AmeriSpec Home Inspection Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

AMERISPEC HOME INSPECTION Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

A lot of business entrepreneurs seeking for highly lucrative low-investment and home-based businesses now have their focus on home inspection franchises. For a good reason, franchise opportunities in the home-inspection industry are extremely durable despite any economic downturn. And this is the good reason why it will be an alternative option to discover how much an AmeriSpec Home Franchise is.


AmeriSpec was established in the year 1987 with the aim to offer home inspection services to buyers. It didn’t take a long time for the company to start offering franchise opportunities to the public. They started selling the AmeriSpec Home Inspection franchise in the year 1988, offering exterior, and interior as well as structural inspections of homes to assist potential buyers in getting the best home deals across America.

In 1996, AmeriSpec came under the management of ServiceMaster, which presented them with the opportunity to co-brand with great companies as Terminix, Furniture Medic and Merry Maids. This partnership affords AmeriSpec the opportunity to offer discounts on their services to their customers.

AmeriSpec Home Inspection also offers the services of environmental inspections, such as as water contaminant checks, presence of molds, lead, carbon monoxide and other kinds of toxic.

The services AmeriSpec Home Inspection offer can be categorised under the ‘low investment’ and ‘home related’ franchise categories. Which can as well be subcategorized under ‘real estate’


A prospective franchisee might want to get information on if AmericSpec Home Inspection is a franchise. Yes the company offers franchise opportunities and they have been selling franchises for the past 30 years in the United States and Canada. The company can boast of more than 200 franchisees at these locations, with about 100,000 inspections being performed on a yearly basis.


AmeriSpec has proven strategies to help their franchisees to achieve maximum success in the business. Whether it is about enhancing operational efficiencies, capturing leads or maybe exploring new markets.

It is important to understand that AmeriSpec has completed more inspections than any other franchises in the industry. They have serviced about 1.5 million homes since 1988. That figure alone is enough proof that you will be benefiting so much from buying into the company’s franchise opportunity.

As an AmeriSpecfranchisee, you will be buying into a business that is backed up by:

  1. Large national accounts with the possibility of recurring revenue
  2. A standard training center managed by highly experience full-time instructors
  3. Full technical and business support
  4. Customised company-owned computer software
  5. Access to in-house financing


If you are going to be considered for an AmeriSpec Franchise Opportunity, you will need to get acquainted with the AmeriSpec Franchise cost and you will be expected to meet up with the following financial requirements. You will need an initial investment of about $27000 to $65,000.

Also you will need to have a net-worth requirement of $24,000 and then a liquid cash requirement of about $24,000


The AmeriSpec Home Franchise fee is the payment you make to the company to grant you access to the license to operate under the brand name of the company. This will cost you $17,900. You will also be expected to make an on-going ad royalty fee of 7% of the monthly gross revenue of your franchise unit. An Ad royalty fee of 3% will also be payable to the company.


In order for you to qualify as a potential franchisee with AmeriSpec you will need to be a business-minded individual who possesses strong management skills coupled with great customer service experience. You will need to also have the zeal to assist people with the home-purchasing process by giving technical clarifications and providing a comprehensive report for your customers.


As a franchisee with the company, you will get intensive trainings ranging from classroom learning, hands-on technical training to on-field inspections. As a member of the network of AmeriSpec franchisee, you will have access a lot of information anytime you require it.


Unlike what is obtainable with most other franchise opportunities, AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service provides in-house financing to their franchisees. This financing will cover the AmeriSpec Franchise fee, equipment, startup costs and inventory. Veterans will also have access to get a rebate of about 15% off the franchise fee.


The period of years that you will be able to operate with the license of the AmeriSpec Home Inspection services is 10 years. After which you will be able to make a renewal if you are able to meet up with the company’s requirement. Renewal of terms will be for another 10 years with a fee of $5,000



Latest study shows that customers have greater knowledge, assurance and reliance in brand names. The main purpose of venturing into a franchise is to lessen risk and accelerate momentum as the home inspection market and real estate community does not accept amateur business owners.

