Describe the Benefits of Marketing Research to an Enterprise and Customers

What is the main purpose of market research to an organization, customers or product development? Market research is a very important tool that determines the failure or success of your business. Every successful business recognizes the saying “knowledge is power” and market research gives you the knowledge. Thus, arming a business with knowledge via market research can give you an edge over your competitors.

How is a market research conducted? What are the benefits of market research for an import or export firm? How can you use market research? This article answers these questions.

What is Market Research?

Market research is a system of collecting and analyzing data that concerns such important things such as your target market, your market competition, the business environment and other important factors. It is an important step before you even have a business plan written.

Managerial Benefits of Market Research for Business

What is the importance of market research? Here are the benefits you get from conducting market research for your business;

1. Identifying Target Audience

This is one strong benefits of market research. If you create a business that provides goods and services, you need to identify your audience. Who is the audience? Where does the audience live? What are their ages? Will they enjoy the goods and service you provide? These questions need answers in order for you to ensure the success of your business venture.

With market research, these important questions are answered. Market research helps you to know the underlying factors that drive your customers consuming nature; their innermost needs and what factors motivate them.

The underlying factors will arm you with information regarding what they like and dislike. Thus, it will make it easier for you to provide the products that will meet their present needs.

Using market research helps you know if indeed your product or the service you render has a group of people that would be interested in your product. It helps you know what groups of people are in need of your product or service and if there are underdeveloped parts of your target audience.

If you do not do this market research, it can lead to failure and bad sales in your business. In fact, market research is required no matter the stage of your business. It helps you know if there are any shifts in perception and attitudes of your customers.

When you conduct a market research for your business and discover these changes in your customers, you are better prepared to evolve with the changes by offering new products or services that meet their current needs. Market research helps you to stay ahead of the curve and outsmart your competition. This is one of the numerous economic benefits of marketing research.

2. Market Research Helps you to Reduce Risks

Another thing market research can do for your business is helping you reduce risks. By using market research, it is easier for a business to analyze and foresee the success of their good or product. Market research can sometimes involve real-time testing of goods and services for a period of time to see how well or how badly it performs in the market.

Seeing the results of this market research will help you know if you should go ahead with the venture or not. It can help you identify locations where your product has stiff competition, his will, in turn, help you make necessary adjustments to location and similar factors. Thus, it reduces the risk of eventually going ahead with the business and incurring losses in the future.

3. Market Research Helps you Know your Capabilities and Build your Reputation

When you conduct market research, it will help you to improve the perception of people about your business venture. It helps points you to current trends in your industry and the steps you will need to take to be on top of the game in your industry.

Market research also will assist you to recognize the capabilities of your business and your weaknesses. You are better equipped to recognize where your standing is in the professional community, what services you are realistically able to provide and to know how effective the strategies in place to run your business are.

4. Helps you Determine How and Where to Advertise

This means that market research will assist you to use funds wisely on advertising. Using market research, you are equipped with the knowledge of the places, physical and digital, where your target audience is most likely to gather.

Thus, instead of employing a scatter-shot approach to advertising, thus wasting funds in the process, you are able to know where exactly you should direct your advertisement for maximum engagement of your customers.

5. Helps you Make Right Decisions

Wrong decisions will affect your business negatively and prevent you from achieving the goals and objectives of your business. Writing a business plan requires information about the market, information which can only be gotten using market research. With this knowledge, you will find it easier to make the right decisions that will ensure the survival of your business.


Market research is one of the most important tools for businesses. The benefits include, among others, helping you know your abilities and help build your professional reputation, helps you to reduce risks, identify the target audience, and help you determine how and where to advertise. This will give your business the right direction for growth.