Restaurant Franchise Opportunities – Successful Low Cost Franchises for Sale

Best Restaurant Franchise Opportunities for Sale

Franchising is the right to use a business’s brand and model for a particular period of time agreed on by the two parties involved. Restaurant Franchise Opportunities includes several restaurant that provides business support to those in need of it. Restaurants are under the category of mid-sized franchises.

There are various franchised restaurants that you can get the opportunity to make an agreement with. Some of the opportunities for restaurant franchise are:

(1) Taco John’s Fresh Mexican QSR Restaurant Franchise: This is one of the biggest Mexican quick service restaurant in the United States since 1969 and was founded by Harold Homes and James Woodson. It is on the lookout for business owners, estate developers and  worthy individuals that is qualify to be Taco John’s franchisee and one of the qualities is $350, 000 liquid assets and $500, 000 net worth for a single unit while its $500, 000 liquid assets and $1, 000 000 net worth for a multiple unit.

(2) Cheeburger Cheeburger: This is one of the most creative restaurant in this world and gives a franchise fee of $22, 500-$27, 500. It is a full service restaurant and offers more than 8 million burger combinations and the cheeburger is always fresh. It offers franchisee training and renders marketing assistance.

(3) Denny’s Franchise Opportunity: It was founded by Harold Butler in 1953 in Southern California and started the franchise operation in 1963. The restaurant offers incentive for building and opening restaurants in the U.S and recently developed a program that benefits both existing and new franchisee. It also provides assistance for developing franchise that can and eventually opens five or more Denny’s within the United States.

(4) Huddle House Franchise Opportunity: This restaurant franchise has been in existence for over forty-seven years and has restaurant in about twenty-five states and seeks for franchisees for both single and multiple units development of their restaurant in several regions of the country. It offers a franchise fee of $25, 000 and focuses mainly on Mid-Atlantic, Mid West, South East and Central US.

(5) Philly Pretzel Factory Franchise Opportunity: It was opened in 1998 by Dan Dizio and started franchising in 2004. It offers product such as pretzel dogs, pretzel melts, pretzel cheese steaks and cinnamon pretzel twists. It provides franchise support for efficient operation and to also build stores all over the country.


Philly Pretzel also render support to their franchisees in order to start on the right path by rendering assistance during construction, real estate assistance, comprehensive training, access to marketing manual and so on.

(6) Perkin’s Restaurant and Bakery: It has more than four hundred and forty(440) units across Canada and US andnPerkin’s became a top restaurant franchise in 1958. It has a big and trusted name in the restaurant industry, appealing concept and professional support team to the benefit of franchisees. Perkin’s provide help on how to start your restaurant business, how to run it, location of the restaurant and your daily operation. It is committed to the growth of its franchisees.

(7) UFood Grill Franchise Opportunity: It stands out in the aspect of fast and casual food- turkey, burger, fish, chicken, vegetables, smoothies. and so on. It offers nontraditional and traditional designs across the US. It also offers support to their franchisees all through the stages of franchising.

(8) Marco’s Pizza Franchise Opportunity: This is one of the top five pizza franchises since it is only the pizza restaurant chain that was started by an Italian and also offers home delivery. It was founded by Italian transplant Pasquale “pat” Giammarco in Toledo, Ohio in 1978. The current CEO is Jack Butorac  who took over in 2004 with the aim to become the largest and best pizza franchise in the world.

It had more than 600 stores in early 2016 and has won three awards for its outstanding work. It was given award for one of the 500 franchises growing very fast in 2015 marking the fifth time, 2014 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards Winner and number eight in Franchise Times’ fast and serious list.

Other restaurants that offers franchise opportunity are:  RedBrick Pizza Franchise Opportunity, Saladworks, Tap House Grill, Captain D’s, Mc Alister’s Del,  My Pie Pizza, JImmy’s Egg, Growler USA, Wienerschnitzel, Moe’s Southwest Grill, The Pizza Press, Wayback Burgers, Togo’s Eateries, Chronic Tacos, El Pollo Loco, Earl of Sandwich, Blue Coast Burrito, Russo’s New York Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen, Little Caesars, Jimmy John’s Sandwiches, Shoney’s, Dunkin Donuts, Burger 21, Planet Sub, Fudruckers, Bar-B-Cutie, and so on.