Amerispec franchise offers the most outstanding home inspection service contingency in the whole of north America. Service Master, the parent company of Amerispec has been assisting individuals in starting up new businesses since 1952.


The marketing technics, risk containment and business management training alongside software programs that Amerispec works with are immensely beneficial in starting a profitable company in the home inspection industry.

About Amerispec Franchise
Amerispec has been up and running for 30 years with over 200 self-reliant franchises in North America carrying out over eight thousand inspections yearly.

The experienced and properly trained inspectors who take classroom guidance, on-the-job training and technical training in the Amerispec state of the art facility in Memphis, Tennessee differentiates Amerispec, LLC from other home inspection services.

As an Amerispec franchisee, you will provide a variety of inspection services such as; residential home inspection which includes a reassessment of more than 400 items in the home; home energy inspection of financial records and additional services such as water examination, mold testing, wood destroying insects’ analysis, carbon monoxide testing, lead based paint testing and other home inspection related services.

Amerispec franchising has been acknowledged on various occasions by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 as the number 50 low cost franchise in 2015 and number 58 in 2013; number 86 top home based/ mobile franchise in 2015 and number 98 in 2013. In 2015; number 142 in America’s Top Global.

Amerispec also provides regional consultation in various places each year where you will get a proper perception on different technical and management subjects connected to your home inspection business from a few of the most reputable experts in their respective discipline. These courses taken are acknowledged by national home inspection trade organizations for attaining advancing educational requirements.

A committed Business Development Manager is assigned to every Amerispec franchise owner, granting the business owner a reference contact who has been trained to aid business management, technology and marketing section of the business. Added support is provided through a discrete intranet site that allows 24 hours’ interaction from owner to owner and from owner to business staff.

The top advantages of buying into Amerispec franchise include; authenticated strategies to address the precedence of franchise owners, national accounts with promising reverting income,

training centers with readily available instructors, professional business and technical aid, committed marketing assistance, personalized computer software and in house funding.

The Service Master Acceptance Company (SMAC), an adjuvant of The ServiceMaster company has made it their obligation to help new franchise owners fund their business. SMAC may assist you in financing your initial Amerispec franchise fee, the technology and marketing package and a vehicle.

Amerispec is also an eminently member of VetFran and BoostAHero assisting returning members get funds and allurement into buying franchises of participating companies.

Amerispec Franchise Fee
The initial Amerispec franchise fee is $17,900, with an added $3,000 for technology and marketing package. You will also be required to pay an on going royalty fee of 7% of your monthly gross income and an ad fee of 3%.

Amerispec Franchise Start up Requirement
The opportunity cost of Amerispec franchise is a liquid capital requirement of $21,000; Net worth requirement of $40,000 and a total investment of $48,400-$59,700.

Amerispec Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
The maximum period of operation with an Amerispec franchise license is 10 years. However, you will be able to renew if you meet the requirements with a fee of $5000.

Amerispec Franchise Training and Support
A replica of a home is used during training, to give franchisees a clear insight of the job, it shows what to examine when carrying out a proper home inspection. A few sections of the house such as the kitchen, garage doors and light are fully functional during this exercise allowing inspectors to demonstrate the process of home inspection.

Amerispec understands real estate business dealings, provides easily understood computer reports and are accessible after the inspection for further questioning.

Amerispec Franchise Evaluation Process;

  • An information package is sent on request.
  • An Amerispec franchise consultant would book a call where the process and the role of the consultant in the process would be explained.
  • Amerispec then invites franchisees for a visit to its facilities, referred to as a Discovery Day invitation.
  • At the end of Discovery Day, a franchise disclosure document is brought forth and the outline for the decision making process is stated.
  • The franchisee finishes the post Delivery Day validation process and contacts other Amerispec franchisees.
  • The franchisees application is reviewed by the Amerispec Franchise Review Committee and the aftermath is discussed with the applicant.
  • A territory is and franchise agreement is dispatched.

How to Open an Amerispec Franchise
Ready to start your franchise? Contact Amerispec franchise, LLC by filling out the form on this link

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