30 Best Small Business Ideas to Make Money

Best Business Ideas to Make Money Right Away

What are the best business ideas to make money? Ideas are necessary for human progress. This is true for every facet of our daily lives. This article will focus on the business side of things as we consider the best businesses to invest in.

Almost every area of human endeavour can be exploited for gain. If you have wondered how to start a small business, this article will provide some exciting ideas you can use to build a functional business.

Over the years, small businesses have contributed massively to the growth of the global economy. In the United States, small businesses make up 50% of the Gross Domestic Product GDP. This data was released in 2010 by the Office of Advocacy. With the United State’s economy witnessing an improved growth, this is the time to take advantage to establish a thriving business.


Why Small Businesses are Important?

These type of businesses are relevant for economic growth. There are several examples of small businesses which have blossomed into large-scale ones. Some of these include Microsoft, Apple and Google among many others. The main benefit of having a small business is that you provide jobs. Others include creating a platform where people, especially minorities achieve independence.

Small businesses are also important because it brings about innovation. Presently, the world is driven by innovation. Starting a business that allows you and your employees to creative is massive. It offers the opportunity of making an impact on the lives of people (in this case your target market/clients). So what are these successful small business ideas you can use? These include;

If you are good with numbers as well has have accounting skills, then this small business idea is for you. Starting a bookkeeping and tax preparation business does not require much expenses or investments. Your overhead cost will not be significant as you will need basic requirements such as a computer, and an office. You can choose to operate from home or hire one.

Other requirements for starting this business will include relevant software packages as well as the required knowledge on how to use them.

Graphics design has become highly relevant in today’s business world. Almost every marketing department requires the services of a graphics designer. If you have these skills, then you stand a chance of earning a decent income. However this skill can be learnt in no time if you are interested. As a graphics designer, the primary tool needed is a computer as well as relevant software packages.

A few of these software include Photoshop illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, Adobe Design and many more. As a graphics designer, you will be creating information sheets, fliers, logos, newsletters, advertisements and several others. These are aimed at passing the right information to a target audience. It is an important aspect of marketing businesses cannot do without.

The internet age has made it necessary for businesses to own a website. This is relevant and helps in creating awareness about a product or service. If a business must expand its customer base, leading to sales, a website is necessary. As a web designer, you make this possible. This is one of the best small businesses you can start. WordPress has made it a lot easier to create websites.

There are lots of online lessons that teach you how to become a web designer in no time. As a web designer, businesses will want you to create blogs, service pages, and product pages etc. To be successful, you need to be on top of your game. This means you will need to constantly update your web design knowledge. What makes it one of the best businesses to start is that it is recession-proof.

  • Mobile App Developer

Currently, a majority of the world’s internet users do so through mobile devices. These consist of Smartphones and tablets. This presents you with enormous opportunities you can take advantage of. With an increasing number of smartphone users, the future looks bright for mobile app developers. If you do not possess knowledge on this but have interests, there are many ways you can learn.

Courses are offered on Lynda.com, Codecademy, and several other online platforms. This business allows you to work remotely. Also, your apps can continuously fetch you good money. Another exciting fact that makes becoming a mobile app developer exciting is that you work according to your schedule. This is one of the best businesses to earn through the internet.

Love is an important part of our lives we cannot do without. As a dating consultant, you need to have had some level of success with relationships that is commendable. People in love can be vulnerable, hence as a dating consultant, your job can include match-making, counselling, and a lot of other responsibilities that comes with providing guidance for the love lives of your clients.

  • Selling Online

You do not need to own an online store to sell things online. You can either sell your things or be an assistant. For example, an Ebay assistant is similar to a marketing affiliate. As an Ebay assistant, you get to sell the products or goods of your client to buyers directly. You earn your profits from the commission you get from any purchase. It is important that you clearly negotiate and agree upon a definite percentage.

Before you start selling online, you need to have covered every aspect of your business to ensure that your banking details are kept safe. Also, payment received for any purchase must be kept in your e-wallet until receipt of goods is confirmed.

Affiliate marketing is a type of business which requires no investments. The most important tools necessary for smooth take-off is a blog or website. As an affiliate, you own no product of your own. You only promote the products of other companies or businesses. Your earnings are generated mainly from commissions earned. As an affiliate marketer, it is important to select only those products that easily sell.

