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Allegheny County Real Estate
Allegheny County is located in Pennsylvania, a South Western part of the United States of America. The county should not be confused with Allegheny which is a different location entirely. In the year 2014, the population of Allegheny County was 1,231,225.

It is considered the second most populous county in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia County. The county was the 1st in the state to be accorded a native name. it was named after the Allegheny river. The word “Allegheny” is not quite known but there has been widespread rumour that is to mean “Fine River”


This county is made up of a total area of 745 square miles (1,930km2). The total land mass of the area is about 98%, while the remaining 2% is water. This has been a plus factor in the development of the county’s real estate industry. The population of the county itself is an additional factor that gives boom to the industry. This coupled with the rate of migration from neighboring states and counties within the state.


Allegheny County is a multi-faceted society with people from different areas of life. It, although is predominantly inhabited by white people, it also boasts of people from diverse races such as Asians, Hispanic, African-Americans as well as other ethnic biodiversities.

A major percentage of the mature population work in diverse working industries of which the Private sectors absorb a bigger ratio of the working citizenry, an estimate of 72% of the adult working population are employed by the private industries, while the government takes just 4%, self-employed individuals are about 23%.

Cost of living in Allegheny county is believed to be almost a tenth lesser than it counterpart American counties and the standard of living of the working populace is quite high due to the high influx of industries and the rate at which individuals work with the private sector.

This high standard of living has had much effect on the real estate development of Allegheny as averagely a household is able to afford a standard apartment. Though it is quite common to see areas divided in their various costs of real estate properties, the bulk of the population live in high browse areas which cost a fortune, and some are limited to the low cost housing facilities in the county.


Allegheny county department of real estate
The Allegheny county Housing Authority is the regulatory agency in charge of housing facilities such as real estate transfers and sales within the county. And currently, they are accepting public waiting list applications for families and senior citizens spread all across the county.

The Housing Authority has provisions for up to about sixteen communities to cater for the needs of the senior citizens, eight communities dedicated to elderly/single and disabled people, while it has provisions of about fourteen communities for family people located across the Allegheny county.


1. An applicant will need to request for an application to be mailed to them by calling 412-355-8940. Calls are only accepted during working hours.

2. Applicants can as well visit the Housing Authourity to pick up an application. The office is located at 625 Stanwix St, 12th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 1522.

3. Application form can also be downloaded online. The form can then be filled and either submitted to the above listed address of mailed through postals. Applicants will as well need to include copies of these documents with their application

1. Birth certificates
2. Social security cards
3. Photo IDs of all adult members of the household

And it will as well interest applicant to know that the Housing Agency has a system of preference based on points that can increase an applicant’s chance on the waiting list: Veterans, victims of domestic violence are given much preference.


Allegheny county home sales records and price
Cost of property at the Allegheny County varies according to the locations across the county. The most expensive properties are found within the Ross Township. Here you can be paying as much as $2000/month as rental for luxurious apartment building and as much as $180,000 for an outright purchase of 3 bedroom residential houses sold in Allegheny county.

Whereas in some low browse locations like Mount Oliver, you can be paying as low as $50000 for an outright purchase of a bungalow building.


1. Ross Township $180,000
2. Shaler Township $175,000
3. Reserve Township $135,000
4. West View $130,000
5. Pittsburgh $110,000
6. Etna $80,000
7. Sharpsburg $75,000
8. Millvale $60,000
9. Mount Oliver $50,000

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