How to Start A Successful Blog For Free

Starting A Successful Blog For Free – Practical Guide

Starting a blog is a really big decision. And irrespective of your reasons for wanting to start a blog is, it is obvious that one of the aim is to start a blog in Nigeria that would make you money in the nearest future.

Actually, when the gold in blogging first began showing in reality, the early starters benefited immensely. Yes, few years ago, blogging was a little bit easier than it is right now. Then, you can blog about anything, gain audience over the period of time and still make money online from your effort. You don’t have to spend countless number of hours searching the web for the right topic to blog about.

However, recently, blogging became competitive. You know, the number of articles and posts published on the blogs run into thousands everyday. Which shows that, before you begin blogging now, you need to ensure you put certain measures into place.

There are different articles out there about starting a blog. Nevertheless, many of those ‘experts’ neglect the aspect of telling new bloggers how to choose the right niche and avoid fierce competition in the blogging world.

You see, blogging goes way beyond just setting up a blog; buying a domain and web hosting account and writing blog posts on ideas that come to your mind on a daily basis. Or let me say ‘If you intend making money from blog’. Yes, If you intend to make money from blogging, then you would need to dedicate some amount of time in deciding what to blog about. And that is called a niche.

In starting a blog, the first step should be: ‘what would I blog about?’ It might be just about your hobby, what you know a lot about, what you love reading about, or anything. You just make a list of something and choose the one you’re confident you won’t get bored writing about in the next few month/years, as the case maybe.

After that, you should want to narrow down your chosen topic. Why? So that you won’t be competing against authority websites that has been around for years!

If you choose the health niche (let’s use that as an example). You can’t just set up a blog and start posting about health. Why? Your blog would surely get lost and would never see the light of the day as far as Google is concerned. In this case, you are narrowing it down a little bit. Narrowing it to something like this:


If you have a blog that focus mainly on first trimester issues, you sure stand a chance of getting traction from Google and making serious money because your blog is tailored towards a particular audience compared to just blogging about “Health” in general. Therefore, you need to brainstorm over your topic and narrow it down the the best of your ability.


When choosing your topic, you need to make sure it satisfies important criteria such as:

1. It’s actually getting searched for on Google (And other search engines)

2. It’s not very competitive

3. It’s profitable.

You can do all of these using free Google Tools such as Google trend; Google keyword planner and Google Search. These three tools can be used in checking if people are actually searching for the topic online. Google trend would particularly show you how to popular the topic is; in a particular region over a particular period of time.

Google search tool will show you the number of pages that are already available on the said topic, while Google keyword planner would give more detailed information about the volume of search and how much advertisers are spending on that particular keyword.

Now, to check for the competition of your keyword, it’s advisable to use free tools such as MozBar by MoZ. It’s a free add-on for browser that automatically shows you the page authority, domain authority and backlinks profile of a particular page.

It’s advisable that, when you are conducting analysis for a particular niche, you stay away from a niche whose first ten (10) results on Google has PA (page authority) and DA (Domain Autority) above 40. Because it would be extremely difficult to outrank those sites.

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