AbokiFX Black Market Exchange Rate Today { Euro Pounds Dollar to Naira } Aboki FX

Abokifx Black Market Rate Today – Euro Pounds Dollar to Naira – Aboki Fx

AbokiFX Exchange provides you with the daily Naira to Dollar rate. The Dollar to Naira black market exchange rate influences a lot of businesses, as well as the prices of commodities in the country today.

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This table is compiled to show the exchange rate of one U.S. Dollar to Nigerian Naira including the prevailing parallel market rate. The Nigerian Naira has fallen to 360 in exchange for the USD at the black market (abokifx mallam rates), which is a value higher than what is obtainable for the interbank market launched recently.

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This page allows you to convert Dollar to Naira, comparing the inter-bank currency exchange rate with competitive rates available in foreign exchange markets, money transfer services and the parallel mart (black market rates).

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Aboki fx Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

  • Buy = 357 / Sell = 360

Aboki forex Pounds to Naira Exchange Rate

  • Buy = 460 / Sell = 465

Abokifx.com Euro to Naira Exchange Rate

  • Buy = 405 / Sell = 412


Source: Abokifx.com for Aboki Express

So how much is Naira to a Dollar today? More GTB Dollar rate to Naira exchange rate today for online transactions to be updated soon!

Aboki Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today

As a Nigerian or foreigner, this is important if you engage in business such as the importation of goods where you need PTA, you are a traveler seeking BTA or a student who needs to settle the tuition fees of a university abroad.

If you happen to belong to any of these groups, you will require updated information on exchange rates between the Naira and other currencies, especially the Dollar. Abokifx exchange rate is a one-stop site that gathers daily exchange rate between currencies around the globe.

Providing real-time updates on exchange rates, Abokifx has become a force to be reckoned with in excellent service delivery to the currency markets. This is due to the fact that apart from providing the exchange rates for the day, further rates on the Forex values for morning, afternoon and evening sessions are made available. This contributes updated knowledge on happenings in the currency markets.

It also has an app which also updates the exchange rate on the parallel market such as rates of the Naira vs the major currency pairs such as the US Dollar/Naira, the Pound/Naira, the Euro/Naira exchange rates. This app was introduced due to the wide gap between the interbank vs the parallel market rates which has continued to widen with no end in sight.

Abokifx Today CBN Official Rates

Abokifx exchange rate app is equipped with a feature for direct connection to the official Central Bank of Nigeria CBN rates. While checking the parallel market rates, users are able to keep tabs on what the official CBN rates are and are empowered through this flexibility to make informed choices, all from one platform.

Parallel Market FX Rates on Abokifx website

Since the parallel market is the major destination for many Nigerians sourcing for their foreign exchange needs, the Abokifx exchange rate app shields users from making mistakes due to uncertainties and insufficient knowledge. Its feature of providing the currency quotes for morning, afternoon and evening is the first, and it eliminates any misinformation that may arise.

This feature is applicable to all the major currency pairs on offers such as the Pound, the Dollar and the Euro rates against the Dollar.

Abokifx Western Union FX Rates

The versatility of Abokifx app is so tremendous. It goes on to even provide rates for Western Union exchange for those who would like to receive or send payments through this medium. Its Western Union FX rates feature is unique and gives insight into the exchange rates of major global currencies in relation to the Nigerian Naira.

Aboki fx Exchange Rates

You can get the latest information regarding price movements between the Naira and other currencies, previous rates, rates set by the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), rates charged by international money services firms like MoneyGram and Western Union as well as parallel market prices.

Abokifx.com ATM Rates

ATM rates will give you an idea of what exchange rates banks in Nigeria give their customers, under the close supervision of the CBN. If you desire to know the rates of currency as well as the monthly rate postings, then this tab will serve you just fine.

Abokifx Black Market BDC Rates

Bureau de Change in Nigeria forms an important part of the foreign exchange ecosystem. Hence, AbokiFx allows you to know what the businesses certified by the CBN to feature in the forex market, have to offer you.

Aboki Exchange

Simply log in to the web portal on https://abokifx.com. There, you will come across a wide variety of services. There is also a download page for its Android app for different android types and screen sizes needed for optimal user experience.

There is also an app for Apple device users. This is to encourage a wide variety of users to use its premium services. With the services on offer, it is little wonder that there is a growing user base of its products and services.

The services offered by Abokifx are all-encompassing and users usually have all the answers to their questions answered. The site and the app have been designed for the investor, the currency buyer and for those interested in just knowing how Nigeria’s currency is faring compared to major global currencies.


Abokifx is a center hub of foreign exchange consumers because it not only highlights the daily rates of foreign currencies against one another; the platform carries out this task giving specific data based on popular locations and transactions available.

In addition, Abokifx keeps you in the loop of the dynamism that is the hallmark of the foreign exchange market in Nigeria and abroad. In this light, Abokifx gives updated exchange rates of currencies in three critical times of the day: morning, midday and evening. Hence, you are able empowered to make time-based as well as immediate decisions regarding your foreign exchange needs.

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Abokifix is a platform that serves the need for precise and updated data on the dynamic foreign exchange market in Nigeria and beyond. The many useful features of the platform mean that Abokifx will continue to lead and redefine the ways people receive, interpret as well as utilize information regarding currency prices.

For the benefit of importers and business people who are interested in knowing the current Dollar rate, please kindly drop the rates at which you were charged during your recent transactions (both black market and official bank rates) using the comment box below.


For quite some time now, the Dollar black market rate has been hovering around 360 i.e. $1- N363, do you think it will go any higher or come crashing down immediately as the country prepares for her 2019 general elections?  Share your views.

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Source: Mallam Fx and Abokifx for the Dollar to Naira black market exchange rate today.

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