10 Best Business Books of All Time to Read

Do you need the best selling business books of all times to develop yourself? Are you in search for great ideas for your business? One great ways to find quality ideas for business is by reading great business books written by successful entrepreneurs. I have in this post a great selection of business books of all time for your happy reading.

These business books have chosen to stand the hands of time as every successful entrepreneur all over the world has more than one thing to say about them. The business books that will be mentioned in this post are books recommended for every entrepreneur who want to experience success in his or her business.

From my study, I came out with so many recommended business books of all time. But, I will be sharing with you only 10 in no particular order that I found so irresistible.

Must Read Business Books of All Time for Entrepreneurs to Read

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Great successful business people are masters at keeping good relationships with family members, friends, clients and business associates. This is a timeless bestseller business book that is recommended for every entrepreneur.

This business book contains principles and strategies that are applicable in life and business.

People like Warren Buffet and Bill Gate has given countless testimonies about how this book helped them in their business and improved their life. With millions of copies sold worldwide, this book shows you 6 ways you can make anyone like you, 9 ways to influence people without arousing offence and 12 ways to win people to your way of thinking.

  1. Option B by Sherly Sandberg and Adam Grant

Are you facing tragedy in your business presently or you want to avoid it in the future? This is the book for you. The Authors of this book shared many tips on how any entrepreneur can manage and overcome tragedy and hardship with many true life stories applicable no matter the adversity in your business.

  1. Outlier –The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

This is the book that invented the idea that it takes 10,000 hours of working on something to gain mastery in it. This book talks about what makes high achievers different and how one can be like them.

He argued that successful entrepreneurs we see today are successful because they have mastered their craft so well. You will learn from this book how to focus on what successful people focus on and how to be like them.

  1. Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk  

This is a powerful business book full of inspiration recommended for every business owner. The book is filled with business tactics and advices drawn out from his own business experience (the author) and influencers around the world.

This business book teaches you how you can grow your business by building a strong brand using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms.

  1. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

This book came out as a result of a TED talk delivered by the author Simon Sinek which has become the third most popular TED talk ever. The book stated that every business decision should begins with the question “Why?”.  

This business book’s basic foundation is that the leaders who have had the greatest influence, act and communicate in the same way—which is the opposite of how most people function.

  1. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Eric Ries in this powerful book defines a Lean Startup as any business from solopreneur operating from a garage or one room apartment to a big venture within a Fortune 500 company as long as the entrepreneur has discovered a successful path to building a sustainable business.

This book provides a new approach towards running a startup from the ground level up. The author also shared some innovative online business tools startup entrepreneurs can leverage on in building a successful business.

  1. E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

This is the first business book I will recommended to anyone with eagerness to start a business. Aside that, if you are a solopreneur or run a business with small staff, you should read this book. It is a must for every business owner.

You will learn how you can grow your business from an infancy stage where every decision depends on you to a stage where you only need to provide 10 percent of your input to keep the business running successfully.

You will also learn the difference between working IN your business and working ON your business. Sound interesting to you? You need to get the book as soon as possible.

  1. Influence –The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

If you want to be good in selling, winning people to your way of thinking, then you will need to read this book. It is a must-book for every salesperson or anyone who want to be great at persuading.

This book reveals to very business person the psychology behind every marketing and persuasion.

  1. Good to Great by James C. Collins

This is one of the best business management book to read. This book reveals how the worst company can achieve greatness overtime. The author outlined how mediocre companies were able to break through, leave their competitors in the dust and became world greatest.

  1. Purple Cow by Seth Godin

This book teaches you that you are either remarkable or not. It is one of the best book for branding and product creation. The author in this book encourages you to build a purple cow into everything you build in your business so as to get the attention of your prospective customers or clients. It’s a manifesto for marketers who want to help create products that are worth marketing in the first place.

Did I not mention a great business book of all time to read that you were expecting? If so, kindly tell me below via the comment box.

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