Ace Hardware Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

ACE HARDWARE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

For close to 100 years now, Ace Hardware has been rated as the America’s top neighbourhood hardware retailer. They are considered to be a leader in the ever lucrative $300 billion home improvement industry. The company is offering a big opportunity for entrepreneurs that have the desire and passion to build a lasting and profitable business. So how much is an Ace Hardware Corporation franchise?


It all started as a little chain of stores in Chicago in the year 1924. Now the company has grown inot one of the country’s “useful equipment” merchant.

The origin of the company started when Richard Hesse and 3 other store owners came together to purchase merchandise in bulk quantity to maximise profits and have the capacity to compete with other large stores.

Today Ace Hardware has advanced from a small unit of Chicago-based tool shops, to incorporating more than 5,000 franchise units in about 50 states of the federation and also about 70 different countries from across the world.



For a company with close to a century experience in the area of merchandising hardwares, you might want to know if they sell franchise. Yes Ace Hardware sells franchise and they ahve been doing that since the year 1976. And it will be a great choice if you can look into dealing with the company, considering their vast experience in the industry.


A lot of business entrepreneurs have considered buying into the Ace Hardware franchise opportunity and you don’t have to be an exception. These are the tangible reasons why you should consider looking into this franchise.

  1. As a new franchisee with Ace Hardware, you get a new store incentive of about $330,000. This is quite rare in the franchise business and it is just enough leverage for you to jump-start your business success in the industry.
  2. Unlike most other franchise opportunities, you wont get to pay any for of franchise royalty fee with Ace Hardware. Not only that, a portion of the profits made by the company annually is re-distributed to the franchisees.
  3. With the company, you have the opportunity to become an independent store owner with full support and training from the company.
  4. You will get access to flexible products mixtures that you can customise to suit the local need of your immediate environment.
  5. The Ace Hardware is globally recognised and as well embraced locally.
  6. When you decide to buy into the Ace Hardware franchise, you will be buying into a company with a very solid foundation and a fad proof future.


In order for you to become approved as an Ace Hardware franchisee, you will need to be:

  1. A hard working person with much zeal for success and with the passion to see your customers satisfied with every service that you render unto them
  2. You will need to posses a perfect communication skills and also have the ability to sell effectively
  3. You must have a previous track record of success in any venture that you have initially embarked upon.


Buying into an Ace Hardware franchise can be so lucrative, but it does have some initial financial expenditures, which will cover the cost of the Ace Hardware franchise. In order for you to be considered to open a franchise unit with the company, you will be required to have a liquid assets up to the tune of $200,000.

The initial investment required to set up your franchise unit will be between $270,000 to about $1,500,000 and a net-worth requirement of about $400,000.


The initial Ace Hardware initial franchise fee is just $5,000 and one of the reason why the franchise is one of the best to buy into is that you are not expected to make any on-going royalty fee or any other advertisement fee.



Is Ace Hardware a franchise? How much does a Ace Hardware franchise cost? Do you need information on Ace Hardware franchise cost and requirements to open one?

Are you interested in starting an Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise? If you are thinking of starting an Ace Hardware Corporation franchise store, this article will do well to present you with all the necessary facts, figures, and other relevant data regarding the Ace Hardware Corporation franchise.

This article clearly presents you with brief information about the Ace Hardware Corporation franchise; the startup cost figures, franchise fee required and other essential available details that you need to be aware of.

About Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise
Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise is an American hardware retail company that was established in 1928, more than nine (9) decades ago. Ace Hardware Corporation franchise has its headquarters located at Oak Brook, Illinois, United States.

The company has been in the home improvement industry for quite a very long time, and are reputed as one of the leaders in the industry. They have their stores in over 70 countries all over the world. Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise has once been ranked at a time by Entrepreneur Magazine as the #6 Best Franchise business opportunities.

At present, there are over 4000 Ace Hardware Corporation stores that are in full operation. Ace Hardware Corporation first started as a tools shop in the Chicago area; today it has grown into several stores all over the world.

The Ace Hardware Corporation franchise is one franchise that is very unique and different from most of the other franchise opportunities out there. They do not charge their franchise owners royalty fees, and other franchise fees that are very commonly charged by most of the other franchise opportunities you will likely find.

Instead, Ace Hardware Corporation franchise provides its franchisees with loads of benefits; the most important of which is the fact that they provide their qualified franchisees financial support for the set up of new stores, as well as other expenses to help them nurture their business to real business growth. They even go as far as sharing a portion of the annual profits with the franchise owners.

More so, they pay as much as 20% of the startup costs for their qualified franchisees. They even provide their newly qualified franchise owners as much as $110,000 discount for them to be able to stock their newly opened stores.

As a franchise owner, the company allows you to make as much income annually as you can. How much you can make from Ace Hardware Corporation franchise totally depends on a number of key factors such as the location of your new store; the size of the store; your attitude towards your customers; work ethic; your ability to comply with applying the long-lasting proven business formula of the company that has achieved immense success in the past decades; etc.

As a franchise owner, you are required to be a very hardworking individual; also, you must be very enthused about working with them; and you must possess great communication and sales skills; as well as leadership and organizational skills.

How Much does an Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise Cost?
An Ace Hardware Corporation franchise costs $250,000 in liquid capital investment. This is the amount, together with other amounts, that is required of you before you can start up an Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise.

Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise Fee
The initial franchise fee that Ace Hardware Corporation franchise requires from you as a prospective franchisee is a sum of $5,000 only.

Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise Startup Cost
The total start up cost required before you can become one of Ace Hardware Corporation franchisees is an investment sum that ranges from $400,000$1,100,000. This range of startup cost is strictly dependent upon the size of the store you want to open, the furniture, fixtures, other equipment, etc. Also, the net worth required before startup is a figure that amounts to $400,000.

Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support
The following are some of the training and supports you will enjoy as an Ace Hardware Corporation franchisee:

  • Training is available to all qualified franchisees immediately after sign-up. This training encompasses all areas of the business.
  • You will not pay royalty fees as is required in other franchises. In fact, the company always distribute to their franchise owners a part of the profits made annually.
  • You get to operate independently in terms of ownership, while the company continually provides you with dedicated and committed trainings and supports.
  • You will get to enjoy being recognized with a globally renowned company as Ace Hardware, whose solid rock business foundation will help stabilize the future of your business.
  • You get to be provided with immense supports in establishing a good location for your new startup, as well as in the design and building plans, etc.

Financial assistance is available to all qualified franchisees to cover as many start up expenses as possible, but this financial assistance will be available only through reliable third party sources.

Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise Terms of Agreement /Renewal
At present, Ace Hardware Corporation franchise does not have any fixed term for its franchise agreement, hence, no subsequent renewals.

How to Start an Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise?
If you are very interested in starting up an Ace Hardware Corporation Franchise, and owning a store; simply make progress by visiting their website on and contact them or download their ownership brochure from the website. Or you could call 630.990.6900 for more enquiries concerning sign-up.

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