What are the best business ideas to start in Illinois? Starting a business in Illinois is not an herculean task. However, you need to write a business plan, get the capital ready, get training where necessary, then start the business. Listed below are 20 business with which you can generate income in Illinois;

The landscape and climatic condition of Illinois supports small scale businesses. However, it is important to do a feasibility study before starting a business in Illinois. Listed below are 20 biggest cities in Illinois according to population;

Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin, Waukegan, Cicero, Champaign, Bloomington, Decatur, Arlington Heights village, Evanston, Schaumburg village, Bolingbrook village, Palatine village, Skokie village, Des Plaines.

List of Unique Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Illinois

1. Organizer:
If you love keeping things in good order, then this business idea is for you. Offer to clean and organize items, files, cabinets, closets in commercial offices, homes, stores amongst others. As a professional organizer, you can earn good side income from this business in Illinois. You do not need special trainings to start this business. Also, no startup capital is required. You need to ne physically fit to venture into this business, as it can be energy-sapping.

2. Power Cleaning:
Entrepreneurs with power-washing equipment are usually consulted for cleaning of barnacle-ridden canoes and boat, muddy trucks or oily driveways. Thus, you need to invest in these equipment before you start the business in Illinois. Medium to large capital is required for this business.

3. Consulting Services:
This business idea has several fields through which one can practise. You can decide to work as a business, social work, medical or project consultant in Illinois. A lot of people earn good money from various consulting services. However, it is advisable to focus on areas where you have acquired skills and knowledge. You can start this business from the comfort of your home. This business can also be done by stay-at-home-moms.

4. Sales-Lead:
The main job function of a sales-lead personnel is to identify business prospects. You need to have good knowledge of consumer wants according to demographics. You also need to conduct market research in different parts of Illinois to identify potential customers. This business can be done online or as a field work, depending on the level of agreement with your client. You only need a startup capital for this business if your are acquiring an office space.

5. Meal Planning Service:
This business is suitable for people that loves working with food, by planning and drawing food time-tables for people. The meal planning service is booming and you can focus on dietary needs like; paleo or vegetarian menus. You can also render this meal planning service to Illinoisans that have restricted food choices due to health challenges. For instance, this service can be rendered to someone that is diabetic. Good knowledge of food components, benefits and risks is required for this business. You can conveniently do this business from the comfort of your home.

6. Proofreading Services:
If you pay attention to minutest detail and can spot structural and grammatical errors in write-ups, then you can make money from proofreading services. To get started, register on any of the freelance platforms online and wait to get contacted by a client. A computer or laptop device with internet connection is a requisite for this job. Proofreading services is suitable for people that wants to work from home.

7. Green Cleaning:
The Illinoisans are health-conscious and disregard any product that posses health-risk to the environment. Thus, they patronize Green Cleaning services as an alternative. The demand creates sustainable market for this business in Illinois. You can use substances like lemons and baking sodas for cleaning of home surfaces. Also, you can venture into production of green cleaning products. It is important you ensure your products meets environmental standards. The production can be started with little capital.

8. Chinese Restaurant:
Prepare Chinese cuisines for sale in Illinois and generate sustainable income. This is due to the fact that the Americans love Chinese food. You can get a good share of the market by offering large varieties of Chinese cuisine. Maintain good hygiene and ensure your customers get the best experience at your restaurant. You can start this franchise business with medium to large capital.

9. Social Media Consulting:
A large percentage of the world population are registered on one social media platform or the other. You can make money in Illinois by managing social media pages for organizations and brands. It is important for your to build a portfolio for your business. An internet enabled computer system or a laptop are requisite tools for this business. You can work as a social media consultant from the comfort of your home. No startup capital is required for this business.

10. Bakery Business:
Baked food, cookies, bread and pastries are loved by the Americans. To start a bakery business, you need to undergo some trainings. This would help you achieve the finesse and expertise needed as a professional baker. Embark on marketing and advertising of your food product to boost its sales. Make special and customized cakes and cookies for your clients at an extra charge. This business can be done by anyone interested in baking. Invest in good baking tools and equipment before you start this business. Medium to large capital is required for this business.

