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What are the best small business phone systems, software and services?Small businesses are confronted with the task/responsibility of reaching out to customers and carrying out advert and marketing activities via cost-effective and efficient methods.

Communications is therefore a vital piece of the puzzle in building and maintaining contacts and links that would otherwise have been lost. In the 21st century business place, the difference between unsuccessful small businesses and those that will remain relevant in market dynamics; make a profit and ensure business survival and growth will be how proactive and reactive the small business will be, in relating and responding to customer inquiries and queries.

The following digital 2 and 4 line phone systems provide a plethora of services that can serves the communication needs of a variety of small businesses, especially viewed in terms of costs, service offerings and bouquets, and affordability.

Each of these cheap virtual and IP phone service providers are competitive based on factors such as cost, level of service, reliability, customer service, call features, computer integration, mobile access as well as ease of use. They are as follows:



8×8 has in place, a system that serves the communication needs of a wide variety of small businesses. The service is a cloud-based Voice over internet protocol(VoIP) set-up, that is devoid of expensive PBX equipment and there’s no need for trained IT personnel for the best multi line phone system’s deployment. Rather, its simplicity like a plug and play system software makes it attractive for small businesses.

The main requirement for small businesses to activate 8×8’s online telephone system is the availability of high-speed internet and IP communication gadgets. It comes complete with features and tools that aid the day-to-day processes of the average small business. It is backed up by excellent customer support services.

Ooma Office

Ooma office is specially designed to cater to the communication needs of the small business. With a capacity to serve small businesses staffed by fewer than 20 persons, Ooma office prides itself as being able to be set up in short span of time and it requires no special connections or telephones.

Small businesses can take advantage of Ooma office features such as auto-receptionists, caller groups as well as voicemail-to-email, to project a professional outlook. A major selling point with Ooma office is its affordability, that is an industry leader.


RingCentral caters to small businesses whose employees carry out their duties on the move. The services links office telephone lines to the mobile phones of on the field staff. Hence, the small business can maintain correspondence with staff as well as hold meetings and teleconference. Attractive features of Ring Central’s system include the availability of a mobile app and the deployment of a soft phone on the smart device of the employee.


Small businesses that place a premium on reliability, will look no further than the the services rendered by Nextiva. The Nextiva system software comes tops for achieving service uptime of almost 99% and offers small businesses services such as VoIP, voicemail-to-email, caller-groups, auto-receptionists amongst others. Nextiva also offers flexible subscription plans that give small businesses greater leverage, in meeting their communication needs.


Named after one of the services it offers, 1-VoIP is a business phone company that offers plans, designed to fit in with the staff strength of the small business. The VoIP phone system equips small businesses to manage custom announcements and pick options that let customers know when business has wound down for the day.

Attractive features of the VoIP telephone service include digital call-forwarding, cell phone redirecting, monitoring of extensions, call parking, call waiting, auto-receptionists, voice mail, call recording, on-hold music among others.1-VoIP also makes available SIP trunking services.

All Call Technologies

All Call Technologies functions as a top virtual telephone system, as there are no phone system installation for small business or other hardware. Small businesses will find All Call Technology useful, especially as it seamlessly complements the services of the small business. The system’s auto receptionist answers calls for the small business, already loaded with the service offerings of the small business. In addition, Auto attendant picks up calls from the company lines, when busy.


An industry leader, AT&T’s business in a box is an automated phone system that provides small businesses with VoIP, advanced voice and data processing, without businesses having to bother about its management. In addition, AT&T offers Unified Communications Voice, a cloud based service the makes available easy-to-use features such as voicemail to email, caller hold, auto-response amongst others.


Axvoice is one of a number of cloud based telephone systems that give small businesses a wide variety of service modules. Modules include caller ID, caller ID blocking, music on hold, call filtering and anonymous call rejection. Axvoice also provides the flexibility of employees being able to manage and sort their voicemails through the web.

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