write good business plans for businesses.

Using their services helps the entrepreneur avoid mistakes. However, after writing the business plan, it should be taken to a lawyer for review.

Know Your Competition

To effectively deliver services to clients, it will do well to have a good knowledge of your competition. Within the business area, how many people are offering your type of services? Are their services affordable? What areas of gap have you noticed in their services that you can easily fill? The success of your brake repair shop depends on answering these questions satisfactorily.

Location is Golden

Starting a successful brake repair shop business strongly depends on the location. The location of the business will likely determine the profitability and turnover. A brake repair shop sited in a sparsely populated neighbourhood is likely to witness low patronage as compared to the brake repair shop sited in busy neighbourhoods or in a Central Business District (CBD).

When starting your brake repair shop, strongly consider locating such in busy centers where there is high vehicular and human traffic. In such areas, you are more likely to have a higher level of patronage than areas where there is low vehicular and human traffic.

Develop an Effective Advert and Publicity Strategy

To grow your client base significantly, effective advert and publicity strategies need to be put in place. The presence of the business should be increased. This can be achieved through the use of publicity tools such as the internet, social media, electronic and print media, and the adoption of word of mouth marketing.

These if effectively put into action will be increase the patronage of your brake repair shop significantly.

Focusing on how to start a brake repair shop business, the above guidelines are an effective way of establishing your business in the path of growth and sustainability.

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