All the restaurants mentioned above all have great opportunities to offer to franchisees in terms of salary, incentive, perks, support, and positive direction. Pollo Tropical, Whataburger franchise, Auntie Anne’s , Nathan’s Famous and Panda Express also offer profitable franchise opportunities.


Top Restaurant Franchise Opportunities: Low Cost Italian, Indian, Asian, Mexican, BBQ, SeaFood and Fresh Food Healthy Franchise Restaurants

Buying the right Franchise, as a business model, has achieved tremendous spread and success over the last few decades. This is because it has been tried, tested and modified to suit prevailing circumstances across different parts of the world.

Basically, the franchising model has achieved such success as a result of being tested across many platforms and because it commands a streamlined operational approach.

In fact a business survey conducted in the United States of America, for every 10 businesses, there is a franchising model in operation. Food Franchising businesses like Waffle House exist in a varied number of industries which includes the retail sector, the fast food industry and the services related markets.

The following best restaurant franchising opportunities present the best advantages and options when compared to other business structures. They are as follows:

1. Saladworks

Saladworks, with headquarters in the United States of America is the first and largest freshly mixed  salad franchise model, with presence in  100 locations across the USA. Saladworks offers consumers freshness in delicacies of America’s most popular Salads with vintage dressings, traditional soups along with sandwiches. The franchise’ salads are made per order, prepared on-location, and put together in the view of the customers.

The potential franchisee with Saladworks, will be teaming up with knowledgeable professionals who have a widespread experience in all facets of the restaurant industry, with an unrivalled business support system.

The candidate will be exposed to all parts of the Saladworks franchise model, while she/he will be expected  to bring to the plate  determination, organizational and people skills, a driven work ethic, loads of positivity and a willingness to replicate Saladworks high operating standards.

Requirement for Saladworks Franchising

For the applicant, there is a commitment to establish as time progresses, at least 3 restaurants requiring disposable funds totaling $400,000 and a net personal worth of $1.5 million. A detailed financial plan will be requested and it must show the proposed plans and action to be taken in establishing the number of restaurants, agreed to in the contract. This financial plan must be exhaustive and must reflect the evidence of the availability of capital required to set up the franchise business.

The franchise fee is set at $30,000 per restaurant (3 unit minimum) with a 10-year initial term. There is an ongoing royalty remittance of 5 percent, and a marketing investment due to the general advert pool, of 3 percent.

2. Russo Coal fired Italian Kitchen

In downtown New York, Russo’s kitchen t Russo’s strives to create an atmosphere of love and conviviality between family members and friends at meal times. Russo’s is renowned for vintage and original Italian food, guaranteeing a glorious experience that makes customers return for a little more

The ingredients that make for a delectable eating experience at Russo’s Italian kitchen includes warmth, conversation, a sense of togetherness and a traditional Italian meal made with  freshly picked, natural ingredients.

Each meal bears the unassailable mark of time tested cooking in the Italian tradition of warmth and welcome – from the preparation of individual recipe, to the effervescent welcome shown to customers to the understanding shown among staff and management.

Applicants for a Russo’s franchise location will be exposed to appreciate and master the skills required to prepare delicious and vintage Italian meal–every time.

Russo’s Franchise Requirement

  • Cash Investment required : 150,000 to 200,000 USD
  • Personal Net Worth: 550,000 – 1,000,000 USD
  • Franchise Payment: 35,500 – 49,500 USD
  • Total Investment  required: 450,000 – 1,400,000 USD

Russo’s Coal fired Kitchen franchisees can enjoy and partake of  market figures that include 1,160,583.16 USD in average annual gross sales backed up by   18.1%  average pre-tax cash flows.

