Paying Part-Time Online Jobs for College Students

9 Best Online Part-Time Jobs for Students To Earn Money Online

There are several ways students can make money by working online. This might be of great help to college students who need to make their own cool cash and also those who are sponsoring themselves.

You can make your money online without even leaving your comfort zone once you have all what it takes to do the online job. To make it easier, you can search various social media to see available online jobs you can do, and you can search Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

As a student, you can do one or two online jobs to be financially free and to do it, you need to be dedicated, focused, skilled and interested and it will definitely not affect your educational activities.

Some of the most profitable online part-time jobs you can do as a student are:


1. Online Selling Of Photographs

If you have artistic talent or training, then as a side business, you can sell pictures online by capturing images and selling them on online sites that deals with photography like, and so on and you will be making your money as users download your pictures.

2. Online Freelance Writing

This is one best online part-time business ideas suitable for university students. I know of so many students who are using this job to support themselves through school. If you write well or have basic knowledge of writing especially articles then you can publish your write ups online and make money. To do this, you have to sign up at freelance blogs.

As a freelance writer, you can write articles for blog, write product review for companies and business owners, you can also do some copy writings gig too.

3. Tutoring Online

If you are brilliant or very good with a particular course then you can sign up with students that need an online tutor for the course, you charge each student based on the hour you used in tutoring him or her. For this type of work you need to have Skype chat.

4. Selling Tickets Online For Games and Events

As a student, you can do this part-time job at your free time during school hour since most teens are always glue to their phones and laptop. Usually, people miss several events and games because they were unable to get the ticket, therefore you can make it your job to sell tickets online so that people can easily get it and also for people who are not in the same geographical location with the tickets seller.

For this job, you need to register with social media such as Marketplace, Facebook, Twitter,
etc. to sell your tickets.

5. Blogging

Blogging is all about creating your own blog where you will be covering topics that you are good at and interested in. In blogging, you have the freedom to do what you want, no one will force
you to write on a topic you don’t like or have full knowledge of.


As a blogger, you need to study other people’s blog to learn new things and get information that might help your blog and you must be patient because money doesn’t start flowing once you create a blog.

6. Online Data Entry for University Students and business owner

This job is for everyone who has basic knowledge of computer and internet, all you need to do is help students enter their data online and you get paid. Some of the sites where you can work are: Capital typing, HEA-Employment, Virtual Bee and so on.

You can also enter data for businesses using applications like spreadsheet and word processors. You can be asked to input employee personal data, transaction histories, payroll information and so on.

7. YouTube

You can be uploading videos on YouTube on solving problems in a particular craft work you are good at and you can start asking for partnership from people who comment on the video about
adverts incorporation.

As your views and subscribers begin to grow, you can sign up for Google Adsense so advert can be placed on all your videos whenever someone want to watch them and you get some earning though in cent. But as more people get to view your YouTube videos, the more your earning increases.

Your main job is to always try to drive traffic to your YouTube videos so your earning can go up. As a student you can easily entice your class friends to come and check out your videos and share with their friends too.

8. Online T-shirts Design

This online job is majorly for student who have skills in graphic design, you can make several designs online which people can select from when they want to design their t-shirts.

9. Online Translation

If you are a student that understands two or more languages then this online part-time job is meant for you. You can help individuals and businesses translate from one language to another especially businesses that have foreign clients.

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