6 Ways To Become A More Positive Self Confident Person

Ways To Become A More Confident Person

How to become confident and not shy
No one is born with confidence even though some are more confident than others, you just have to develop it and also improve on your level of confidence. Some build up their confidence over time while some find ways to live around it which is bad because not being confident will deprive you of the chance to live up to your potential.

Your level of confidence determines how you avoid taking risks always playing safe. If your confidence level is low, don’t be too sad because it is something you can work on and develop over time but it solely depends on your willingness and determination.

Building your confidence all depends on you, you are the driver of the car. No one can help you become a more confident person except yourself.

There are ways you can become more confident which are:

(1) Do things that Shakes your Confidence

Doing things that shakes your confidence means that you should do things that scares you or things you have never done before like standing up for yourself, talking in public, in front of many people and so on.

You should keep trying it and it will become part of you, this is where the saying ‘practice makes perfection’ comes in. If you keep trying it, you will become used to it and trust me, you are becoming a more confident person.

(2) Express Yourself

Another way to be confident is being able to express yourself irrespective of the present condition. You should be able to express your feelings wherever you find yourself, do not be scared of people having opposing view to yours, it happens.

(3) Know your Strength

Do not always focus on your weaknesses, it only weakens and depresses you. You should rather focus on what you are good at doing. Focusing on your strengths and reminding yourself of the past good things you have done will make you a more confident person and also keep you positive and self assured.

If possible, you can even write down what you are good at doing so you can read it whenever a weakness wants to weigh you down. You should be proud of what you can do, never take them for granted and do not be shy to share these things with others.

(4) Trying New Things

Trying new things help build confidence because making decision to try something new and following through with the decision is not something that can be done by someone whose confidence has not gotten to a certain level.

Therefore, if you want to become a more confident person, you should challenge yourself by trying new things, you can even give yourself time for instance you can be trying new things every week or month depending on how fast you want to build your confidence.

Don’t be discouraged if that new thing does not work out, that is not what you are after, you are after doing new things to build your confidence.

(5) Avoid Negative Thoughts and People

Surrounding yourself with negative thoughts and negative people will draw you down and destroy your confidence, this is because negative people won’t be able to support you and that is what a person that wants to be more confident needs.

You should not be with people that discourages you at every point in your life, people that always finds mistake in what you do and also people that do not praise you when you have done a great job.

If you have such negative people around you, you should try and do without them and find good people that will boost your morale and your confidence. Negative thoughts are also bad because they lead to insecurity and an unsecured person cannot become a more confident person so do away with negative thoughts, be mindful of thoughts that pop into your mind.

See thoughts as tools that you can use by using and strengthening the positive thoughts and discarding the negative ones.

(6) Exercise the Mind

Basically, everything has to do with mind. If you strengthen your mind that you want to be more confident, you will. You should set aside a time to strengthen your mind every day, you can read, meditate, exercise, etc.

So, you can shape your world the way you want and not the way others want you to shape it. Shaping your world the way you want regardless of what people say also helps build confidence and shows how confident you are.

Other things that can help you become a more confident person are: talking to different and new people, socializing, venture into new things, testing yourself by doing demanding work, travel alone to different places and so on.

You should also live by your principles, you should know your principles and live strictly by them because not knowing your principles means you don’t have direction. If you don’t have direction in life then how can you be confident?

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