How To Become A Livestock Feed Distributor: Supply Poultry, Fish Feeds Additives And Supplements


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Do you know how to become an animal feed dealer? How much does it cost to start a feed store? Livestock feeds, additives and supplements distributorship is a very profitable business. This is because the quantity and quality of feeding is a great determinant to how much animal farmers produce and make from their livestock farm investment. Before you start livestock feed marketing business, you should acquire valuable skills in marketing. Ensure you flavour your marketing with more creativity to guarantee more feed sales.


As a distributor/supplier of poultry or fish feeds in Nigeria, you can sell animal feeds directly to farmers or have your own sales point or facility where people can come to buy feeds. Dealers and distributors of animal feeds make a lot of money especially when they locate their sales point in areas with poultry, fish and  pig farms are concentrated.

In Nigeria, Oke Aro in Lagos is renowned for pig farming settlements while Ilora in Oyo State has lots of poultry farms concentrated there. Getting good discount on Livestock, Animal Care, Durante, Boar, Vital and Top feed price is one way to make it big in this business.

How to Become a Top Feed Poultry Feed Distributor

==> Get A Feed Distributor License
Do you know the cost and registration needed for Vital or Hybrids feed distributors? Livestock feed manufacturers and feed additives companies have different rules and policy guiding their distributorship. You need to contact that poultry feed additive or fish feed supplement manufacturer for their requirements. After providing the necessary documents and capital, you would be given a license to start retailing animal/livestock feed additives and supplements.

==> Rent Or Construct An Outlet/Sales
You need to acquire a ware house where feeds would be stored pending when they would be sold. Location of your outlet should be after careful consideration. If the terms of agreement allows it, the investor can put up shelves where poultry drugs, pet toys, shampoos and leads etc. Your facility must be theft proof and also offer enough protection against elements of the weather like rain and sunshine as well as against rodents. A consipcuous and attractive sign post and strategic advertisements will provide more exposure for your animal feed and additives business.

==> Employ Service Boys
For the ease of offloading stocks from your trucks when it lands as well as fast loading of customers vehicles, arrangement of livestock feeds in the store room, you need to employ labor hands. These boys must have what it takes to carry out their duties physically. Salary could range from #10,000 – #20,000 monthly.

==> Buy A Truck Or Minivan
A mini-van or truck is necessary for collecting animal feeds from the livestock feed manufacturers and companies. You can also use this truck for free or paid delivery for your clients. My advice is that you go for a tokunbo or new MAN, IVECO, DAF, Toyota Dyna or Mitsubishi Canter truck. Ensure you engage the service of a reliable and careful driver.

==> Build A Database of Farm Owners
Creating a list of contacts of prospective clients who are often farmers can make stabilize sales. You can go out to speak with farms in your area to inform them of your new business and the bonuses that may compel them to try buying from your store. Getting their contacts would facilitate easy communication during booking, payment, delivery and lodging complaints.

==> Offer Bonus Services
Your livestock feed and supplement business could offer bonus services depending on how many bags of livestock feed a customers buys. Some of the perks you can give out include giving free vaccination guides, pet health and management handbooks and free delivery on short distances on large purchases.

The wholesale price of a bag of animal feed such as broiler mash is about N1800 per bag and the selling price is N2200. You can make a profit of about N400 per bag of animal feed. So with good marketing resulting in good sales, you can make around N40,000 on just 100 bags livestock feed.

This is all you need to join the league of successful Vital and Top feed distributors in Nigeria.

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