Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Do you know that with Email Marketing Affiliate Program you could generate enormous number of subscribers and leads for your business? Are you also aware of the fact that it is possible for those who have massive interest in your niche and subscribe to your email service to receive mails, simultaneously, on latest happenings in your business?

Maybe you don’t know, Email Marketing Affiliate Program is there for you to perform the task excellently. In fact, there exist more than enough of them that can be use in managing and automating your email list building.

Prior, it is very ideal to appreciate the concept of Email Marketing before moving farther. Email marketing therefore can be exemplifying to be a kind of straight-jacket digital marketing through an Electronic Mail known as E-Mail.

It is a reputable way to connect, promote and stay in touch with consumers directly on your business and services.

On the other hand, Affiliate program/Marketing is a lucrative way you can trust to generate and/or monetize your blog. Be informed that, there are other ways to earn money online like the use of AdSense and other related ad networks but yet, you can begin affiliate program to make some more cash into your pocket.

Does your email marketing have a definite niche? Well, this is because if you own a blog on the email marketing you may like to promote the email auto-responder tools on it so that you can make money online. That is to say, you will need the best email marketing affiliate program to run the task for you.

There are many Email Marketing tools or software that are capable of sending, tracking and sharing your mail newsletter online and offering auto-respond to your mails. Mind you, not all Email Auto-responder tools or Software are offering affiliate programs.

So therefore, you can go for any of these reliable and profitable Email Marketing Affiliate Programs to be vividly explain below and make huge bucks by promoting their brands and products on your blog.


Arguably, AWeber is the friendliest email marketing affiliate program which provides an easy-to-use interface to its distinguish users. This email marketing affiliate program allows it users to create and send emails to over 100,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Besides, they have a nice reputation in the market for great deliverability and they focus mainly on helping their customers to achieve huge success with email.

If you join this user friendly email marketing affiliate program you are prone to the following advantages:

  • It provides you visitors and sales statistics
  • You will enjoy 30% Recurring Commission.
  • You will receive email notice on every single sale you made.
  • You will enjoy free Affiliate Membership etc.

I will recommend you to join this email marketing affiliate program and make huge commission.


Fluttermail has over the years proved itself as the best, affordable and relaible email marketing solution for medium and small businesses. This email affiliate program allows its users to begin their email campaign with just a little token. Fluttermail is found helpful in growing your email list.

Besides, it is an email marketing affiliate program that has the highest commission in term of recurring affiliate program. It offers nothing less than 50% recurring commission for a single sale. That is amazing, right?

It other features include managing its affiliates program through ClickBank, free sign-up fee, Monthly Payout within 1-16 day of the month and many more. You mind joining Fluttermail affiliate program, why not now?


StreamSend is a fantastic solution for the email marketing with it affiliate program as it provides its users an easy-to-use interface. It gives varieties of well-designed mobile-optimized pattern and/or templates for sending out emails.

Also, StreamSend email marketing affiliate program offers other features among them are; drag and drop automatic publishing functionality, advanced segmentation, tracking, mobile optimized templates, and reporting. StreamSend provides a genuine time reporting to publishers and offer recurring commission of 20% per sale.


When talking about Email Marketing with Affiliate program, GetResponse is not a bad idea. It is a popular email marketing program that do play a vital role in growing its users email list.

In addition, it also increases conversions as well as optimize its user’s audience engagement. GetResponse has other interesting features such as the Advanced Analytics, Forms, Drag and Drop Email Editor, Autoresponder, 120 days of cookie length, A/B Testing, Real-time tracking with statistics of your sales performance etc.

However, it has 33% recurring commission for a sale and an additional Commission whenever its customers upgrade their plans with loftier payment.


Mailigen is also one of the leading email marketing affiliate platform for everyone. It allows it patronizers to track, analyze and improve their email marketing metrics. It has a big collection of email template that are pre-designs.

Mailigen email marketing automation software is also found helpful in creating an everlasting relationship with its users targeted customers.


SendinBlue is another email marketing platform with affiliate program. It delivers over 30 million emails a day, in fact, an all-in-one remedy or solution for every existing marketing campaigns.

SendinBlue has different kinds of tools which will help in growing your business, plus a free plan access of sending 9000 emails newsletter per month. Beside from this agape characteristics, SendinBlue also has a very high conversion rates. This isn’t bad, either.


Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs – Email Marketing Software+ Affiliate Program
Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to get information to your customers fast. If the leads used is well targeted, direct email marketing is less expensive and achieves more results than traditional promotion avenues. As more clients subscribe to join your mailing list, you are confident that such people are interested in what you do.

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Although there are lots of email marketing platforms out there including software to send out routine emails to your subscribers, very few of these email marketing programs have affiliate programs that allows you to start marking money.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the most lucrative e-mail affiliate programs if you are interested in making money online with affiliate marketing.

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Top Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

1. Aweber —–»  Aweber is undoubtedly the most widely used email marketing
softwares out there. With Aweber affiliate program, you get up to 30% recurring commission. This simply means you are paid 30% of whatever is paid by anyone who signs up on Aweber through your link. Aweber affiliate program is available to their registered users only so you should go register with the site to become an affiliate.

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2. GetResponse —–» 
Another popular autoresponder service is GetResponse.  GetResponse affiliate program gives a recurring commission of 33% closely related to what Aweber affiliates earn. As the company manages its own affiliate program, the first step to becoming a GetResponse Affiliate is to register with them.

3. MadMimi —–» If you refer anyone to Madmimi, you enjoy a 25% referral commission when such referral signs up for any email marketing plan. This affiliate programs is a means of promoting Madmimi and appreciating their paid subscribers. This means only premium users of Madmimi are eligible for this Madmimi affiliate programme. The truth is you are sure to make money as the commissions are recurrent so you get paid anytime any of your referrals renew their email marketing plans.

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Do you have a blog, a website or a forum dedicated to content creation or internet marketing? You should start looking at maximizing earnings from your internet business by signing up with any of these email affiliate programs. You should endeavour to go through the FAQs of Aweber, GetResponse and Madmimi so as to understand how to affiliate programs works and if the payment method is available in your country.

With an increase traffic generated to your affiliate links, you are sure to make money from commissions when more referrals buy email marketing plans through your link.

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The mouthwatering features and characteristics possessed by the above email marketing affiliate program are more than enough reason why you have to join any of the platform now.

Furthermore, if you have to give the best choice of service for your business, Email Marketing Affiliate Program should never be jest with. Check the aforesaid out, and pick the one that dim it fit for your needs.

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