11. Errand Services:
This is a quick way to earn money without going through trainings. This business idea is viable in Illinois, as there are several people who like to complete a task but can not do so due to some restrictions. For instance; offer local errand services to nursing mothers, sick people or the senior citizens and earn an income. You should be trustworthy and have good knowledge of road network to work effectively.

12. Online Research:

Carrying out internet research is a good way to generate side income in Illinois. Help organizations get information on the internet with the use of search engines. You do not need any capital to start this business and it can be done from the comfort of your home.

13. Welcoming Service:

These entrepreneurs greet and provide visitors with information about the city, local businesses and other services. Create a coupon or printed information and give to the visitor(s). You earn an income from commission paid by organizations and businesses that features in your welcome page. Small to medium capital is required to start this business.

14. Building Inspection:

Conduct a check-up on office or residential buildings to be purchased by your clients. Also engage the services or refer your clients to handymen to fix structural problems in their dream homes and buildings. It is important to be knowledgeable about construction before starting this business. There is market for the building inspection business in Illinois. Anyone with keen interest in properties, buildings and constructions can venture into this business.

15. Medical Transcription Services:

The demand for transcription personnel is high in the medical field. A lot of doctors, veterinarians, clinical laboratories, hospitals often request for the services of medical transcription officers. The good thing about this professional job is that it can be done from the comfort of your home. You need an internet-enabled computer or laptop to get this job started. However, you need to be trained in medical terminology to function effectively as a transcription officer.

16. Waste Recycling Pick-up:

Most homes in the United States of America have pick-up bins designated for recyclable items like plastic, can, glass amongst others. However, there is a business opportunity in recycling electronics which posses more danger to the environment when they are not properly disposed. Make money in Illinois by recycling old or discarded televisions, laptops, batteries amongst others. Pricing for these items can be based on weight or a flat fee can be charged. You need a pickup van to start this business.

17. Blogging:

Gone are those days where bloggers struggle to make ends meet. These days blogging is now the real deal due to the tremendous increase in the number of internet users. People now make a lot of money from this business. It is advisable to blog on your area of interest. You can focus on fashion, lifestyle, food, politics, entertainment or sports blogging. Some of the several ways to generate income from blogging in Illinois are; sale of advert space, affiliate marketing, sale of ebooks and webinars, writing product reviews, freelance writing amongst others. An internet-enabled computer or laptop is a required before starting this business. Blogging can be done alongside other businesses.

18. Gym and Fitness Business:

Most Americans are conscious about physical fitness, which translates to being healthy. Engaging in work-outs relaxes the body and reduces the chances of some diseases. You also help your clients to achieve their dream body-shape as a fitness trainer. Out-of-office fitness services can be rendered to clients based on request. This will attract more service charge. Thus, gym and fitness business will thrive in Illinois. You need medium to large capital to set up this business.

19. Candy Store:

Entrepreneurs in Illinois searching for more business opportunities can venture into sale of candies. This business is viable because there is large market for it. Children love candies and some adults also enjoy eating it. Your store should be stocked with different types of candies like; gluten free, organic, sugar free candies. The startup capital is dependent on the size of the business. Anyone can run a candy store business.

20. Dry Cleaning Services:

A lot of busy professionals in Illinois do not have the time to do their laundry and they are expected to be properly dressed during work hours. This however creates a business opportunity in the dry cleaning world. To earn more income, you can offer additional services like pick-up and delivery. Invest in dry cleaning equipment to get this business started in Illinois. Men and women can venture into this business.


How to start a small business in Illinois, US

Are you tired with your 9-5 day job? Has setting up a business in Illinois started coming into your mind? You must have heard stories of people who started a side business on a small scale in Illinois and today they are financially free.

