Techniques for Brainstorming New Businesses

In every new business, it is paramount for the entrepreneur or business owner to have great brainstorming techniques for his or her business. Brainstorming can be a waste of time when it is not done properly.

There are several brainstorming techniques, some extensive and great while some are not. Trust me, using the extensive ones is the best for your business. There are several techniques that can be used to get new business ideas that work out well and there are techniques that also make business solid and strong. There are many ways one can inspire new business ideas.

In this post, I will be discussing about these great brainstorming techniques that are used for new business ideas and they are as follows:

Start by Defining the Goal and Objective of the Business

When using brainstorming techniques for new business ideas the first thing to do is to start defining the goal and objective of the business. You should first decide on the goal of your business idea and then search for time limited ideas and suggestions.

Business Ideas Should not be Condensed Until they are Solid

Do not refine a business idea until you are of the solidity of the business. After this, the business idea should be analyzed in terms of your target market and competitors.

Building your Business Idea Upon Other Companies’ Ideas

This is a brainstorming technique for new business ideas for people that can’t think of a business idea that has not been worked on. It is always better to build on other people’s ideas or product than using the person’s exact idea because such idea might even have copyright or patent on it. It is more advisable to use that person’s idea to brainstorm a new business idea for yourself.

Always Put into Writing Whatever Business Idea Comes to your Mind

There are times when people refuse to take certain business ideas serious probably because it seems unachievable, large, crazy or unreachable which might not be the case after some research or planning. It is possible that the unreachable idea might even help in getting the reachable ones or inspire smaller ideas for business concept.

This is one of the best brainstorming techniques used by successful entrepreneur for developing new business ideas.

Always take note of Questions it is Important to take Customers’ Questions into Consideration

It helps a lot. You can do this by identifying a challenge or frequent question asked by users or clients within your area of expertise.

Writing A Good Business Plan

Another brainstorming technique for new business idea is writing a good business plan. This is very important. A business idea will not work out without a good business plan.

Redefine the Business Opportunity

Once you have decided on the business idea, you have to redefine it. You can do this by coming up with an opportunity statement asking how the business will be done. You can do this by combining new words to come up with new business opportunities.

Employ Semantic Intuition

Semantic intuition is a technique used in developing new products that makes participants create new ideas by combining many categories of keywords to make a name for a new business idea.

Using Visual Prompts

This helps in bringing up to the surface emotions, intuitions and feelings which is quite good for personnel and management creative challenges.

Coming up with Worst Ideas

This is another brainstorming technique that you can use to come up with new business ideas. You can either do this on your own or with your team, you create bad business ideas and then turn them into good, legal and decent business ideas.

After this, you then review these business ideas and select the most interesting and creative. You can also have a discussion session with others, probably your team to decide on how to combine, improve and implement the business idea(s) you came up with.

You should note that you can combine more than one technique to help get the excellent business idea you want. There are tools one can also use in brainstorming new business ideas and they are:

  • Mind Mapping

This is a visual tool used for enhancing the brainstorming process. That is, it is used in drawing a relationship between the several business ideas you came up with.

  • Gap Filling:

This has to do with writing a statement on where you are and where you would like to be and how you can fill the gap between those two. You can generate a questionnaire for this and develop a vision for action from the responses your participants give.

This helps in knowing the organizations; strength, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. This is basically used to determine if a business idea is worth working on or not.


Individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit must use extensive brainstorming techniques to come up with a new and creative business idea. However, coming up with a creative business idea takes time to develop, plan out and test to ensure it will reach optimal success.

You can use various techniques to brainstorm a new business idea, or you can combine various techniques to ensure your idea is solid and strong.

Others’ Ideas 

One brainstorming technique for new business ideas is building upon other companies’ ideas or products. Do not use someone’s exact idea, as it may have a copyright or patent on it. However, you can use it to brainstorm a new business idea.

For example, use an existing product or service idea as a springboard and make adjustments or additions to make your own version of a new business idea. A website design company may only offer web design, but you can offer social media features, chat functions and frequent updates to maintain credible and useful websites for customers.

No Limitations 

Another brainstorming technique is writing down all ideas that come to mind despite being large, crazy or unreachable. All ideas are encouraged during the brainstorming session, and one large unreachable idea may inspire smaller and more niche ideas for a business concept.

Do not evaluate these ideas, as some of these may not be used in the development process. Instead, use them to get your thoughts running, focusing on the quantity of ideas rather than the quality of them.

Asking Questions 

Identify a challenge or a frequent question asked by users within your given industry of expertise. For instance, writers may seek programs that allow them to speak out loud while the computer types out what is being said.

This feature may not be well-developed, so one idea is to identify what these writers need and create a business idea based on needs. Create several need-products and select the idea that offers the greatest selling potential.

Brainstorming Process 

When brainstorming for a new business idea, start by defining your objective. Decide the goal of the business idea, followed by searching for time-limited suggestions and ideas. Do not condense or refine the idea until you feel you have a solid business idea.

In addition, analyze and assess the business idea in terms of a target market and business competitors. Create a business plan once the idea is well-defined and strongly developed.


There are so many brainstorming techniques for new business ideas that you can take leverage of and launch a successful business for yourself. You just read a list of them and it is now left for you to decide upon which one to use for developing a new business idea for yourself and build the next big invention of our time. Good luck!