3. Jimmy’s Egg Franchise.

An Egg-cellent Window of Opportunity

The Jimmy’s Egg Franchise Systems, LLC (Jimmy’s Egg) is part of the fast growing Breakfast and Lunch food service sector. With over three decades of impeccable management and operational structures, formidable brand identity and a loyal customer base, Jimmy’s Egg is a benchmark in the franchising business model.  On offer are sturdy economic indices and lower investment costs when compared to other franchises in the sector. Jimmy’s Egg is noted for the following advantages:

• Quality of Life – Restaurant operating hours are from 6am to 2pm, every day. This affords the franchise owner simplicity in business schedule as well as a better quality of life for management and employees.

• A tested and tried Model The Jimmy’s Egg concept has operated since 1980. As a Jimmy’s Egg franchisee, access is granted to years of practical experience, laid on the foundation of enduring business methods.

• Low Entry Costs – High Potential – Unlike other franchise operations, Jim’S Eggs take into cognizance the financial wherewithal of the intending applicant, offering lower entry costs, with a higher potential for earnings and return on investment.

Excellent and Ongoing Support

Franchisees are assured that from the time they selected from the interview to site selection and commencement of operations, Jimmy’s Egg will enable access to structures and systems, in order for the franchise owner to hit the ground running.

Site Evaluation and Selection

Jimmy’s Egg management and franchise team will assist the franchisee with the site review, analysis and suggestions in order to maximize the gains that come with appropriately situating the franchise restaurant.


An in depth training program prepares the franchisee and his/her management team in the knitty-gritty of running a Jimmy’s Egg restaurant franchise.


Jimmy’s Eggs will make available to the franchisee support materials and resources including a grand opening tool ensemble, in-house  marketing and point-of-sale resources. The business owner can also leverage on our broader marketing structures to boost sales and generate revenue from his food franchise business.

Others include: Trader Joe, Whataburger, Carl’s Jr. and Panda Express and Auntie Anne’s franchise.


Restaurant Franchise Opportunities Near Me – Cheap Prices, Top, Mexican, BBQ – List

Are you looking for restaurant franchise opportunities? If you are really interested in starting up a restaurant franchise, then you need not worry any longer because this article has clearly highlighted some wonderful restaurant franchise opportunities which you can invest in, as an entrepreneur, and achieve your business goals.

Here are five restaurant franchise opportunities with their respective startup requirements, opportunity benefits, and how to join.

  1. Simple Simon’s Pizza

Simple Simon’s was founded over thirty years ago, and it has since been serving one of the best pizzas, and sandwiches at affordable prices in a soothing atmosphere. Over the years, Simple Simon’s has consistently been ranked among the top 50 in Pizza Today’s list of Hot 100 franchises.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Simple Simon’s Pizza Franchise

For you to be able to start Simple Simon’s restaurant franchise, you will be required a minimum startup investment of $50,000.

Simple Simon’s Pizza Franchise Opportunities and Training

Once you qualify to become one of Simple Simon’s franchisees, the following are the key things you stand to benefit:

  • You will benefit from the assistance from their management team with regards to site selection, planning and construction of your establishment before and after your store has been opened. The site selection will be carried out in such a way as to maximize your business operations in terms of cost and market.
  • A comprehensive training will be administered to you and your employees to help prepare you for all of the business’ operations regarding preparation of products, running, maintenance and inventory control, sales and marketing strategies, etc.
  • They will provide you with assistance in terms of making purchases, and in terms of sales and marketing.
  • Financial assistance is available to your business through third party.

Ideal Candidate for Simple Simon’s Pizza Franchise

The ideal candidate that can apply for and be accepted by Simple Simon’s restaurant franchise is someone who has the ability and is committed to:

  • Manage other people.
  • Stir up a team.
  • Fully market the brand’s products to prospective customers.
  • Join and work with Simple Simon’s restaurant franchise.

How to Open Simple Simon’s Pizza Franchise?

If you are very interested in starting up a Simple Simon’s restaurant franchise, and you believe you have fulfilled the necessary requirements, simply proceed to visiting their website on or contact them on 1(800)261-6375 for more information.

  1. Cloverleaf Pizza

Cloverleaf Pizza was founded by Gus Guerra more than some 70 years ago. The restaurant franchise has been in business successfully for decades, serving great and nutritious products to their customers over the years.

