Making Money Ideas for Beginners To Start

Best Making Money Ideas for Beginners

Yes, everyday, everyone is looking on how they can earn a little income by the side. If you’re one of the people who is planning on working part-time just to increase your monthly income, then this post is for you. Making money online these days is not as hard as people may look at it. It all require some strategic thinking on the part of the person.

It is now done on everyone that one can’t really survive or live a better lifestyle with one stream of income. It has popularly been said that the average millionaire has at least six streams of income. Imagine that lifestyle, you too will get there!

I will get there is not just about saying it. As a beginner, you need to start planning and taking action towards creating your own multiple streams of income. It all start with one stream, then you build it to a stage where it can stand on it own. After which you give it to someone who can manage it. Your next will be to build another stream of income and go on.

Here are some business ideas that you can tap into and create residual income monthly whether as a student or day job worker.

1. Write and Sell an Information Ebook
In case you have not heard of this saying, “information is money”. Google knew this very fast and took opportunity of it and today it is the richest search engine network. Everybody is searching for information starting from how to make money online, how to start Forex trade business, loss weight, get true love through dating site and so on.

As a student or a worker, you must have information on something very important that a market will be willing to pay to get. You may have an idea or know something that you will be willing to exchange for money.

Here are information people are always searching for in the internet.

  • • How to get their dream spouse
  • • How to lose weight within 30 days
  • • Smart tips on investing.
  • • How to play piano with ease.
  • • How to play drum.
  • • How to use Photoshop doing graphic design.
  • • How to make money with blogging.
  • • How to customize WordPress blogs and lots more.

These and many more are information people are searching on the internet and you can position yourself as the only option for the source of these information, then you can make lots of money. But there are lots of work writing and selling an information e-book online. You have to meet experts on this. is one source you need. You can grab how to start selling information e-book by reading some post concerning this subject matter.

But note, you must have something a market must be willing to buy. The good side about this business idea is that it does not involve any capital to start it. You just need a vital information, a laptop, a good typing skill and an adobe PDF converter and reader.

2. Sell Gigs on Fiverr
Have you heard of Fiverr? In case you have not, fiverr is one commercial market place on the internet where people sell services known as gigs to buyers at a minimum price of $5. Can you write, sing, draw, design, create music beat or tone, create a cartoon video or anything? Then better run to and sign up to sell yoir craft. You can sell them from a minimum of $5 to any amount.

As a beginner looking for how to make money, I would suggest with selling your skills on fiverr because it’s free to do that and you make good cash in return. Another way of making money selling your skill is by selling this same gig that you sell on Fiverr on another platform like Upwork, Gigbucks, or Odesk. This is because you can’t rely on one platform base on traffic and good pay.

3. Offer Laundry Services
As much as the economic crisis in our present stay, some people still hate washing and ironing their clothes. So you can make good money offering that services. I have gotten numerous request from young lad, so that means more people should be doing it elsewhere.

Ask for price your competitors are charging and they render their services and beat your price down or half depending on your income target. All you just need to do is to inform the rich people in your neighbourhood without a dry cleaning machine that you can offer to do their laundry if they want such service. Still no startup capital required!

4. Sell Unused Items
There are some books, movies, clothes that are not useful to you anymore, you can get rid of them by selling them through OLX, Amazon or EBay. Select the books you know you don’t read again and sell them for a any price. It’s better it is been sold than seat at home as a trash.Likewise movies, clothes, accessories, electronic gadgets you no longer use. Do I still need to tell you that you don’t need a capital on this one again?

5. Personal Tutor
Do you have a degree in education? Do you have the gift of teaching and would love to do so? Then become a private tutor. This is one business idea that is capable of making one financially free especially when you tutor up to three people per week. Just imagine teaching a wealthy parent’s child who is preparing for an entrance exam or a national examination.

So, cut out on those excuses of no money if not you would have started a business. All the business ideas listed above require little or no capital start up amount. So what is your excuse again? Pick one business idea of all that is listed and get to work on the idea right now! This is 2018, you have no excuse why you should not be making money.

Don’t be a liability to yourself, be an asset.

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