Top 6 Automobile Marketing Ideas for Car Salesman and Auto Mechanics

Best Automotive Sales, Repair and Service Shop Marketing Ideas

Do you need marketing ideas for car salesman? The automotive industry is a lucrative one. Nevertheless, a problem that is known with this industry is that many people won’t think about our services until they suddenly need those services.

That means, for us in the automobile industry, we then need to seek being one of the first to be found when people begin looking for services we offer. And that points at marketing.

True, the world is going online and online marketing is an essential part of one’s automotive marketing (and you know, the online world is constantly changing). Nevertheless, we need to know that in the automotive industry, advertising advice that works for others may not work here. Meaning, we need marketing ideas that are made specifically for the automotive industry. And that’s the reason for this article.

So, let us see superb marketing ideas meant for your automobile business.

  1. An Optimized Web Presence:

It is high time many auto repair shops bring their business to the internet. Many people that want to either buy or fix a car first looked at the internet. You can take a look at what people search on Google regard automotive stuffs (with a tool like Google Keyword Planner), and you should see a reason you ought bring your automotive business online.

Nevertheless, having a mere site or blog is not enough. You need to optimize your web presence. When you have a nice well optimized web presence like a blog or a website, you will be easily found when people need a service you offer on a search engine as Google.

  1. Have Social Media Pages:

This is one of the reasons I earlier said that automotive marketing tips is different from many other industries. For instance, someone in the beauty products industry might get on a dating site and be able to get patronizes. But someone in the automotive industry might not need to be on every social media site online. He/she should just focus on most popular sites as Twitter and Facebook.

The pages of the Social Medias should be up to date with quality contents. And one thing to be noted is that, if the social media pages are stagnant, visitors will think the business is lazy (or probably does not care about their customers).

  1. Useful Auto Dealership Resources:

One important reason the automotive industry’s marketing tips can’t be approached anyhow is simply because it is niche based. Thus, one can’t just give any kind of content to one’s reader. But in other to keep our online customers truly engaged, we need to provide valuable and relevant resources to them.

One very important aim which the constant valuable resources help achieve is, making us an authority in the industry.

  1. Connecting With Online Leads:

To draw in online visitors who finds their way into your ‘web office’ through one way or the other (via Google, via one of your posts on your facebook page, etc), stick calls to action and signup forms around.

Signup forms will allow visitors to subscribe to your marketing email or text messages; and calls to action can encourage customers to download any inbound marketing resources being offered.

  1. Referrals:

Even if it is something small, we all love freebies. Though it is a known fact that no one is going to recommend someone that offers a poor service; nevertheless, it is also a known fact that at times, someone who offers the best service doesn’t always get the recognition they deserves.

If though, when you satisfy your customers, they will naturally want to recommend your service. However, sometimes, they need your little prompting to promote you to their friends, colleagues at work, etc. Since many are skeptical when they are dealing with anything automotive business, a recommendation from a family member or friend is a very powerful thing.

Therefore, I will advise you to take this very serious.

  1. Interact With Customers:

Ensure you are accessible to people. Remember that when people want to give your own service a try, they ensure they do most of the research and decision making before coming in to your business. Such, ensure you include lots of information about yourself and your business. Also, make sure your phone number and contact us are featured prominently.

Now, when they are trooping in, ensure you don’t fail to interact with them constantly.

Now, in conclusion, it is advisable that one should establish relationships with others in the industry. You should build as many connections as you can with others in your industry.

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