Young Entrepreneur Ideas and Opportunities To Start A Business


What are the best young entrepreneur business ideas to start? There are lots of young entrepreneurs who make money by starting or running creative personal businesses, especially when those that involve taking financial risks. This is referred to as a one-man’s business.

In the world/country where there is economic breakdown or instability, it is crucial one develop idea(s) of one innovative business venture or the other. If not for doing sake, for income generation and financially independent.

Gone are those days where becoming an entrepreneur were only met for grown up men. Now, with the aid of the internet, a young lady can move from $0-$1000 in just a week from a garage or room.


With the new trends hovering the atmosphere and creeping into the society presently, there are innumerable ways to become a teen entrepreneur at a young age and to utilize on them in order to make aspired income/profits.


Many simple lucrative ideas for kid entrepreneur are hunted for in several ways. As a young entrepreneur or one who is aspiring to be, there are vital reasons and essentials why you ‘ll be out there in a bid for ideas and innovations. The constant evolution of technology has simplified things followed by social media, crowdfunding and alternative lending options. Many federal governments provide young women entrepreneur loans, fund and grants annually.

To inspire your entrepreneurial spirit, here are some smart business ideas for young entrepreneurs that will help you:

Know what your geographical environment are in need of: Observing the needs your environment are into helps you know the type of business to venture in. For example: Do you stay where market is very far from? Is it where trading is encouraged or where manpower is ultimately recognized?

Wherever you live, there is a  greater probability to be senior citizens (high class individuals) who need help, probably with errands. The errands could be grocery shopping or picking up, dry cleaning, typing, going to post office, car watching and house keeping.

Being observant is important in the life of a young entrepreneur. It entails looking deeper into the neighborhood/society to get your hands busied into doing something that will fetch you cash. This is one practical step to be a top young entrepreneur .

Implement it: After the knowledge of their needs, you can go about solving them for money. How?

➡ Print flyers and go door-to-door in your. neighborhood and hunt for those interested
➡ Do mouth-to-mouth advertisement.
➡ Get it (them) publicized by creating banners and the likes. 


Recycling Pickup:

Recycling business is one of the best business ideas for a young person. Have you ever walked past a work company, industry, factory and garage that was clustered with stuff the owner(s)/worker(s) could not fit make their self comfortable? Those are your potential client and/employers.

Working as a recycling pickup agent is a chore no one enjoys (unless they are getting paid like you will!). So being out for peoples’ hiring won’t be that hard, most especially when you are polite and eager-to and your charges are reasonable. The requirements for this work could be: a good push broom, cleaning detergents and lots of elbow grease…

This new small entrepreneur idea for young adults may be intimidating at first, but as time goes on, you ‘ll get your pitch down, and it will be well worth the effort.

Small engine repair service and repair of electronic devices/gadgets

Are you talented, gifted and handy in/with all things all mechanical? Do you have skills, competence and a garage you can work in? There are always markets for a small engine repair services. Again, are you endowed with the knowledge of repairing electronic appliances and machines, such as: mobile phones, laptops, projectors, radio sets and the likes?

Can you take apart everything and still couple it back? If yes, your customers need things fixed!
They are sure to tell others and you ‘ll see yourself a busy professional tinkerer .


This is a good young student business opportunity that involves making beads, baskets, e.t.c What are things your hand can manufacture? Do you have developed skills in cosmetics such as; perfumes, creams, lip gloss; detergents like soaps, car wash, liquid soaps; and antiseptics and jewelry?

All you need to do is to learn most of what you need to know from books on the subject.


Art of cooking competently (for income).

Are you endowed with great culinary skills? Or have skills in local/modern cuisine? There are lots of food business opportunities for you to become a successful young entrepreneur. You can be hired as an hostel, canteen, ship, flight, restaurant, bar and hotel cook. Those into festivals/ceremony may also require you work for them.


Young entrepreneur business ideas, plans and grants

  • Candle making
  • Web designing (one of the unique young internet business entrepreneur ideas for school project)
  • Networking (ideal for the young social entrepreneur)
  • Painting
  • Yard service: (trimming hedges, planting flowers and killing weeds)
  • Road side business
  • Event planning
  • Software training
  • Blogging (set up an entrepreneur blog and share people’s success stories)
  • Freelancing

All these young entrepreneur business ideas require that you do detail research on them before venturing into any of them.

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