Are you searching for a bakery business plan sample? Are you a baker? Have you got that baking skill? Have you decided to take that little baking you do to the next level by starting your very own bakery?

If you have decided to take that bold step to starting your own bakery, then the first thing you are probably thinking of is getting a business plan. This is where this article comes in. Below is a sample bakery business plan to guide you in writing yours.

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Products and Services
  • Market analysis
  • Target market
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Management Team

Chums Bakery is a bakery located in the heart of New York City. Chums Bakery would offer its customers sit-down as well as delivery service of tasty desserts and other snacks.

Chums Bakery will offer New Yorkers innovative and tasty flavors that would be enticing and exciting with an image that is both fun and quirky.

At Chums Bakery, our customers’ taste buds will be our main focus as we will strive to offer different types of flavors that everyone would definitely find their favorite at our bakery.

Chums bakery aims at reaching a level where we be at a prominent position in the baking industry by captivating the hearts of our customers through reliability and healthy products we would offer.

At Chums Bakery, our vision is to create a bakery that is the leading bakery in America that offers high quality baked goods and is the number one bakery that comes to mind whenever baked goods are mentioned.

The mission of Chums Bakery is to take desserts to the next level that our products becomes an important part of every meal or just what you need to complete your day.

At Chums Bakery, we are conversant with the fact that each of our customers would have different needs when it comes to their desserts or sweet tooth. We are also aware of the healthy requirements including allergies of customers.

This is why we have designed our products in a way that would as much as possible meet the needs of everyone who steps into our doors.

With this in mind, our products and services includes the following;

• Cakes of different shapes and sizes
Cupcakes with a wide range of toppings
• Doughnuts, pies, sandwiches and rolls of different types and sizes
• Bread in different sizes and other confectionaries
• Soft drinks, coffee and tea
• Catering services for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, lunches, dinner parties and every other occasions or events.
• Supplying different restaurants with different types of desserts.
• Delivery services.
• Online order service within New York City

We will strive to ensure that our products will strive to be at their freshest any time of the day in order to satisfy our customers.

Baked goods have always been on the American diet for as long as time itself. Bakeries have been a booming business as baked goods has always been present in every occasion, restaurants and even bars.

This business is one that was not too affected by the recession and only continues to grow each day contributing a great deal on the nation’s economy. Word of mouth, good and reliable customer service has always been the driving force of this business and coupled with great advertising it has great potential in the upcoming years.

Baked goods and other confectionaries is basically consumed by all and sundry. Each age range usually comes with their own preferences and that fact is not lost on us at Chums Bakery.

This is why we have designed our products to cut across a wide range of clients and our target market would include the following;

• School children.
• Colleges and other educational institutions.
• Offices.
• Parks.
• Restaurants and bars.
• Hotels and Resorts

At Chums Bakery, we are conscious of the fact that there exists a stiff competition in the bakery industry, this is why we have developed different marketing strategies to help us find our place in this business while at the same time meeting our mission and vision to give our customers utmost satisfaction.

At Chums Bakery, the quality of our products and the sensational taste would announce us. In addition to this, the following marketing strategies would help us take our bakery business to the higher levels;

• Use transparent doors and windows where we would showcase our products with the aim of attracting customers.
• Encourage our loyal and satisfied customers to partake in word of mouth advertising by encouraging their friends and families to patronize us.
• Organizing seminars and shows in our sit-down restaurant.
• Partaking in local events in order to make our brand known.
• Advertise on all social media channels and encourage feedback response from satisfied customers.
• Advertise our products on radio and tv stations as well on newspapers and magazines.

Chums Bakery is owned and managed by Darl Kenneth who is also the chief baker. Darl has an undergraduate degree in Food Microbiology and an MSc. in quality control.

The management team consists of professionals who are well trained in the food industry and what it entails.

There you have it, a bakery business plan sample to guide you in writing yours.