Best Online Marketing Tools to Streamline Your Effort

Marketing Tools to Streamline Your Online Marketing Efforts and Optimization

Online marketing tools to streamline your effort are inevitable software that you have to master more than enough- if not all – as an online entrepreneur; from the page per click (PPC) and the search engine optimization (SEO) down to social content and the magnificent email marketing.

Some of these marketing tools are rear and very specific, so does others too, offer wide, diverse functionality. In fact, some are free and others are not.

Here are the online marketing tools to streamline your efforts in your business;


  1. Keyword Planner

The Google’s Keyword Planner isn’t something new but it’s an essential tool that needs to be recognized.

Although you have to have an AdWords account before you can use it, the Google’s Keyword Planner is not meant for PPC only; it is also helpful in identifying a wider range of keywords, associated data to be used in your content marketing, AdWords campaigns as well as SEO.

  1. AdWords Editor

If you have the intention to or already working on large, massive or multiple campaigns on the Google AdWords severally, you’ll be in need of AdWords Editor.

This tool has it interface redesigned recently, so this makes the AdWords Editor works even more easier and simpler and the new tools has in it almost everything the PPC marketer would need for editing something bulkier.

  1. AdWords Scripts

Recently; PPC marketers have had an insight on AdWords Script and many of them have discovered it power and flexibility, hence, it is of great use to them in automating the tasks that would have eat up even their spare time.

  1. Bing Ads Editor

This is another PPC tool that has increasingly become a popular platform, this Bing Ads Editor is all-in-one companion for your managerial Bing Ads campaigns. If you are yet to checked them out, you never can tell if now is the right time to give them all a try!

  1. Google Trends

The Google trend or search trend data could be amazingly valuable to most PPC marketers; if you wouldn’t mind, you can just adjust your campaigns to correlate or match the seasonal demand.

Informatively, Google Trends; if not the best then one of the best free will sources of this piece information you can find out there. Be wise!

  1. Keyword Competitor

This online marketing tool enable you to check out for what keywords are your competitors using, plus, how pretty well are they performing. Interesting!


  1. Google Suggest

This marketing tool, Google Suggest is invaluable if you are in need of keywords and contents idea. But contains therein are powerful modifiers and some other tricks, check it out to savor it tastes!

  1. Keyword Map

Keyword Map is a Wordtracker handy tool for the search engine optimizations who are looking to build keywords architecture maps for their website.


  1. HootSuite

Just few of the social media management tools are widely known and used as the Hootsuite. This incredible platform offers social media management all the functionality they could ever be in need of, which to my best knowledge, the main reason why it’s that widely known.

  1. SocialFlow

SocialFlow marketing tool does the work of analyzing millions data points to know the exact moments to publish on the social media and to create an engagement of maximum visibility with your content.

  1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck should become your best and new friend if you are to focus on Twitter’s only. Don’t disturb yourself with interface – get in there without delay to get all the functionalities Twitter supposed to have built with the TweetDeck in the first place.

  1. Sprout Social

This makes it very easier to soar higher than the social media management. It offers the agency-specific online software/ tools and the functionality to handle the social customer service


  1. Blog Topic Generator

Are you out of ideas on what you should blog about? Why don’t you give this HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator a trial? It isn’t a fake nor weak marketing tools, it does exactly what you would have expect it to do pretty well. Mind trying it out?

  1. Prezi

Though I haven’t try this out but findings tell me that – most of the slideshow presentations do suck, but Prezi is there to helps you out in making a presentation that people would actually fall for and at the same time want to watch.


  1. Google Analytics

This is the eldest son of the analytics tools, surprisingly, it’s user friendly. Google Analytics tool offers almost everything you will be in need of to track how effective your campaigns is, and at the same time monitor the grand performance of your website/blog.

  1. ClickTale

ClickTale is another exceptional marketing tool that lets you review the video recordings of your website audience/visitor sessions, and showing their mouse movements on what they’ve click, and where you are losing them- most importantly.

  1. MixPanel

MixPanel is also a powerful analytics tool which boost a clean intuitive interface and makes the advance analytics simpler and easier. It also works with a very large dataset without a single line of SQL code written.

  1. Formisimo

This is a valuable tool for the digital marketers. It is useful in finding out what exactly the visitors are or not doing with your web forms.

  1. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is very remarkably and easy to use. Browse around the page to get started with a testing virtually without taken much time.

However, the online/digital marketers need to be jacks of all trades and master of all so as to earn something enormous and ensure steady cash flow.

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