Cloverleaf Pizza Franchise Startup Investment

If you are interested in starting up a Cloverleaf Pizza restaurant franchise, the financial requirement is simple. You will be required a minimum startup investment capital of $100,000.

Cloverleaf Pizza Franchise Opportunities and Training

If you applied for Cloverleaf Pizza restaurant franchise, and you qualified to become one of Cloverleaf Pizza’s franchisees, the following are a number of key things you will benefit:

  • You will get to take part in serving customers superiorly proven products that are well loved.
  • You will get to be associated with a recession-proof restaurant brand that is financially stable.
  • Their loyal customer base is all yours to inherit.
  • You will get to pay really low franchising costs compared to other restaurant franchise brands.
  • You do not have to worry about suppliers. They have a host of established suppliers.
  • You will benefit from the practical hands-on training that you will undergo at startup.
  • You will greatly benefit from the ongoing mentorship programme.

Ideal Candidate for Cloverleaf Pizza Franchise

The ideal candidate who can apply for and be accepted by Cloverleaf Pizza restaurant franchise is any entrepreneur who is so willing to work with them and establish a winning business. You only require the initial startup investment capital to start. No prior training is required of you before you can join them.

How to Open Cloverleaf Pizza Franchise?

Once you have indicated your interest to join Cloverleaf Pizza restaurant franchise, do not hesitate, proceed to their website on, to contact them for more sign-up information.

  1. Classic Rock Coffee

In 2016, Classic Rock Coffee received the 417 Magazine’s 2016 Coffee House of the Year award. Classic Rock Coffee is a restaurant franchise that started doing business since 2011. It has its headquarters located in Springfield, Missouri, United States.

Classic Rock Coffee Franchise Startup Investment

Before you can qualify as a Classic Rock Coffee franchisee, you will first be required an initial financial investment with a minimum liquid capital of $50,000. In addition, you will be required a franchise fee that amounts to $39,000; and a net worth that amounts to a minimum of $400,000. For veterans, a reduced royalty will be provided for them in their first six months of opening.

Classic Rock Coffee Franchise Opportunities and Training

Once you have successfully qualified to become one of Classic Rock Coffee franchisees, you will:

  • Enjoy taking part and be included among a global expansion from America, Europe to Africa.
  • Enjoy a relatively cheap ongoing franchising cost.
  • Benefit from a unique business support system that is ready to assist you in getting to your business goal.
  • Benefit from their training package as a new startup.

Ideal Candidate for Classic Rock Coffee Franchise

The ideal candidate that Classic Rock Coffee is looking for is someone who:

  • Is not ready to relax, but rather, ready to demonstrate his work ethic.
  • Is ready to conform and follow an established business model.

How to Open Classic Rock Coffee Franchise?

If you are serious about joining Classic Rock Coffee restaurant franchise, all you need do is to log onto their website on or call +816-256-3429 to continue the sign-up procedure.

  1. Camille’s

Camille’s is a restaurant franchise that was founded in 1996. Camille has been offering its customers fresh and nutritious food for more than two decades.

Camille’s Franchise Startup Investment

A $40,000 minimum liquid investment capital sum is what you require financially to get started with Camille’s restaurant franchise.

Camille’s Franchise Opportunities and Training

The following are the key things you stand to benefit once you qualify as one of Camille’s franchisees:

  • Initial and ongoing support in site selection, planning and architectural design, and lease negotiations.
  • You will enjoy taking part in serving customers nutritious meal that have been prepared with tested formulas.
  • A startup training to assist you in establishing your restaurant business.
  • Financial assistance is available through a third party.

Ideal Candidate for Camille’s Franchise

The ideal candidate that can apply for Camille’s restaurant franchise is anyone who fulfils the financial requirement that had been stated above. You do not need any experience in the restaurant industry; all trainings will be made available to you once you qualify.

How to Open Camille’s Franchise?

If you are so keen on starting up a Camille’s restaurant franchise, then simply proceed to their website on and completely fill and submit the online application form.

  1. Tracks & Records

Tracks & Records is a brand that is owned and founded by the Jamaican legendary sprinter, Usain Bolt. This brand represents Usain Bolt. It is a restaurant franchise that truly exemplifies the business of Jamaican culture.

