10 Best Business Intelligence Software – Comparison

Top Business Intelligence Tools that Can Help Managers

Do you need a dashboard business intelligence software for healthcare and other businesses? Small start-ups normally face a myriad of problems that result from the lack of proper utilization of data obtained into effective strategies which can be fully implemented for maximum output. These software have been developed to enable even lay users make good use of it. This is possible through their easy to use interface where users only need to input required data for the software to generate analysis.

There are several of such excellent software and we bring some of these to you through this article as we focus on best business intelligence software vendors for the benefit of the reader. These will be listed in no particular order

  1. GoodData

With easy to analyse graphs and charts in addition to other services that include agile data warehousing service, marketing templates, real-time access, as well as ad-hoc reporting among several others, GoodData is one of the best business intelligence software available in the market. The key aspects of this tool is that it can be used to allocate resources to where it would have the most impact, enables businesses to respond to internal problems promptly.

Using this tool, businesses are able to adopt the most effective marketing strategies that will result in increased sales through the insights provided by the software on customer behaviour.

  1. KISSmetrics

Using the KISSmetrics software, businesses are able to analyse raw data into implementable strategies which contribute significantly to the growth of the business. Business owners are able to find out if their marketing strategies are effective enough. If they are not, the results obtained are used to create highly effective strategies that will lead to the success of the business. Understanding customer behaviour is everything for a business. This is why this tool reveals these and enables the business to design its products and services to fit or exceed these expectations.

KISSmetrics has a feature which keeps track of customers or prospective clients which come in contact with your business. This saves cost by eliminating the need to have to  spend lots of money carrying out researches about your customer preferences and behaviour.

  1. Group Thinq

The Group Thinq software is meant for professional use. This package unifies several key elements necessary for business stability such as collective management, business intelligence and other key information and analyzes these into actionable steps where a business is able to have a clear idea of where it is and the direction it is headed. By streamlining their activities in line with the results generated by Group Thinq, businesses experience improved growth and a significant drop in losses.

  1. Cyfe

With Cyfe, businesses are able to safely and conveniently share information with clients to help them keep abreast with developments. It helps business owners keep track of all forms of marketing communication through channels that include email, social media, web analytics among others and can be used on several websites or blogs. Important information is easily summarized and compared using Cyfe and then shared with others. This software is useful for new and existing businesses.

  1. Domo

With an intuitive interface which can be used for a variety of business operations and analysis, Domo offers users a highly visual interpretation of data from which comprehensive actions can be taken in finding lasting solutions to problems. Domo has a feature which allows businesses to keep tabs on social media platforms through followers who provide valuable insights which can be used in generating an effective line of response for new products or services. Its versatility allows users to easily use it on mobile devices.

  1. ReportPlus

What ReportPlus does is that it provides a central platform where users can easily coordinate their business activities through personalized features that enable critical information to be shared as well as develop adequate responses to particular sectors of the business. With the ReportPlus software, businesses can easily monitor their cash flow towards enhancing more effective ways of utilizing resources. It also covers other vital areas of the business that include insurance, marketing and retail.

  1. Similarweb Pro

With Similarweb Pro, users can easily track the traffic statistic of their blogs or sites. This tool comes handy when you need to create effective ways of driving traffic to your site. It keeps track of all social media platforms and analyzes the behaviour of web users to give you the edge you need in competing favourably with your competitors. With the Similarweb Pro tool, users are able to carry out an in-depth analysis of any industry or niche. Every critical information needed to grow your online audience is provided by this tool.

  1. Sisense

Sisense is among the very best of business intelligence software due to its simplicity of usage and its several functionalities. With the Sinsense tool, large data sets as well as small ones can be easily analyzed into beautiful and visual results. Sisense provides a single platform for which every type of analyses can be easily carried out without. It has an easy to use interface where lay users can easily carry out quality analysis on a variety of areas. Apart from its excellent services, you get to enjoy ongoing technical and maintenance support.

These are some of the most effective business intelligence software with some of their useful features unveiled. Business owners no longer need to operate blindly as these tools offer a comprehensive action plan obtained through the analysis of data imputed by the user.

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