Also you can increase your earnings by selecting only those products with higher commissions. If you have a blog or website that attracts a decent traffic, this opportunity will be great for you. Your links are likely to generate a sale easily. Having a previous affiliate marketing experience will be of immense help to becoming successful. This small business idea if done properly can become very successful.

The job of a personal or virtual assistant can be quite challenging. This is because you are involved in adding value, working alone, being resourceful and efficient time management. However being a virtual assistant allows your more flexibility. You get to choose your payment structure. This may be either an hourly, weekly or a monthly pay rate. Another exciting fact is that you choose your work hours as well as the clients you want to work with.

But where can you find clients as a virtual assistant? You can choose the word of mouth option, social media contacts as well as subcontracting. Upwork.com, online directories and yellow pages are places you can get your clients.

If you have ever been fascinated by bartending, then you may want to bring this to reality. You can do this by starting a bartending service. You do not need to worry if you have no prior experience. All you have to do is to attend a bartending course at a local community college nearest to you. Different states have different requirements for bartenders. Therefore, you need to find out if your state requires a safety certificate.

The weekends hold the most promise for this business. This is because a lot of clients will need to relax by catching up with friends. Although no special equipment is required, you use a service cart to make your business more appealing. In most cases, your client provides the drinks and glasses.

  • Starting a Boat Tour

Many times, people look for creative ways to unwind. A boat tour is one of such ways. This is successful small business you can start with a single boat. There are boats that do not cost so much. Alternately, you can provide small drive-it-yourself boats which can be driven by clients. It is a no-brainer that your business has to be located close to lakes, rivers or a sea. There are lots of successful boat tour services you can learn from.

  • Start a Clown Service!

Yes! If you enjoy making kids laugh, why not take this to a whole new level? This is one of the best fun business ideas you can start with. Starting a clown service requires that you wear a costume. You may have to make several of these costumes. Because kids will mostly be at school during the day, you are likely to operate on weekends.

Running this comedy business on a weekend means that you can keep your day job while running this on the side on weekends. Having to do what you love doing is deeply satisfying. While putting smiles on the faces of kids, you also find fulfilment as well. Getting your first clients may be quite challenging at first. However with persistence and dedication, it will eventually pay off.

This small business idea is recession proof. Because people will always make their hair,  you will never lack for patronage. However clients are likely to have specific people they trust with their hair. If this is the case, how do you convince them to try your services? There are several strategies to adopt. You can either choose to learn the art as an apprentice where you build confidence and trust.

Another way is by effective marketing. This requires much more input from you. Some simple, yet effective strategies include word-of-mouth marketing. Here, your friends and family who are likely to be your first clients help in spreading the word and vouching for your business. Others include the use of fliers and banners. Social media marketing is also effective.

Being a lifetime sport, golf has created a major source of employment for many. You can start your business along this line by offering your expertise. Do you have some golf skills? Why not exchange this for economic gain? There are lots of people willing to learn this sport. A good thing about it is that it is not limited by age. As a golf coach, you make money while doing what you love, as well as helping others live their passions.

  • Starting a Hot Air Balloon Ride Business

This is a tourist sector small business idea that has tremendous potential for success. Before starting out, you will be required to carry out the necessary licensing and safety procedure registrations. There are relevant agencies saddled with this responsibility. In most cases, federal aviation laws provide enough information on how to obtain a pilot’s license among other things.

Some of the equipment needed include chaser van, safety equipment, basket, inflation fan among others. When setting up the business, an important consideration to make is the strategy for marketing. You can adopt several options. However, word of mouth marketing is one effective method you shouldn’t discard.

If your interest lies in fashion, then you may want to consider starting a fashion line. Starting one requires proper planning and careful implementation. When starting one, you do not need to handle everything yourself. You can draw the designs yourself while contracting the production process to a competent company. To expand your market, you can partner with resellers to help create more awareness about your brand.

  • Jewellery Design

The jewellery industry is huge! Although this is the case, you can still start this business idea on a smaller scale. As a jewellery designer, you are always involved in crafting pieces of jewellery for sale to clients. This can be either wholesale or retail. While you will have individual clients, it is important to partner with jewellery shops nearby. These would create an opportunity for your products to be sold faster.

To become a jewellery designer, you need to have learnt the skill as well as possess a highly creative mind. Tools are also one of the most important requirements as well. How fast your business grows depends largely on how much work you are willing to put in.