Tracks and Records Franchise Startup Investment

Before you can startup Tracks & Records restaurant franchise, you will be required a minimum liquid investment sum of $300,000.

Tracks and Records Franchise Opportunities and Training

Once you have made up your mind to join Tracks &Records restaurant franchise, and you successfully qualified to become one of their franchisees, then the following are some of the key things you stand to benefit:

  • You will get to be a part of a unique restaurant brand that is nothing like any other.
  • You will benefit from an all-round business support to help establish your ethnic themed restaurant business.
  • You will get to be associated with one of the world’s fastest growing restaurant franchises that bear a cultural identity.

Ideal Candidate for Tracks and Records Franchise

The ideal candidate that can apply for Tracks & Records restaurant franchise is anyone, from whichever part of the world, who is ready to work with them, and has fulfilled the necessary financial requirement stated above.

How to Open Tracks and Records Franchise?

Once you have shown your interest in joining the Tracks & Records restaurant franchise, simply go ahead and log onto their website on and fill in your details on the online application form, and submit.


Cheap Restaurant Franchising Opportunities – Best Value Franchises

Are you thinking of starting a cheap restaurant franchise and you are looking to cheap restaurant franchise opportunities to consider?

If you have got love for starting a restaurant but you don’t have the budget, then you can consider becoming a franchisee to any cheap but successful franchise company. Here are top cheap franchise opportunities for your consideration:

Affordable Restaurant Franchise For Sale

  1. Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels

Founded in 1988, this company has been into the franchising business for28 years now. The name of its CEO is Heather Neary, and its corporate address is at 48-50 W. Chestnut St., #200 Lancaster, PA 17603. The company started with Anne Beiler who spent a major portion of her life as a baker.

But while doing her usual baking at a farmer’s market, she was shocked to find out that pretzels sold more than every other item in the menu, and she did what most rational entrepreneurs would do. She focused on hand-rolled pretzels and got herself a stand, and that came to be Auntie Anne’s stand.

How Much Does Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels Franchise Cost

You would need about $199, 475-%380, 100 worth of investment capital to start off this franchise. You also need a liquid cash of $80, 000.

Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels Franchise Fee

Franchisee would be required to pay a fee of $30, 000 to register interest. Provisions are made for third parties who largely subsidize these costs. Veterans also get the advantage of $10, 000 off.

Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels Franchise Trainings and Supports

Franchisees are entitled to 4 days onsite training, and about a week training at the headquarters. You also get aids in form of newsletters, advertisements, meetings, toll-free lines, internet, security, and others.

How to Open Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels Franchise?

Visit the site and fill out the application form that would grant you access to the franchise information.

  1. Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar

Boston’s restaurant and Sports bar was founded in 1963, but only started franchising 5 years later in 1968. So they are certain to have all the experience.  The corporate address is at #450 Dallas, TX 75234, and the current CEO is Mark Pacinda.

How Much Does a Boston’s Restaurant and Sport Bar Franchise Cost

An investment cash of about $1.125 million to $2.9 million is required, and a liquid cash requirement of $500, 000 should also be available.

Boston’s Restaurant and Sport Bar Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee that is required is $50, 000. The ongoing royalties and ad royalties are respectively $5 and $3. There are provisions made for franchisees as regards third party aids that cover a large portion of the cost.

Boston’s Restaurant and Sport Bar Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

As a franchisee, you get 30 days onsite training as well as 30 days training at the headquarters. You are also supported in terms of constant newsletters, meetings, toll-free calls, internet, security, national and regional advertisements, and others.

How to Own a Boston’s Restaurant and Sport Bar Franchise?

Get an internet enabled device and log on to the website You would be ushered into a beautiful web interface that ends in an application form that you simply have to fill out. Afterwards you wait for their response.

Boston’s Restaurant and Sport Bar Franchise Terms

The initial contract term is 10 years with (2) 5-year renewable choice.

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts

Born from the idea of Bill Rosenberg who found Luncheon services in 1946, this company was founded in 1950 as the product of renaming the doughnut shop previously called The Open kettle. Currently the company is in over 30 countries and its CEO is Nigel Travis. It started franchising in 1955.

