With an increased interest in this line of business show by both investors and entrepreneurs, occasioned by a rising number of car owners who desire car wash services, it is little wonder why the car wash industry is ripe for investments.

However, an investment opportunity is not enough in itself, as there are also several other factors that contribute to the success of a business to be considered. Top on the list is well written and laid out business plan.

The importance of this document (business plan) cannot be overstated. The problem however is how to write a good automatic car wash business plan. This is what a lot of entrepreneurs interested in this area of business face.

This article seeks to address this problem by providing a sample for entrepreneurs to work with in writing their own unique business plans. We start thus;

Here is a free business plan for starting an automatic car wash.

  • Executive Summary
  • Services Offered
  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Target Market
  • Sources of Revenue
  • Revenue Projection
  • Sales Forecast
  • Publicity and Advert Strategies

Executive Summary
To be located in Arkansas, Auto Care Car wash is an automatic car wash business that will be offering excellent services to a wide range of clients which will be made up of individual and corporate clients that include transport companies with fleet of cars, company vehicles, among many others.

With the opportunities available in the automatic car wash business which is relatively new, the turnover time for washing a car is greatly reduced due to its mechanized nature.

Using this technology, all vehicle types will be taken care of by our cleaning company Auto Care Car wash. Vehicles ranging from large to small car types such as trucks, busses and small cars will be handled by us. We will be guided by professionalism and passion for client satisfaction.

Services Offered
At Auto Car wash, the services on offer cover areas like car detailing services, cleaning and polishing of automobiles, and also the washing of large cars such as busses and trucks. All these services will be provided at highly discounted rates to new clients for their first week of patronage, this is aimed at building client loyalty.

Our Vision
Our vision at Auto Care Car wash is to be among Arkansas’ top 5 car wash providers within the first 3 years of commencement of business. This is in addition to a plan of spreading our car wash outlets to cover half the states within the United States within a period of 7 years from the commencement of business. This vision will be driven by a team of highly committed and dedicated workforce.

Our Mission
At Auto Care Car wash, we have a mission of providing the best car wash services to our clients at competitive rates which would be among the very best in the car wash industry.

We will be maintaining a balanced cash flow model that will ensure that we attain profitability while providing our services at attractive and pocket-friendly rates to our esteemed clients.

Competitive Advantage
One major area of advantage we have over our competition is a well motivated workforce that shares our business goals and objectives. Hence, we will ensure that they are well motivated by making their remuneration packages attractive, and also ensuring that the work conditions are pleasant.

Also, only the best in the industry will make the cut. In other words, only the services of well experienced persons will be hired. This is to ensure that we get the critically needed leverage to compete at the highest level.

Target Market
Our target market includes essentially all car owners. Hence, we will be targeting both individual and corporate clients to patronize our competent cleaning services. Some of these include; car rental and taxi companies, haulage companies, corporate executives, households, government establishments/institutions among several other client groups.

Sources of Revenue
Our source of revenue will come from all the services rendered by Auto Care Car wash. These services include car detailing services provided, cars and truck washing, polishing services and other car wash related services that will be provided.

These will be the primary source of our income, and our workforce will be paid from revenue realized from the business. In other words, this business will be self sustaining, as income realised will be used in taking care of the business.

Revenue Projection
Using current industry trends and happenings, we have come up with findings that will see us increasing our sales considerably within a 3-year period. Within this period, we have come up with a projected revenue growth plan that will see us achieving appreciable financial growth.

However, factors such as economic recession and natural disasters have been discounted at arriving at these figures. Below is a summarized representation of this;

  • First Year $230,000
  • Second Year $390,000
  • Third Year $500,000

Publicity and Advert Strategies
We will be using a wide variety of advert strategies to ensure awareness on services offered is properly spread. We will be using several strategies such as placing paid adverts in both print and electronic media outlets. Also, billboards bearing our services will be mounted. This is in addition to printing of fliers and handbills to ensure maximum sensitisation.

This article has specifically concentrated on the automatic car wash business plan sample, mainly targeted at helping entrepreneurs with little or no skills on writing a well laid out business plan.

All they have to do is to follow the guidelines supplied here, and brainstorm on the realities of their business. It is believed that this article will be a very helpful guide in writing a good automatic car wash business plan.