Starting an Automobile Business – Sample Business Plan Template PDF

Interested in small automobile business ideas? If YES, here is how to start an automobile business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?


What are some new business ideas in automobile industry? If you are so passionate about starting an automobile business of your own, this is indeed a great time for you to do so because by mere looking around, the market for mobile car repair is by this time experiencing a great deal and large margin of profit.

These are some areas to invest in automobile industry:

How to start an automobile company
Starting an automobile business on your own is not a bad idea and I shall therefore, write you some significant steps to follow to make your dream comes through. The steps will be broken into three segment or parts with reference to the top 10 automotive business ideas.

The First Segment (The Automobile Business Plan)
Here in this segment, we shall look critically on what those requirements you need to meet before the business can be classified as standard. The first thing to do when creating a business plan for automobile industry  is;

Plan your business Niche
Starting automobile business of your own require you to plan for the business thoroughly by having in mind the specifics number of potential customers to cater for, how many vehicle or car will you attend to in a day, and how many workers will you hire. All these needs plan before going further.

It will speak well of you to decide from inception on what niche of automobile you will base your business on, are you going to specialize on tire repair, engine repair or changing and gauging of oil, or will you just go for the comprehensive or general repair of the mobile car?

You need to make up your mind whether to buy off one workshop that has been in existence or you start your own a fresh, juxtapose the cost and benefit between buying existing and starting a new auto repair service or automobile detailing business.

Identify Your Location
Automobile business or franchises like Cottman and AAMCO transmission requires a definite location where your potential customer can easily locate and recognize you. Look for location that is near to road, highway or a traffic access, avoid sitting your automobile business shop in a seclusion area, it’s obvious that you will have low patronage.

Also, your workshop or your location should have an office for you to look after your customers and other administrative works for most successful small business ideas in automobile field.

Get the Equipment needed Ready

Do you know the right equipment and premises to start an auto repair workshop? The next thing that will cost you to spend large in the course of establishing automobile is getting and buying the equipment required ready. It wouldn’t speak well of you to be renting and borrowing tools here and there but to have yours is just the best.

Write Clearly the Capital Involved
Ranging from the money spent on location, tools, insurance, salary of the worker and other things in the course of opening the business opportunities in automobile sector.

How to Start My Own Auto Mechanic Shop

State your U. S. P

The meaning of USP is, “Unique Selling Point”. Your U.S.P is your competitive strength that will make your business known, you need to vividly and clearly state your unique selling point, what your workshop will offer your customer that no other or competitor would, is it the easy turning center you will provide or cut down your price?

Identifying your unique selling point will help you to bring, fetch and attract customers prior to the opening.

However, the aforementioned are the first segment you need to put into consideration, haven’t done that, move to the next step without hesitating.

Second Segment (Opening the Automobile Workshop)

The second segment shall talk about the necessary things you are to do when your workshop just kick start.

Obtain License and other Documents
Different country and different states have their conventional ways of getting their license done. Make any payment when required to get certain documents sign so as to prevent any form of obstacle in future.

Insure your Business

Check and ask around for the steps to follow in getting this done in your state.

Strategize your Market

For you to liberate and breakthrough on any forms of car service business ideas, you need to relate very well with your customers. Define in details your major values, and let them have trust in you.

You can go further by advertising your automobile business ideas in india through media outlets as it is consider as the only medium that can reach countless numbers of audience within short period of time.

Strike a Deal with Car Dealers
Endeavor to form an alliance with car dealers because some or majority of them have their own automobile shops attached to them, but if you can strike a deal with them, they can in return directs customers to your workshop.

Third Segment (Enlarge Your Coast)
This is the last segment and it is basically on how one can start an automobile business. It consist of the methods you can adopt to spread your wing to different areas.

Going for Home Service
You can go to customer’s home to do some minor works as such it will bring more about familiarity and they will trust and depend on you more.

Split into Branches
If you find out that your automobile business opportunities have gone viral and you’ve gain ground, have many and different customers, why don’t you consider opening another branches somewhere else.

By so doing, make sure the manager in every branches are reliable but if you realize that you haven’t see anyone who fit for such position, you needn’t enlarge the coast of your automobile business at all cost.

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  1. Hi Sir, I am very serious about starting an automobile company in India and want to grow it as very big company. But I am financially weak in order to start it and also how to start it. Sir, can you give me suggestions how to begin for this and how manage financial requirements for this? Thank you so much, Sir.

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