Before starting an automobile detailing business, here are some things you will require. You will require a solid investment capital, and thorough planning, among other things.

One thing to take note of in this business is that the business experiences difficulty in times of economic recession.

Do you seek to start up an automobile detailing business, and you need a business plan sample?

Without dwelling too much on the business overview of the automobile detailing business, let us delve right into the business plan sample proper.


Here is a free business plan for starting a starting an auto detailing company

BUSINESS NAME: Kingsway Automobile Detailing Company.

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Objectives
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Forecast
  • Financial Plan
  • Conclusion

The Kingsway Automobile Detailing business is an Automobile Detailing business that has been registered with the relevant authorities. Mr Wilson Wilfred and his family will be the owners of Kingsway Automobile Detailing Company. Mr Wilson Wilfred has had more than 12 years experience in the industry.

The total startup expenditure required to startup Kingsway Automobile Detailing Company in Quebec is a minimum of $400,000. The startup cost will be provided from the money generated from the sales of part of Mr Wilson Wilfred’s inheritance, and from the sales of his automobile repair business.

The business objectives of Kingsway Automobile Detailing Company are:

  • To be recognised as the leading automobile detailing company in Quebec, and the United States.
  • To have high annual returns in profits.
  • Expand the business after the first five years.

Our mission at Kingsway Automobile Detailing Company is simply to be recognized as a unique automobile detailing business that will become a standard for all other automobile detailing businesses in the United States. We want to make sure our customers are well satisfied with our services.

Kingsway Automobile Detailing Company, just like every other strong business out there, will be focused on establishing a very solid business structure to serve as a solid and rocky foundation upon which the business will grow successfully.

In order for us to be able to accomplish our vision and mission statements that have been set out above, and deliver quality services to our customers, we will make sure to hire the right number of qualified employees to fill the various business positions.

We will make sure we hire employees that are competent, honest, and possess good social skills. Below are the positions to be occupied in no particular order:

  • Accountant / cashier.
  • Client Service executive.
  • Car Washers and Auto Detailers (8).
  • Marketing and Sales Executive.
  • Van / Truck Drivers

Kingsway Automobile Detailing Services Limited will be committed to providing quality customer services to their customers. Our services shall include the following:

  • Meticulous cleaning,
  • Meticulous restoration,
  • Meticulous finishing of automobiles, both the interior and the exterior of the automobiles, to produce a clean and thorough detail.

Market Trends

One major market trend in the Automobile detailing and car wash businesses is the fact that, as the economy of the country and the standard of living improve, there is an increase in consumers’ spending habit; thus leading to more purchases of cars by consumers. The growth and increase in the purchases of cars is what fuels the growth of the automobile detailing and car wash business.

Another trend in the market is that there is a relationship between the number of cars in a particular region and the growth of the services of the automobile detailing business services. Hence, one could easily predict the market.

Our Target Market

Our target market includes the following groups:

  • Public sector, government ministries, and agencies.
  • Private sector.
  • Business men and women.
  • Corporate executives.
  • Car dealership shops.
  • Car and taxi rental companies.
  • Haulage and Transport companies.

Our business will be fuelled by the quality and excellent customer services we will offer to our customers.

First, we will start off by sending introductory letters of our automobile detailing business to the relevant groups such as transport and haulage companies, households, private companies, etc in Quebec.

We will make use of word of mouth business marketing by encouraging our employees, friends and family, and loyal customers to promote our business to others.

We will make use of fliers and business cards in advertising our business. We will ensure we drop them off at public places.

We will not forget to leverage on the internet and social media world such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al. We will also have a website that our customers can log onto.

The following is the sales forecast for Kingsway Automobile Detailing Company:

First Year                   $300,500

Second Year               $500,200

Third Year                  $750,200

Payment Options

We will accept payments from our customers through the following means:

  • Payment through cheques.
  • Payment through Point Of Sale (POS).
  • Payment with cash.

This automobile detailing business plan sample is for Kingsway Automobile Detailing Company, which will be owned by Mr Wilson Wilfred and family. This business plan will go a long way towards ensuring the company’s vision, goals and milestones are accomplished at the set time.

Nevertheless, this business plan is subject to subsequent changes and amendments where and when necessary. This business plan will be reviewed periodically to ensure Kingsway Automobile Detailing Company is always in line with its objectives.