Also a lucrative business, becoming a DJ requires that you carefully choose the scope of your business and the audience size. However since we are discussing successful small businesses, we would assume that your business fits our current description. Becoming a DJ requires that you purchase every equipment needed. As a small business, you would be classified as a mobile DJ.

Some of the equipment you would require includes a turntable, speakers, microphone, a personal computer, mixers and several others. Mobility is also an essential requirement. Therefore you will need a truck or van to move your equipment during shows or events.

Exercise has become an important part of our daily lives. As a personal trainer, there are abundant opportunities you can benefit from. Starting a gym can be a bit more expensive for beginners. However you can start as a personal trainer at a local gym. This can be used as a base from where to launch your business by starting your own gym. As a personal trainer, you never lack clients seeking to keep fit.

  • Service Restaurant and Wine Bar

Starting a wine bar is an exciting business that has tremendous potential for growth if you are prepared to do the needful. When starting a wine bar, you can incorporate a full-service restaurant as well. The menu served here should match the wine sold. You should ensure that your wine collection lives up to expectation.

  • Basement Remodelling

A lot of people are concerned with how best to maximally utilize all spaces within their homes. The basement is one area where people want to find creative ways of use. As a basement remodeler, you have to be very creative as well as being good with space utilization. To attract clients, you need to have proof to show. You should have a blog or website containing before and after pictures of your work. These will speak loudest for you.

People are increasingly finding time to learn new things. Dancing is one of such. If you can dance, or have tutored in a dance studio before, why not start one? This is among the best entertainment businesses you can start with little capital requirements. If you do not have the financial resources to rent a studio, you can use your home space for a start. You can eventually venture out when you save up enough capital.

  • Freelance Writing

You should consider becoming a freelance writer if you have good writing skills. Freelance writing enables you to work with your preferred clients. Also, you get to choose your work schedule. You are in control of your own time and can work remotely. There are very successful freelance writers who have grown their small businesses into major and reputable ones.

Before starting a home bakery, you should pay close attention to your available market. This is crucial to how your business performs. By available market, we mean resellers, restaurants, stores, caterers and many more. Creating a demand for your home bakery products is the beginning of success for your small business. Your target market should not be too far out. The closer they are, the better for business.

The demand for home cleaning services is growing. As a cleaning service, your likely clients are not restricted to home owners alone. Your services are important for other businesses as well. Demand for this service is largely fuelled by the busy schedule of home and business owners. People now have less time for taking care of their homes. They will gladly pay for your services at any time.

To start a successful home décor business, you should have obtained training and learnt about almost everything required. Technology has increased creativity to how the business is done. Clients will need to be convinced about your ability to perform a satisfactory job. For this, you will have to demonstrate this by presenting evidence of previous work.

Pet sitters have become increasingly popular due to their vital service. Busy pet owners want to keep their pets with pet sitters while they are away. If you are a pet lover, then you will not find this line of work boring. As a pet sitter, you get to take pet(s) for a walk, groom them and feed them. In the event that they are ill, you need to ensure they take their medications. Almost every home has a pet. This presents you with a huge market for your business.

Photography is an art you can exploit. If you have always wanted to capture sweet memories, then you can become a professional photographer. Starting a small scale and successful photography business will require passion and strong interest for the job. You can put up your pictures to be sold online or you may choose to cover important ceremonies and events. The better the quality of your pictures, the more clients you are likely to attract.

  • Career Counselling

Counsellors are increasingly needed to provide career guidance as well as help people find their suitable jobs. Becoming a successful career counsellor requires proper study. Counselling involves using standard tools to understand and identify particular areas the subjects are good at. You must have genuine love for this field to make meaningful impact.

  • Painting and Wallpapering

Having any of these skills is an asset you can offer in exchange for money. Starting your own successful painting and wallpapering business can be greatly beneficial to you and your clients. The higher your level of experience, the higher the charges you can make.

The business ideas listed above are some of the most profitable you can find. All of these provide solutions to problems. Many major businesses today once started out as small businesses. Therefore, starting a small business and doing everything necessary towards its success can significantly increase its chances of becoming a major business.

For all the successful small businesses above, marketing is a fundamental part. Being able to effectively market your business will attract huge sales which is great for any business.

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