You have the believe in yourself but you have so many options in mind. Here I present 5 small business ideas you can start side by side with your current day job and earn enough cash every month to be able to fire your boss. There are several small business grants for women in Illinois you can benefit from too.


Joliet, Aurora, Naperville,Chicago, Evanston, Peoria, Rockford, Cicero, Arlington Heights, Champaign, Waukegan, Bloomington, Decatur, Elgin, Schaumburg, Springfield,

I compiled this list for those interested in starting a business in chicago and are tired with their job because they don’t like the stress.

You can pursue these smart new business ideas in Chicago and watch yourself becoming free in a year if you play your game very well.


Doing Business in Chicago

1. Freelance Writing

You may be wondering if people really make cool earnings from freelance writing. Oh yes!

I can give you 101+ freelance writers who are making 5 figures monthly from writing content for online entrepreneurs, digital marketing agency, online magazines etc.

Businesses are going online these days. And the only way to get customers online is through content and these brands are too busy to create content or pay a fixed salary just for creating content. Which means that these best businesses to start are ready to pay whosoever is ready to create good engaging and selling content for them.

You don’t certification to become a writer or a particular skill. You just need a laptop, good internet connection for researching and your brain.

You can charge $25 upward for a 500+ words article. But how do you start your own business in Illinois? Very simple!

Steps to Starting a Freelance Business
You just need to sign up at freelance gig like Fiverr, Odesk, Gigbucks and many others. There are lots of webmaster looking for professional freelance writers. Freelance writing jobs are often posted in large numbers daily basis on these platforms. The best thing about these site is, the more jobs you take and deliver, the more your fee raises. A good example is

You can create a blog if you know those price are too small. Creating a blog is just to advertise yourself to potential client. You should be posting consistently on your blog and also doing guest posting on blogs that has high traffic.

After deciding to starting a freelance writer, you can start pitching bloggers and webmaster personally using cold calling or emailing.

But you must be good at selling yourself as well as delivery good write up. If you satisfy your first client, there is a 100% possibility of the client giving you more writing work or referring you to other clients.

2. Social Media Manager

Due to the growth of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Businesses, websites, and brands are looking for someone to handle their social media platform.

Becoming a social media manager or a community manager involves writing and scheduling post, replying fans, running ads and making their community engaging.

But first you need to build your own community where you will be seen as an authority. Sign up on at least 3 popular social media. I will suggest Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and start adding value by posting content.

After creating your own community and running it for at least 2 months. Start finding client. Though at first it will be difficult but with proper strategy you can get them with ease. Visit to study how to become a high paying social media manager.

3. Become a Blogger

It is no more news that blogging has brought out millionaires right out from the slum. Don’t think people don’t still make money again. In fact, due to the rise of internet users, this is the best time to start a blog. The best blog that sells are niche blogs. Where you choose to focus on just one subject.

You can make money from your blog by:

  • Running Google adsense on your blog.
  • Selling information product like ebooks, webinar etc.
  • Selling advert space.
  • Become a freelance writer.
  • Get paid to write reviews for online products/Sponsor post.
  • Get paid via affiliate etc.

4. Fitness Trainer

Do you have passion in becoming fit or living a fitness lifestyle? You can become a fitness trainer.

Life as a fitness trainer can be very lucrative. As a personal fitness trainer, you work with time to help your clients achieve their fitness goals and get paid to do that.

If you wish to become an elite fitness trainer, then you need to be certified. A good trainer know how the body works and have a broad knowledge on personal fitness and self-motivation.

You will also need to read books on how to get and keep customers if you want to succeed as a fitness trainer.

5. Selling Merchandise

This involves buying items at a low price and selling at a relatively high price. The difference will be your profit. I don’t need to go too deep on this.

Go to a cheap market and buy at a low price. You can buy a pair of shoe for $25 and sell it at $30-$35. You may say but the margin is close. The logic is, the more items you sell, the more profit and your margin increase.

So pick one, register and start any of the business ideas in Illinois that I have mentioned and take action immediately. You have no excuse again.