Weird Ways to Make Money Online – Unusual Ways To Make Money Online

Crazy Ways to Earn Money From the Internet

There are numerous unusual ways to make lots of money online. As a avid internet surfer, I have come across some weird ways of making money online. I’m not recommending any, although I have read authentic reviews of how people who have employed these unique ways to make money online.

In this, I’ll be looking at five weirdest ways to make money online. Quite unusual ways of making money online, I must say. Nevertheless these crazy business ideas work in the weirdest ways.

1. ==> Make Money Selling Your Friendship
Many sociable people make money online when the offer their friendship for sale. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? is an online marketplace where interested people can hire you as a friend for a period of time. You get paid when you rent out your friendship. While some people rent out their friendship virtual for client’s date nights, company to the movies, during emotional breakdowns, others agree to attend to their client’s friendship needs physically by coming to occasions like wedding and birthday parties. An hour of friendship goes for $10 on the average.

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2. ==> Make Money From Mobile Exercise Apps
Do you know that their are some Android apps that allows you make money online while working out? Apart from motivating you to more success, there is a bonus of getting paid while working on your body. Two apps that pay mobile users for working out are Nexercise and GymPact.

3. ==> Make Money Listening To Music Online

Are you a music lover? I have written about SliceThePie, an online program that pays you to listed to music, rate it and then write a review on it. Although the pay from this service may not be that much, making money from your hobby is one non-traditional way of making additional money online.

4. ==> Make Money Selling Your Hair Online
Is your hair long, not permed, dyed or bleached and you do not smoke? Some inches of your hair could get you thousands of dollars online. Sites like and are popular online marketplaces where you can list your hair for sale and get a very good price for it.

5. ==> Make Money Online Through Sexting
What is sexting? This basically means talking ‘dirty’ to people through text messages. If you enjoying this act, there are many websites where you can provide this service and get paid doing it. Although this may actually look like one interesting ways to make money online, sexting is much more complicated than you think. This is a fun and easy ways to make money online from what you enjoy doing.

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Others unusual ways people make money online include renting out their dog, making fun of movies, eat paper, selling phone pictures and their dirty undies.

What are some other weird ways to make money online? Have you made money from the internet in some unusual ways? Share with others using the comment box below?

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