Best Small Business Ideas to Start in the UK


Are you interested in the best small business ideas in the UK? What is the best business to start in UK?

Comprising of Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world in terms of their GDP; and ranks among the highest exporters and importers and a wide variety of products. These are good reasons to consider doing business in the UK.

Perhaps we share the identical opinions about starting a business in the UK, but you are in no way clear as to what business and franchise opportunities there are in the UK.

What business should I start in the UK? The following list contains a number of successful small business ideas in the UK that are sure to rake in good fortune for you provided you apply skills appropriately.


Recruitment Agent
This business involves getting into a kind of deal with businesses to introduce clients to them. In the process of bringing clients to the company, you get your own commission.

One thing is certain; no business would not want to expand their client base, making it correspondingly unlikely for you to fail. This is a good way to get good cash, given that there are a numerous fleet of companies in the UK.

Sell Products On the Web
If you have a thing for creativity, then here is your game. You can get to make things like graphics, sculpture, Websites, paintings, write-ups, etc., and trade them on the internet. Online e-commerce platforms like Amazon, EBay, and Fiverr are good avenues to sell stuffs online.

In platforms like eBay for instance, you can trade crafts like potteries and traditionally woven materials; on Fiverr, you can sell photographs, logos, and articles (write-ups) at good prices.

To top it off, you can also sell services online. Services such as legal advice, Online academic tutorials, and accountancy works on Fiverr! You can virtually be called a Virtual Office Assistant.

This is a great way of fetching for yourself good income. UK is one good location to do online business given the environment, as well as availability of high speed internet, which is a mandatory requirement.

Pet Care Business
Americans, and among all people, the UK are among the class persons who exhibit a rather bizarre love for pets. This however is good for anyone who wants to do the business of caring for these pets, particularly for individuals who love pets but scarcely find the time to take appropriate care of them.

These people are often willing to spend a good amount of money to ensure that their pets are well and hearty. Dogs are particular group of pets that have arrested the empathy of most many citizens of the UK; so you could restrict your pet business to dog’s care. In this line, you are sure of making a good deal of profit.

Car Spare Parts Sale
There is the popular statement that ‘there are nine million bicycles in Beijing’; similar, one would not be less than accurate to say there are over nine million cars in the UK.

It is in fact an interesting fact that there are about 32 million cars in the UK! Now this makes for a gigantic business for car dealers as well as repairers. These cars are machines, and so are bound to face technical challenges and worn out parts after some time.

Dealing on sales of spare parts is a good way to make a fortune, considering the likely number of cars that break down per day. You could shape your marketing scale in such a way that you maintain an online marketing presence.

Clothing Business
If you are good with graphics design and averse with fabrics, then you could consider starting up a clothing business, and customize fabrics. This business is guaranteed to make you good fortune considering the massive demand for cloth across the UK.

Fitness Instructor
If you are a fitness crazy kind of person, and spend much time at the gym, then you could consider becoming a fitness trainer. It is interesting to note that 64% of adult citizens in the UK are classified as obese according to BBC facts.

This implies that the UK is a fertile ground to establish this business. Given the prevalent health concerns in the UK, you can call this is grossly profiting venture.

Importer/Exporter business
If you are an expert in the area of importation and exportation, then you are already set; all you need do is get the appropriate licenses then proceed to strike deals with entrepreneurs to help them with importing and exporting their supplies and products respectively.

Now, recall that UK is ranked among the top ten in importing and exporting, this record would go a mile in making the entire process a lot easier and your earnings a lot heavier.

A Music Tutor
Many a number of Britons have a dream of becoming a music legend at some point in time. They look up the likes of Adele and John Brown. Teaching music would fetch a good reward as there are a number of persons that are willing to pay to get adequately trained and tutored in music.

This list is a non-exhaustive consideration of a number of credible business ideas in the UK. Success to you in your endeavors as you make your choice.


The United Kingdom is one of the most powerful countries in the world with good start up business ideas and investment opportunities. She has many positive entrepreneurship ideas that made her powerful- security, political stability, and of course a nice economy.

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Nevertheless, being realistic, even though she has one of the most stable economies in Europe (as well as the world at large), she also have her share of unpleasant economic fluctuations.

If you are interested in starting a business venture in the UK and want to know the most successful low cost small business opportunities with high profit returns in the country, you need to know that new trends are rising everyday and many things keeps changing in all industries every day.

Therefore, the bottom line is you being informed and ensures you are updated with any new direction. With that, you can sail through triumphantly as you pick any of these latest UK small businesses below.

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Now, let us see these unique small business opportunities in the UK.


        1. FREELANCING

Every innovative small business want to minimize their expenditure and get maximum profit. That is why many UK companies today are conscious of how much they are spending on those working for them- so they could have more profit. And it has been proven that outsourcing jobs on contract basis to freelancers will actually help London companies to save lots of money, than if they have a full staff being paid salaries monthly.

Freelancers are always needed. Also considering how harsh the economic is, many firms are finding it extremely difficult in keeping up with a large number of staff on a monthly payroll- thus they don’t have much alternatives other than they cutting cost by hiring cheap professionals on a contract basis. Outsourcing to a freelancer, the firms only pay per project- good for them, and good for you too. They save costs; you make money doing things your way.

If you are a professional (accountant, in copywriting, a lawyer, etc) working as a freelancer and offering freelance services to firms is an easy UK home based business idea for women and moms to make money working from or at home.


The United Kingdom is what can be tagged a ‘technological country’ (embrace science and technology), thus, won’t mind spending money on things that have to do with technology. And that is why so many of the population in the UK now own a Smartphone, including teenagers. That means, manufacturing and selling of Smartphone is not the only best online business for even student an teens to make money in the Smartphone industry, but there are other ways, such as repairing them.

Just like PCs, people will make their Smartphone go faulty (if they didn’t get it faulty, it will get faulty). And to save costs (and due to the special affection many develop for their Smartphone), they won’t just want to throw the phones away just like that, but will want to adopt the option of getting it repaired.

If you intend going small into this new internet related business idea, you can simply learn the skills yourself and begin doing it. If you want to go big and you’ve got the money, you can employ specialists and your successful side business is running. Just promote the cool start up business, and see many Smartphone lovers coming with a rush to patronize your services.


Things aren’t going as before, not only in the United Kingdom alone but also in all parts me the world. The new trends in the economies of the world are getting many college graduates to be torn between multiple career options. How about aspiring entrepreneurs? They are also torn between many great options to start your own business.

Therefore, if you are good in helping people analyze and choose what will be beneficial to them, you should consider being a career and creative business coach. You simply brand yourself attractively; organize and facilitate seminars and workshops (especially in colleagues) and present yourself as one who knows what he is doing.


Many citizens of other countries is comfortably making lots of pounds even when they are in their own countries. How? The power of internet reviews as on of the top internet businesses in the UK!

Many people in the UK always want to be sure what they are about to buy is nice, hence will search for a review on the internet. You can use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to see what people loves buying in the UK, create a review blog for the products, and apply as an affiliate for such products.


There are lots of cheap restaurants in the UK quite all right; nevertheless people get carried away with creativity. Build a creative mobile restaurant that astonish people, and see them patronizing you. Apart from the fact that they must eat, they will also come for the fun they derive from this retail profitable business ideas for beginners in the UK.

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