Dunkin’ Donuts serve coffee along with their doughnuts, sandwiches, along with other baked items graze the menu.

Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Startup Cost

Financial requirements: To operate this franchise, you would need an investment capital of between $228, 621 to $1.7 million, but you should have a net-worth of $250, 000. Liquid cash required is $125, 000.

Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Fee

$40, 000 – $90, 000 is the cost of the initial franchise fee, although veterans get as much as 20% off. The ongoing and ad royalties are put at 5.9% and 2-6% respectively.

Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

Franchisees get a 30 days training at the headquarters. They also get to receive newsletters, attend meetings, access to a toll-free line, internet, security, regional and national media access, etc.

How to Own a Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise?

In order to become a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee, you would have to follow a series of steps that start by visiting the website There you are met with a platform to apply after answering a number of questions you would find on the site.

  1. Dairy Queen

This company developed from a simple entrepreneurial experiment J. F. McCullough and his son conducted in 1940. They tried out soft fresh served ice creams on their customers, and their result so overwhelmed them that Dairy Queen emerged as a consequence.

Although the group now own plenty franchises since they started franchising in 1944, they also deal on hot foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken strips.

This Grill and Chill Company is based in Minneapolis, and its current CEO is John Gainor. The company offer drinks and smoothies in addition to their menu.

Dairy Queen Franchise Startup Cost

The investment capital required is between $361, 450 and $1, 835, 825. Prospective franchisee should also have a net-worth of $750, 000. The liquid cash requirement is $400, 000.

Dairy Queen Franchise Fee

Initial franchise fee is $25, 000 to $35, 000. The perpetual royalties that franchisees are expected to pay are the ongoing royalty at 4% and ad royalty at 5-6%. DQ franchise is designed to cater for franchisee in terms of third–party financing which covers many expenses.

Dairy Queen Franchise Training and Support

The franchisee gets 33 days onsite training, and additional training at DQ stores that he can access. Support also comes in forms of newsletter, internet, security, toll-free line, and regional and national media.

How to Open Dairy Queen Franchise?

You would have to access the site Afterwards, make your request known by filling out a franchise request form. Then wait for their response on any further steps.

  1. HuHot Mongolian Grills

Initially established in 1999 in Montana, this Grill giant were only to commence franchising activities 3 years later in 2002. With a menu that feature delicacies and appetizers, soups and salads, as well as sauces and desserts.

The current CEO is Andy Vap. Customers who come to HuHot never leave feeling treated below their expectations as the wonder chefs are always available to do the vegetables, seafood, or whatever in front of the customer who selected them.

How Much Does HuHot Mongolian Grills Franchise Cost

An initial investment of around $782, 000 to $982, 000 is required from franchise beginners. Liquid cash requirement is placed at between $300, 000 and $500, 000.

HuHot Mongolian Grills Franchise Fee

$40, 000 is the accepted franchise fee. Franchisees also maintain the payment of ongoing royalties as well as ad royalties which are respectively 5% and 0.5%. Again, this franchise can be subsidized by third parties as this provision is made available by the company.

HuHot Mongolian Grills Franchise Training and Support

Onsite training lasts for 14 to 17 days; while training at the headquarters last for 10 to 15 days. You also get support in form of newsletters, meetings, security, internet, regional and national media, etc.

How to Open HuHot Mongolian Grills Franchise?

Once you log on to you would instantly be greeted with a direct application form that have to fill out. In the form, you would have to answer a number of questions like if you would own the franchise alone, if you have ever owned a franchise, if you have ever been to HuHot, your current occupation, etc.

Once you complete a successful application, you would move on to be interviewed by the Chief Brand Officer. Then you get to review the FDD, and then proceed to sign the Franchise agreement after attending the discovery day in Denver where you get to meet the HuHot team.

HuHot Mongolian Grills Franchise Agreement

You can easily access the full terms of the franchise at

Of all these low cost restaurant franchises, you can choose a franchise that you feel is suitable for you in terms of the menu they offer, nature of the company, and very importantly for this article, the cost of operation of the franchise.

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