Apartment Marketing Ideas That Double Your Sales

New Creative Apartment Complex Marketing Ideas, Strategies and Techniques For Summer, Fall For Maximum Advertising

One of the most enduring needs of man is having a roof over his head. And in this technologically advanced era that we are in, this need has taken more compelling dimensions, with more numbers needing housing amid competing ends and scarce resources.

However, there are periods when the demand for housing and apartments experiences a lull, and there are housing units that remain unoccupied for long periods of time.

Businesses and real estate ventures must then devise ways and means by which to spur buyer interest, so as to see an upsurge in demand once again. One way to go about invigorating demand is by implementing innovative apartment marketing ideas. The following apartment marketing ideas can be executed by the savvy business owner/savvy investor:

1. Go to Areas where potential Apartment renters hang Out

This apartment marketing idea is predicated on the fact that, in order to beat your competition, the real estate owner or business must be proactive and seek patronage from unusual sources, where sales can be sealed.

Places and areas like movie theatres, shopping malls, schools, churches, ride sharing applications like GoMyWay and other places that attract huge numbers, even if for different purposes.

Advertising in these places may not immediately bring about a transaction but you would have made an impression; so that once there is a need to rent an apartment, your business comes to mind first.

2. Give the Apartment Any Needed Facelift

The saying ‘let the product sell itself’ readily comes to mind. More often than not, the apartment itself, bearing the sale or rental signs, will be viewed by hundreds of people, especially in well developed areas.

If the apartment is in a dilapidated state, it does not take a genius to know that there will be minimal or no interest at all in it, even if the price is reasonably affordable. So it behooves the real estate vendor to effect any structural and artistic upgrades to the apartment. Such upgrades can include the following:

• Repainting the walls.
• Growing and keeping a lawn full of bright flowers and plants.
• Installing a canopy.
• Putting up a befitting signage.

3. Involve Current Tenants

Every business thrives on word of mouth referrals, especially for satisfied customers, who have the potential to bring repeat business. This apartment marketing idea centers on engaging current residents, whom you enjoy a cordial relationship with, in taking out the word that apartment vacancies exist across your real estate holdings.

Residents could be an effective marketing medium, especially since you cannot determine how influential these occupants are. For any apartment marketing idea to thrive, the savvy business owner can periodically send out messages of goodwill to existing residents and also out rightly informing them that they could be up for a commission if they can help find new tenants to rent your apartments.

4. Engage the Services Of A Property Management Company

In this day and age of outsourcing, it would be a great apartment marketing idea to engage the services of property managers. These kinds of businesses have the experience, the structure and the reach/spread and the wherewithal to attract occupants to your apartment; usually in good time.

All that the owner of the property has to do is to discuss terms and conditions of the engagement, which usually involves the property manager receiving a commission for every transaction that is sealed. For the proactive entrepreneur, this could also be an opportunity to witness firsthand, how these businesses go about attracting customers to take up occupancy of apartments.

5. Get a Website Or Blog

We are in the technology era, and everything is being sold online these days. You can name them, a number of property selling/rent sites already exist and the property owner can use these platforms to find occupants/buyers for his apartment. However, owning a website or a blog can also be just as or more rewarding for the savvy real estate investor.

This is because the property owner can control and tweak the content of the site as desired, while also employing keywords and keyword phrases in order to ascend search engine rankings. A website as a college student or youth apartment marketing idea will afford the business owner the opportunity to link affiliate websites to the portal, and include beautiful pictures and descriptions of the property to be sold.

It must be noted that a property website is an apartment marketing idea that is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hence it is a veritable tool for the collection of customer enquiries and contact details, for future use.

Also, with the present trend in online commerce, a well structured property website could also serve as a payment platform for tenants to pay their rents.

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