Rules To Succeed In Internet Business

Back then when i started out as an Online Coach, It was very hard for me to make 5 figures in a monthly. Though, the reason was simple. I was testing some strategies to figure out a way.

I had no coach to help me out because i could not afford them. But i was reading any material, any eBook I could lay my hands on.

To cut long story short, I figured out the solutions and found out that there were some rules concerning this online business of a thing.

I believe that every Online Entrepreneur, information marketer or consultant must have created a product or service that they deliver to their market audience or client. So i am not here to discuss how to package and sell your product or coaching programs.

Now, let’s go over to the rules of internet success every Online Entrepreneur must follow to stay on top of their game.
Rule #1: Always build your List
The truth about this is that, if your list is not growing, your business will not grow either. You have to constantly grow your list and most importantly your relationship with your list.

Don’t be deceived anymore. The money is no longer in the list but the money is in the relationship you keep with the list.

There are two ways to stand out in the online market.
The first one is to always find time to communicate with your list. I don’t mean sending out value content.

I mean creating conversation to really find out what they may be going through by asking some questions which require a feedback.


That way, you build a bond. They will no longer see you as just a coach or consultant but a friend.

Second way, is to grow your people in your list. This means taking them from where they are to where they want to be.

If you really want to hit that 5 figure mark monthly. You have to grow your people in your list. Help them move from their present state to where they want to go, not where you want them to go or where you think they should go and they will become your customer for life.
Rule #2: Only sell what your Market dictates
Many times wealth coaches and information marketers go into their closet, spend months preparing a product. Come out, create a website or blog upload the product, sales letter and hit the publish button.

They are expecting the best to happen. That when they wake up the next morning they must have made a 5-6 figure sales. But to their surprise, little or no sales and they keep wondering what went wrong.

The truth is, YOU’RE NOT THE MARKET. Your subscribers are the buyers and you did not bother to ask them what they wanted.

How will you feel when you come to my house to pay me a visit and I offered you rice and stew when what you want is salad and chips. For sure, you won’t eat no matter how I spice up the offer and if I force you to, you will angrily leave my house.

That’s how it works on your list.

So information marketers, coaches and Online Entrepreneur, first conduct a survey with your list before creating a product for them. They are survey tools on the internet you can use or preferably Google form is okay to use.

Compile a list of questions to ask about which result they would like to get in their life, business, career, relationship, finance and what’s the factor holding them back? What one question would they have loved to ask if they were given the opportunity to do so?

As their answers roll in, you gather up the information and create a product or services that solve that problem. So simple!

If you follow Rule #1 very well, you will come up with some ideas of what to give your subscribers.

So never ever create what you think your list want but what they need.
Rule #3: Think long term
Your subscribers need time to KNOW you, LIKE you, and TRUST you. So your job is to build a long term relationship with your subscribers’ list considering the fact that it holds the life to your business.

When do you wish to close your business? Do you have a life span of how long your online business is going to exist on mother earth? So why worry that your subscribers are not buying or subscribing for your online course.

They are weighing their decisions to sign up for your program. But the gospel truth is, if you have really build relationship with your list, they won’t take longer time to think if what you are selling to them is for them or not.

These are some basic rules you need to abide to if you want an income growth in your business.

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